Amaka Mustapha

Amaka Mustapha

Amaka Mustapha African Movie Review
Retitled as “Precious”

Year of Release: 2011
Story/ Screenplay & Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producers – Azukwe Odunukwe, Uloma Odunukwe

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Amaka Mustapha
Artus Frank – Goriola
Stephanie Oforka – Tabitha
Collette Nkem Orji – Angela
Junior Pope – Kizito
Eka Ariabiah – Clem
Ada Ogoike – Kess
Micheal Godson – Kambili
Jonathan Ganagana – Manager

Passing Judgement

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 60%


Amaka Mustapha played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is a college girl hated by her roommates who accuse her of stealing from them. One day when they set upon her Goriola played by Artus Frank comes to her rescue and saves her from their wrath. It would seem that she is innocent and has been mistreated by her roommates however when he drops her back off home his wallet disappears. She really is a thief but the question is what drives this impulse? One minute she can be so pleasant and sweet and the next she is stealing anything that she can get her hands on.


The main subject matter in the movie was original. Big kudos to Tchidi for doing research on kleptomania and the treatment for it. Do they prescribe Prozac for Kleptomania? In this movie they do. I even learned something new because I never knew that Prozac could be prescribed for Kleptomania but apparently it can. Great job Tchidi on going deeper. Kleptomania was a good topic to cover as it is not one we come across regularly in Nollywood. The subject matter was sensitively handled.

Passing Judgement

Amaka judges the prostitute she stays with as a bad person despite her having shown her kindness and let her stay with her for free. She even has the cheek to ask her “how can you pray?” when she comes across her friend praying. In the prostitutes explanation for her actions we find out more about her character and we also find out that Amaka has judged her too harshly, the same way that people to judge her for being a thief.

The Storyline/ The Believability Factor

I couldn’t figure out why the Goriola character was even with Tabitha. He didn’t even seem to like her. And why on earth would Amaka be chosen to be vocal superstar when her singing isn’t any good? I felt that Tabitha should have toned down the bad singing because it was way too much and more suited for a comedy role, whereas this movie was primarily a serious one.

The storyline surrounding the singing superstar was a slightly far fetched. Lets look at it Goriola is broke and wanting to make some random non singing thief that stole his wallet after he did her a favour a superstar. Yeah ok. Since when does dude work as a producer? We never even see him working except to “teach” the girls how to sing. Since when do producers do vocal coaching anyway? The first time that he calls into work when his wallet is snatched and it sounds like an business office job he has.

The first we see of any connection to the music business is when he gets called into an office to put together a radio jingle. It felt slap dash, like they just threw that in so the story would make some kind of sense. So what does he work at a radio station? Why would they contact him to find an artist for the jingle when Amaka is his first artist. Clearly he would not be known for having artists. So why would they pay an some unknown 2 million Naira when there will be countless others with proven track records. It would be different and make more sense if the radio station meeting had happened by chance. All of it was way too far fetched for my liking.

Performances by the Cast

Collete Nkem Orji has a bigger role than I have previously seen her in before and we can see that she really has acting chops. I said that when I spotted her in Street President another Tchidi movie. She is one to watch out for but hasn’t had her breakout performance yet. Omotola is excellent at conveying emotions. She played the character really well but it all seemed a bit of a waste considering the same effort wasn’t put into the storyline, the same goes for Artus Frank and Stephanie Oforka. They are all artistes with much more potential that this movie allowed for.

Memorable Scene

I found the scene where Clem and Amaka confront Kamili at the hotel very poingnant and gripping. Amaka let’s rips and tells Kamili,

“You will never find a woman like this in your life. This is a woman who walked the streets to put some money in your pockets. This job you have come here to talk about she was the one who walked the streets so that you could get the money to send your application in.”

True talk. It is in this moment that we see true acceptance between the two friends. There is a mutual respect and admiration despite their flaws and that was beautiful to see.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

The nurse then puts up a huge hand written sign to declare there is a drug for stealing. She puts it right outside the hospital. Say What?


I would recommend the movie primarily because of the acting performances from the main characters. Amaka Mustapha is essentially a movie about three women united in the zeal of their problems and that was the part I related to and would expect most people to relate to the most. I had seen the “Mr Ok” bits of the movie in previews which looked hilarious but in reality really wasn’t neither was it even a main part of the story so on that front, as well as the believability factor I was a little disappointed, nevertheless it is worth checking out.

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  1. collette orji says:

    wow wow wow!!! always great when Tchidi Chikere bekons with characters such as this.My excitement and passion drives it even yet to watch the movie since i havent received a copy….thanks all the way and kudos or the consistency also.

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