Angolo Girls

Angolo Girls

Nigerian African Movie Review
Angolo Girls ~ 2010
(Continuation Three Squad)
Story/ Screenplay – Priscilla Elewendu
Director – Saint Collins Onwujekwe
Producer – Priscilla Elewendu

Actors/Actresses Starring:
Chika Ike- Baroness
John Dumelo – Foster
Halima Abubakar – Alicia/ Diane
Priscilla Elewendu – Rume
Nuella Njubigbo – Kenny
David Ihesie – Baba
Jim Lawson Maduike – Alabo Timi
Stellamaris as herself
Junior Pope – Manager
Saint Collins – Pastor
Per Stafsen – Dav
Chizoba Uzoukwu – Oni
Kelvin Head – Ray
Paul Odeh – Police Inspector

Themes Explored:
Charms (Juju)

My Rating – 57%


Angolo girls tells the story of a bunch of prostitutes headed by the Baroness, played by Chika ike. We see all of their money grabbing, cheating shenanigans. Angolo, means Anglo, which means white. Their main aim is to snare white men, but in the process they will make do with any man that comes along. Stella Maris is married to a white man but brings in her Nigerian lover as a “driver” and sleeps with him willy nilly in her matrimonial home. Baroness explains Angolo to mean “Angolo is a white man who has soooo much money to spend in pounds and dollars.”


We see the Baroness, played by Chika Ike visiting a witch doctor, AKA Baba for charms to make her married lover and neighbour turn over all his wealth to her. She asks him for 40,000 Naira and he says that the will go and borrow it from a money lender. I was WTF at this because if you are going to sink to the level to sleep with a married man for financial support then why are you going to choose one that cannot give you that amount of money £200 without borrowing?

Chika Ike

Credit where it is due, Chika Ike did a good job in her role as the baroness, but for me she has been typecast so much that even though she is supposed to be a razz babe I found it hard to believe. She has the boring good girl look down on lock and I’m having a hard time seeing her any other way. I feel like at any moment she is going to break free of the spell that has been put on her and we will find out that her being a badgirl is all a front.

Pricilla Elewendu

Pricislla Elewendu what was that blonde and pink wig on top of your head? Wow it looked atrocious. Now granted that could well have been the look that she was aiming for, after all they are local prostitutes and not international trendsetters. It must be noted though that Pricilla Elewendu CANNOT ACT TO SAVE HER LIFE! Seems like acting be by forcr these days.. Shey she is the producer already was there a need for her to come and parade her self on the screen as well?

White Actors in Nollywood Movies

Nollywood PLEASE STOP WITH THESE USELESS WHITE ACTORS!!! More additions to the Lebanese guy with the weasel looking face and the gelled down hair. I cannot believe that in the whole of Nigeria there is no access to white actors with more acting potential than these useless ones that are being paraded for us to watch?

Charms (Juju) in Nollywood

The punter that baroness picks up drops dead as he goes to hug her, Is that as a result of Juju or what? Baroness also gets her married lover to give her 460 thousand from selling his shop through the use of charms.

I was not impressed that the married guy sold his shop as a result of JUJU. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Men do stupid shit like the Baroness’ lover did because they want to. It was all for the love of puss-ay and not because The Baroness used baba to cast a spell on him. Again blame is placed at the feet of a woman instead in the hands of a man where it belongs..

The Sound

The sound was not good. In Part 2 It got worse as we hear some loud static noise 35 mminutes into part 2 and then on and off for the rest of the movie.


Funny Scenes

1) Check this out a bunch of ashewos (prostitutes – but if you have been watching Naija movies you should know this as standard.) are selling their asses on a street corner. A punter pills up and starts spraying the baroness with notes. All her colleagues scramble to pick the notes already on the floor, while Baroness tries to catch the floating notes. The punter then picks the Baroness exclusively for a rendez vous and all the other girls get upset screaming at the car as she sits in it,


The Baroness then sticks her head out of the window as they drive off and screams back at them,

“God punish you!”

The irony was just too much. This scene had me rewinding for chuckles.

2) The Baroness and the punter then go and enter a hotel room. There is this romantic love song playing and all I could think was; what is so romantic about a client and prostitute in one grotty hotel room?

3) The Baroness is trying to get rid of a mugu who has bought her a car. Pointing to her va ja jay he tells her,

“Listen to me as long as that thing is concerned. I invested there and I must reap from it. Do you hear me? The reason I am here is for my dividends and you must surely release it.

Baroness replies,

“This bank you arw seeing is only for desposit ooo. You cannot withdraw from this bank eh? It’s a pity I’m so sorry.”

Too funny!

Nollywood Forever Says What?

– Where did Foster, played by John Dumelo come from? He appears in the movie about half way through part 2. We don’t even see when or how he met The Baroness. Introducing him in some way would be beneficial as he does not feature in the first part of the movie at all., and just dashing him into the middle of the movie like that is confusing.

– Chief says to Alicia after sex,

“Your lovemaking technique swept me off my feet.”

Which kind of yeye line is this? For a man. How were you swept off anything when you were already lying down? Nonsense.

– Foster tells Baroness that she needs to send money to release him from jail. He claims to be being dragged into a cell. YEAH RIGHT. What fool will believe that a man that is being DRAGGED into a cell by police officers will be there yakking it up on the phone.

I would recommend the movie as it was very easy to watch and enjoyable with some funny parts, however 4 parts is way too long and it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been. There isn’t anything new in the story so why so long?

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  1. i absolutely love the quotes you've picked from the movie…especially the allusion to vajay jay as a bank..tew funny.

  2. Thanks! Have you watched it?

  3. duncan asuquo says:

    diane or alicia was really funny n i love the movie..young nollywood girls doin it

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