A Cry For Justice

A Cry For Justice

A Cry For Justice ~ 2010
(Repackaged as God Of Justice 1&2, Justice Served 3&4)
Story/ Screenplay – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe
Director – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe
Producer – Ossy Okeke Junior

Jackie Appiah – Nonye
Mike Ezuruonye – Ugochukwu
Mercy Johnson – Ella
Charity Eke – Linda
Uzor Ndubuizu Junior – Obi
Rev Wasky Oguegbu – Honourable
Obi Dike – Dr Chidi
Gerry Ikpenwa – Dr Voke
Chinyere Nwabueze – Principal

Themes Explored:

Rating – 72%

Nonye played by Jackie Appiah is from a poor background and when her mother dies she resorts to runs to put herself and her younger brothers through school.Six years after first resorting to turning tricks things are looking good. Her brother Ugo has just finished his NYSC, her other brother is in school and they are all living together comfortably until fate strikes. Jackie goes to see one of her clients and arrives just after he has been shot dead. The police come and find her there just after she has arrived and take her in on suspicion of murder. It is by luck that she is released on a cleaner’s eyewitness testimony and all is well again, that is until her brother Ugo brings home the girl he wants to marry, a runs girl that Nonye knows from the scene. She wants to speak up and warn him but to do so will be revealing her own past.


Mercy Johnson is the baddest. She can play any role and nail it. She is most definitely in my top 3 Nollywood Actresses. There was one scene where she first meets Ugo and is persuading her Chief to give him a job under the pretence that he is her cousin. It was hilarious because the chief had decided he was ending their affair to concentrate on his marriage but her character Ella would not take no for an answer. We see chief repeatedly try and kick her out of the office and her relentless attempt to try and seduce him.

There was a very emotional scene between Nonye and Ugochukwu where Ugo calls his sister a whore and she has to break it down for him how the sacrifices she made with her body and dignity were all selfless acts done for the good of the family unit. It was easy for him to pass judgement after reaping the benefits of her sacrifice. They both played their parts excellently and displayed the raw emotion needed for the scene to work and be effective at resonating with the viewer.

Things that make you say WHAT???

How was the Doctor telling Ugo about the death of his only brother and dropping the fact that the guy is dead in so casually. He said it so nonchalantly as if he were passing pleasantries about the weather. Made me say WHAT?

How do you call the police to the hospital to arrest a doctor all because of a test result? The doctor can say that Nonye was diagnosed HIV because of a lab mix up. I guess that might just be Naija for you, but nevertheless. Made me say WHAT?

I was a little disappointed by the whole death by kidney transplant and the remarkable waking up from the dead scenario at the end of the movie just because that was such a predictable thing to happen in Nollywood but not so realistic in real life. In Nollywood every abortion ends up in death or infertility, plane crashes occur daily and blindness from birth or otherwise always cured by rich men who can afford operations in Europe or the USA. When I see these things happen I just roll my eyes because it is just soooo UNREALISTIC. Apart from that I was happy that the ending was happy and the family was reunited. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?


I would recommend this movie. It was a very simple storyline but well told and well acted. There were no waka passes to come and spoil the show. There was a moral to the story which was, what is done in darkness shall come to life. What you do in your past will always catch up with you even if you do change your life, so be careful what you do in the first place. This is one of the better movies I have seen in a long time and even though I later found out that I was watching the Part 3 and 4 it was watchable just like that. The one on one scenes in particular really drew me in and tears came to my eyes on more that one occasion. I felt a huge amount of sympathy for Nonye and what she went through all because she had a strong desire to survive and see her family succeed in life. Thumbs up!


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  1. nolly d'you know i just found out that Obi in this movie is dead. apparently, the guy died since May. such a cutie…i remember he used to act a few years back and now he's dead. and i think he had an operation, after which, he died. i was just crying…just found out now. God why?

  2. For the first time, I'm not too sure about your review.

    I felt it was an ok movie, but it completely drifted from the initial storyline which involved her father's dealing with the politicians. we were also left without an explanation to their mother's death….It was as if they completely forgot about that part of the movie and made up a whole different story about providing for one's family. plus at the end of the first half (God of Justice), the lawyer claimed to have retrieve their properties from EFCC and yet in the second half, this was not touched on.

    This was a disappointment, but, oh well…it's only a movie.

    • I didn't watch the first two parts as I only got part 3 and 4 and didn't know it was a 4 part film until further research after watching. I guess 1 and 2 werent that important because I managed to understand the story without. As for the EFCC storyline obviouly I knew nothing about that til you mentioned it so I would know nothing about the discrepancy.

  3. gonna look out for dis!!!


    First of all i will commend u Nollywood forever for ur immense contribution to d exploits of nigerian movies,bt here is my complaint,sometimes ur review leaves me wit no choice than to believe dat artistes nd few crew re just d ones responsible for d success or failure of a movie,we(movie makers) log on to dis site to learn and see our faults nd know hw to tackle them, bt for me its never been dat effective,am AUSTIN FAANI IKECHUKWU a prominent nollywood editor, this movie in question was edited by me,so many other movies dat i ve actually lost count of,but on no account was my part in d movie reviewed whether good or bad.Am dying for criticism so i cud turn a pro,i will really appreciate if u oblige me this plea. thanks all the same thumbs up dear.

    • Thanks for coming by Austin!

      The blame for failures doesn't lie just at the feet of the people whos names are mentioned but unfortunately I cant list every editor, casting director, assistant producer, wardrobe assistant.

      I write my reviews from a viewers point of view because essentially that it what I am… a viewer. I am not technically trained in the art of filmmaking, neither do I know the technical terms, but I just write down what comes to mind as I watch the movie, what I loved, what I hated and what could have made it better.

      I'm sure one of these day someone will write a more technical blog!

  5. God of justice and cry for justice are actuali 2 diffrent movies

  6. okay im confuzzeled family apart is meant to be a sequel to God of justice bt in God of justice they get the house and their fathers property back so there is no need for a sequel… bt then i am abt to watch family apart as soon as i press play i see jackie talkin abt wt happened in God of justice and hw she slept wit the barrister plus why did thjey need to sleep in a friends hse

    • Mine was called A Cry For Justice 1 and 2 so I have no clue about anything else. The titles change from place to place. Sometimes a 1 and 2 will be called one thing somewhere and then that same title will be used for the 3 and 4 somewhere else. I cannot even begin to analyse the reasoning behind all of it.

  7. someone who understand please explain?

  8. i just love the movie

  9. I just love the movie especially the end. I wish can get the song god knows

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