A Private Storm

Private Storm

A Private Storm – 2011
Story, Screenplay & Producer – Vivian Ejike
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Ramsey Noah – Alex
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Gina
John Dumelo – Jason
Ufuoma Ejenobor – Lisa
Tessy Oragwa – Katiej
Ngozi Ezeonu – Mrs Jibuno
Frankincense Eche- Ben Richie
Basil Ifeanyichukwu – Ejiro
Peace Aswak – Juliet
Christian Ajisaje – Uju
Calista Okonkwo – Bukky
Blossom Chukwujekwu – Tony
Augustine Ekeinde – Toby

Domestic Violence
“Saving Face”

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 73%


From the outside looking in Alex played by Ramsey Noah and Gina played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde appear to have a great relationship. Both are successful within their own rights and living a great lifestyle, however beneath the charade lies insecurity, bullying and physical abuse. Alex is constantly berating his wife and accusing her of cheating on him despite no evidence to support his claims. One night on an evening out her dumps her on a dark and lonely road in one of his aggressive rages. She is honestly scared for her life when a lone car pulls up by her side. It turns out to be Alex who then orders her into the car. It is all part of his controlling mind games, but how far will he go and how far will she be pushed by him?

Domestic Violence

The shame of the situation and the way Alex was held in high esteem by Gina’s friends and family meant that she was unable to divulge her secret shame to them. It is only when she has reached breaking point that she shares the secret with Uju. We see the cycle of violence and making it up that traps so many women. When Alex is nice he can be super nice but then the downside is that his ugly is just as potent.
We also see the history behind Alex’s violence and how his past has affected his present state.

“Saving Face”

The relationship is a facade. It is as though Gina stays in the relationship to “save face” because everybody thinks that Alex is so great and she is embarrassed to let on what is actually happening to her. I was thinking to myself they are not even married yet and don’t have any kids I don’t even know what she was hanging about for. We can see how others see Gina’s life from the outside in through her friend’s words,

“You get to keep the best of everything. The guy, loads of money, pretty looks… Girl it’s my turn to live the fabulous life of Gina.”

Girls should be careful what they wish for. You never know what is really going on in someone’s life so there is no reason to be jealous of anyone for anything. Ya heard!

When Gina tells her friend Uju that she no longer wants to marry Alex she is met with shock and Uju exclaims,

“Do you know how many babes would kill to be in your position? Look I don’t care what happens Alex is a big fish!”

Is your life worth a big fish though? That is the question.

New Skool Of Nollywood

Tony played by Blossom Chukwujekwu (yes I was wondering how a man can be called Blossom too. First Bacteria now this!) is hot he looks a little like Tuface Idibia. More and more hot guys are getting introduced to Nollywood and I love it. More fi-ya! *pushing up my lighter*

The Cast’s Performances

Ramsey Noah

Ramsey Noah was the standout performance for me. He was excellent at playing a man not in control of his motions or actions. His rage was excellently handled with a slow and subtle build up to lead to the explosive outbursts.

Christian Ajisaje

I don’t really like English accents in Nollywood (makes me feel like I’m down at the local Tescos) but the Uju babe wasn’t bad. She could grow on me if she just relaxed her eyes a little and wasn’t so expressive with her eyes all of the time.

Nollywood Forever Says What

Why when Gina just got her hair did at the salon and the hairdressers was trying to comb it was it all getting stuck and shit? Say What? That was a hot mess!

Why didn’t Gina lock the door of the salon when it said closed and she had left? Say What?


The movie is good. The cast was excellent and I would recommend it but in all honesty I was expecting so much more from a Vivian Ejike Movie. Despite an all star cast and a serious topic storyline it it just didn’t make the “must watch” list for me and I felt like it should have. For sure it was way better than a lot of Nollywood Movies but the integration of the John Dumelo and Ufuoma storyline wasn’t as seamless as it should have been and although it was good it did not elevate to that level of greatness.

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  1. Ma’am,

    Haba! where have you been? I hope all is well with you. Anyway welcome back! I really missed the reviews since all these break time.

    I really missed old time stories in Nollywood. Today, most producers rush their movies within three weeks. No one wishes to work on a story for about THREE MONTHS minimum. That’s why for now, soap operas like “TINSEL” ON AFRICA MAGIC, “THIS LIFE” on SILVERBIRD appeals to me. They look real life.

    Anyway, the actors and producers must eat so life goes on…..

  2. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Ramsey Noah gave one of the best performances of his career in this movie. I think he is a good actor but sometimes he tries to coast with his looks and smile. This time he dug deep, kudos to him.

    The B storyline with John Dumelo did not gel naturally into the main story. Initially I kept wondering why we were seeing him and his drama but finally understood.

    I also think the movie painted a realistic portrait of domestic abuse. The abuser is not always evil which makes it difficult to leave, and the abused is dependent on the abuser in some way (emotionally, financially etc). The movie did a good job of highlighting this.

    Anyway 'A private storm' got two thumbs up from me.

  3. the movie is allright…naija is stepping up these days buh that uju chick, irritated me…Ihate watching naija movies and the girls be trying to speak in an american accent, it sounds soo fakee and likee juss horrendous really/

  4. onee of the few good naija movies

    the storyline was definitely engaging

    iloved the way the whole story came together and everything got revealed, i dont think its obvious..something different from all the typical movies, a different storyline, different direction


  5. Such a lovely movie i guess, very very interesting.

  6. So I’m late but as we say, ‘its better to be late than sorry” … I stumbled across this movie early 2012 or late 2011 and I must admit that it is (I still re-watch) a good movie to watch. The manner in which Alex and Gina are portrayed as a perfect couple when they’re among outsiders, then the switch to an angry trembling-hand Alex which signals turbulence ahead. Their relationship is composed of violence, fear and pretence; reality at its finest. Pros – a handsome cast who can act; Con – 1. Insufficient linking of the storylines. 2. I understand that Gina wrote something in her diary/journal which was publised however a tiny bit more of detail on the article’s contents would have been good. 3. The “Gina getting a make over salon” scene was a bit irrelevant. All in all, it’s worth the viewing time.

  7. Blessing says:

    Ramsey did a terrific job confirming his A list rating. That guy is good and of course Omotola did a fantastic job. This is a definite watch again for me. John’s scenes didn’t really work for me but on the whole good movie and loads of good wishes to Ramsey!

  8. Jenifer says:

    Great movie! The moral lesson behind this is « …not all that glitters is gold». Kudos to Ramsey.

  9. i rili enjoyed d movie…..ramsey noah u r juz 2 much…thumbz up dude

  10. Ayodeji Oyesola says:

    It really took me a longer time at watching the movie, cos I had to take note of every part played! Nice movie anyway…. Wished every family could watch it!

  11. Someone should tell me how this movie ended.did gina died as a result of the chase?.all i saw was alex chasing over gina.all of a sudden he is on a wheel chair.and all of a sudden he asked me ”if i guessed right”.all of a sudden i saw four people standing at the door.was gina among them?.please someone saysomething.

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