What Is Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews About?

When I first started watching Nollywood movies it was difficult to know which ones were good and which ones were bad. I would buy a movie because of the Nigerian or Ghanaian Actor or Actress that was featuring in it that I liked at the time, only to discover that it was crap…

Time and money wasted!

I would scan the internet looking for Nollywood movie reviews to read in a bid to know whether or not to buy a film and would find NOTHING…

Hence the creation of: nollywoodforever.com
On this page I review Nollywood (Nigerian and Ghanaian) movies that I have watched. The old, the new… The good, the bad… The excellent and the disastrous.


Click ABOUT to learn more about how this Nollywood online movie review website came about.

Click HOW NOLLYWOOD TOOK OVER MY LIFE to know about how I became a Nollywood Movie addict in the first place.

Click THE A-Z MOVIE REVIEW INDEX to get a full list of all the Nollywood movies that have been reviewed here. This is in alphabetical order so no need to trawl through pages and pages searching.

Click the NOLLYWOOD STARS page for a comprehensive listing of Nollywood Movie Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors and Actresses. The number in brackets besides the name is how many times they feature on this site. If you click on the name you will see the Nollywood movie review and the capacity that they featured in, in the movie.

You can also search Nollywood (Nigerian and Ghanaian) movies according to category. This site splits the movies up into 4 groups.

The first is Watch? No Bin It! This is for Nollywood movies rated 0-35.

Secondly is Watch? Only If Bored for those Nollywood movies rated between 36-55. These are the movies you watch when you have nothing better to do.

Thirdly Watch? Yes an Ok Movie Which is the category with the most entries. These Nollywood movies are rated between 56-75 and are OK but not collectors items or anything..

Last but not least is Watch? Most Definitely! These are the Nollywood Movies that are keepers, rated between 76-100.  The ones that you recommend to all your friends.

Feel free to leave comments. I don’t censor around here even if we disagree.  I consider any fellow Nollywood Addict my family. YOU’RE WELCOME!