After The Marriage

After The Marriage

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After The Marriage ~ 2010
(Continuation to Marriage of Sorrows)
Story/ Screenplay – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Director – Kalu Anya
Producer – Chibuzor Emelu

Pat Attah – Dr Harrison
Oge Okoye – Rita
Ngozi Ezeonu – Susan
Fred Ariko – Pastor Obinna
Zubby Micheal – Pastor Desmond
Kalu Anya – Inspector
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Ofonze
Voke Stephen – Chizoba
Emmanuel Okonkwo – Duben
Regina Okonkwo – Onyinye
Esther Ugwu – Mama
Adagbor Jennifer – Mary
Nene Ugwu – Chioma
Rita Daniels – Elder

Themes Explored:
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 15%

Rita and Pastor Obinna are happily married and have three beautiful children. They live in perfect harmony until the day comes where Dr Harrison comes into her life to claim “his kids.” Children who have never known him as a father, but an uncle the reason being is that he is their father’s younger brother.


40 minutes into the movie and I am just completely bored. The production is lacklustre and slow paced, just tooo GD slooooow. Even the scene where Dr Harisson confronts his brother Obinna about “his children,” a scene that was supposed to be filled with drama and tension was anticlimactic. The movie just seemed to get worse and worse as I continued watching.

The oldest girl Chizoba looked way too old to play Rita’s daughter. They should have made her the house girl if she just had to be in the movie. She was looking about 20-24 and Rita looked to be 26-30. In another movie the two actresses could have easily been cast as roommates on campus. What a casting mishap.

If you were not told that Chizoba was Pastor Obinna’s daughter there is no way you would have even realised. Father and daughter do not relate as such, this is especially strange considering that the family is supposed to be close knit one. There is one scene where he offers her a lift to the market when he spots her on the road not far from the gate. It is as if he is approaching a stranger, there is not even the familiarity you would get with a house girl.

Instead of Obinna letting his brother Dr Harisson take the kids and have the shame of everyone knowing that his wife had been sleeping with him he decides to kill the children. The scene where pastor Obinna takes his daughter Chizoba to a field right by the side of the road to kill her is totally ridiculous, wooden and unrealistic. You want to commit murder and you don’t even go deep into woods. You just kill the girl right there by the side of the road. RUBBISH!

Even in the aftermath of the killing the scenes were unrealistic. Everything was just so fake. There was no turmoil in Obinna, no feasible emotion. Even his anger was subdued, and this from a man who raised three children as his own and just found out that biologically they were his brother’s. NAAAA! Not buying it. He was also too calm as he was carrying out the atrocities and the fake crying afterwards was just cringeworthy.

It is ridiculous for a man who has raised children he thought of as his own to be stripped of them just like that and handed over to a man they have hardly any contact with. It would be traumatic for both parties. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Dr Harrison snatched the children away from their lives but he could not force them to give him the love they would give to their father. This fool came to reap where he did not sow. That is a big fool manoeuvre!

Oge Okoye really tried in the scene where she finds out about the death of Chizoba. She is wailing and head clutching and it would have been very convincing had it been a different movie. This movie, however was too much of a flop for her efforts to even matter.

Pat Attah strikes back. I guess these trips from Germany are going to become a regular thing. His fineness has somewhat waned from his heyday so it is no longer acceptable for him to be so wooden. I mean he is watchable but noticeably stiff. I wonder why Ngozi Ezeonu was even in the movie. It was pointless. She was supposed to be Pat’s ex that he had been pining over. She just looked too old for him. It wasn’t a good match at all.

Throughout the movie we see the producer soliciting for distribution around the world, begging for people to contact him on What a mess! If you are serious why wouldn’t you get a proper email? It is so simple to set up your own domain name these days and you are not in the football business so why would people that are trying to do business with you need to know your love for Arsenal? Sheer unprofessionalism!

As the credits roll we see the faces of all those that made the production happen, from the Production Manager to the Location Driver. It would have been a great idea if it wasn’t such a wreck of a movie. Seeing all their faces just made me curse them individually through my TV screen one by one. They showed them all dancing around to Yori Yori and other tunes. There were some very very fruity looking men whining up on each other. Did anyone else catch that? Even the dancing was overload. It was never ending and all the razzness got a bit boring.

In the end we find out the whole palava involving the killings turns out to be a dream, or should that be nightmare, yes nightmare because watching this movie really was a nightmare and waste of time. In the end we see the children run into their father’s room as he cries about killing them. Their mother also comes back after a car crash where she was badly burnt, Kudos on the burn job done on Oge’s face. That was the only thing realistic in the whole movie.

I would not recommend this movie at all. I did not see Juliet Ibrahim at all despite her face on the cover. The storyline in itself as a whole was not bad but the execution and script were poor. There is not one scene that I can point to that made any kind of remarkable impression on me. Bloody boring, bad acting, rubbish script, poor execution. THUMBS DOWN!

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  1. is this a new release or reproduce movie it sound familiar

  2. lwkmd…i am yet 2 see dis…

  3. I feel like Ngozi and Oge should have swapped roles

  4. Hope I can find a copy of this. Love Pat Attah

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