Baby Love

Baby Boy

Baby Love – 2011
Story, Screenplay & Director – Willie Ajenge
Producer – Azuka Odunukwe

Jackie Appiah – Lisa
Prince David Osei – Chris
Victoria Zugah – Martha
Emmanuel Emoabino – Mike
Efe Tamunor Stene – Doris
Soraya Mensah – Maya

Arranged Marriage

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 70%


Lisa played by Jackie Appiah and Chris played by Prince David Osei are in an arranged marriage and although Jackie is willing to make a go of it after dumping the love of her life Chris is cold towards her and refuses to do anything but live in the same house and sleep in the same bed together. He too has had to sacrifice his love for Martha, someone he dated for many years before he was ordered by his father to marry Lisa. A fateful day brings them back together when Chris’ car breaks down in front of her house as she is going for a walk. The ex lovers are brought face to face. Will they reunite their love? And what will Lisa’s frustrations drive her to?

Infidelity and Frustration

Lisa is more than frustrated with her husband’s lack of interest in her. In one scene, at the end of her tether she says to him,

“I sleep every single day on this same bed with you and you’ve never for once made any attempt to touch me. It’s not like I have a face like that of a masquerade or the body of a pig. Men pee all over themselves when they see me but your not moved one bit. What is it do you think that you’re the black version of Brad Pitt? Come on who the hell do you think you are? Are you gay or something?”

Arranged Marriage

Lisa was told on the wedding day by Chris that he would never love or touch her. She was begged to not go through with the marriage by him but obviously she thought that she could change his mind. This movie serves as a very strong lesson about marrying the right one for the right reasons (to some extent) Both Lisa and Chris married people they didn’t love and are both driven to infidelity. Would it not have been better to have simply followed their hearts, been happy and face the consequences of that?


I loved the use of music in the movie. I thought that it was cleverly used although it did verge on cheesy at time. One of its greatest purposes was as a tool to heighten the tension. Tunes were played in just the right place. In one scene Lisa is trying to seduce her husband’s brother and after he refuses R Kelly’s “My minds telling me noooo but my body… ma body’s telling me yeeeeees” I wanted to give a round of applause. It was perfect timing.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

What on earth was Mike brushing his dreadlocks for? Say What? Who brushes dreadlocks? Weird

What happened to Martha? Say What? We don’t hear from her again.

In the beginning Chris says to Lisa that he told her on the wedding day that he never loved her and would never touch her, but later in the movie they flashback to that scene and such was not the case. Say What?


I would recommend the movie. I enjoyed it. The chemistry between Emmanuel and Jackie was spot. It kept me gripped with the twists and turns and wanting to know what would happen next and how far Lisa would go in desperation. I guess the moral of the story is: Your parents always know best. Hmmm I’m not sure if I agree with the overall message of the movie but nevertheless it was enjoyable to watch. Thumbs up.

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  1. It is Baby love or baby boy ?….I think there is a little mistake….

  2. NollywoodNista says:

    Thanks Nolly can't wait to see this movie! Luv me some Prince David Osei!

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