3Some – 2011
Story/ Screenplay – Michael Jaja
Director – Afe Olumowe
Producer – Vitus Nnebue

Artus Frank – Mario
Tonto Dike – April
Sam Sunny – Obi
Onyinye Alex – Maureen
Betty Njoku – Jenifer
David Mackenzie – Ndukwe
McDonald Oti – Uncle John
Blessing Asibe – Grace
Oluchi Duru – Agnes

Sexual Abuse

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 53%


A group of guys throw bikini parties, spike girl’s drinks and rape them. At one of these parties Mario played by Artus Frank takes a liking to Maureen played by Onyinye Alex and saves her from being raped by his friend Jack. In her unconscious state he takes her limp body to his family house. Maureen and Mario become firm friends despite the fact that his sister April played by Tonto Dikeh is reluctant to welcome her as his friend or anything else deeming her wayward. April soon drops her dislike for Maureen and the two girls become close. Maureen in turn has a very deep secret that she shares with Mario about her family life. It is a secret that ultimately affects her present and causes massive problems for everybody that she in involved with.

Onyinye Alex

This new girl is very pretty, eloquent and a good actress. It’s the first movie that I’ve seen her in but I was impressed. She didn’t blow me away mind you but I will be looking out for her to see how she progresses. We have some very good new girls and boys in Nollywood. Things are really looking up.

Tonto Dikeh

I really don’t know what has happened to Tonto. She just isn’t as good as she used to be. The way she gobbles up her words and stumbles over them is really becoming a problem for me. She also overacts a lot where it is not necessary. It works sometimes but sometimes like on this occasion it did not fit in.

Picture Quality

The movie picture was very clear and you could tell that they were trying to be very stylish and cutting edge with the shooting of it.There was a stylistic thing they kept doing where scenes would fade to black as they cut. it would have been better if the fade wasn’t so sudden because sometimes scenes felt cut off too abruptly. There were also other times where scenes were cut to flow on but the join was too obvious because it would repeat for a second.


Sexual Abuse

What a careless heartless mother who let her child be raped and then put the blame upon her. This movie shows you how far people can go in times of need. I thought that the twist the movie took was a very strange one but then I cottoned onto the fact that they were attempting to show the detrimental outcome of sexual abuse. I don’t know that they achieved that though. All the lesbian stuff seemed slightly gratuitous to me.

Character Development

The only character that I had major problems with was Maureen. Maureen seemed so innocent and grateful for Mario helping her out of a situation that it seemed too much out of character for her to start a relationship with April and not even appear guilty for what she was doing to Mario. I got the point that the movie was trying to make about the past that shaped how she related to men but at the same time I thought there should have been more guilt early on especially considering how good the whole family were to her.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

I thought that it was so weird that Tonto went to the bathroom to sit on the loo, watch TV, drink and smoke. She was sweating like one greasy pig whilst Maureen was waiting for her in the room. Was it that serious? Say What?

When Tonto said, “I have a very special passion for my brother” Erm that sounded really funny and not the way I think that it was meant to sound. Say What? I was thinking to myself… Awww hell naaa she’s not going to start sleeping with her brother next?

What kind of fake fighting scene was that near the end of the movie with April and Mario? There were fake punching noises when there were no fists connecting any torsos. Na waa ooo! I was like Say What?



I would recommend the movie if you have nothing else doing. The picture quality was good and the acting was decent but the characters were not developed enough, neither did I feel like the story was developed enough or enough attention to detail made. There was not closure at the end of the movie (probably a continuation job?) or any one issue explored in depth, however it did have some sort of an ending and was entertaining to some extent.

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  1. Hello Nolly, I just wanted to give you a 419 alert about this movie. This same movie is also marketed under the title " My Dying Day".

  2. Nolly is BACK….yay!!! I have really missed your reviews. You know I have to see them, in order to decide IF I should watch a movie…LoL. Which brings me to this movie. With Artus Frank in the cast, I am sure as hell NOT watching this movie. I cannot stand that guy. IMO, he sucks as an actor and his speech is atrocious.

    The only time I find myself watching a movie that stars Artus is when the movie also stars an actor or actors I love (and I usually fast forward his scenes).

    But it's good to have your reviews back.

  3. @GigiChiny Thanks for the love Gigi. Its good to be back!

    LOL I can watch the Artus guy he doesn't bother me but I know what you mean about him chewing up his words. He does have a tendency to do that.

  4. can i please have more movies of sam sunny(obi), this girl hot mein!!!, sexy , leggy, hot lips; you name it she got it!!. bring it on girl!!!.
    have a happy new and stay slim and sexy.
    cham n york.

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