Bachelor’s Heart

Bachelor's Heart

Bachelors Heart African Movie Review

Year of Release – 2012
Story – Chinedu Collins Ezenwa
Screenplay/ Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Chinedu Collins Ezenwa

Kenneth Okonkwo – Frank
Chinelo Oloh – Mmesoma
Abraham Nwodu – Mark
Esther Audu – Ingrid
Ruby Orjiakor – Nneka
Faith Ego – Ada
Dan Nkolagu – Mazi Williams
Ejine Okoroafor – Kadeisha
Phil Nwagu – Osondu

Gender Roles

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 65%


Frank played by Kenneth Okonkwo has an affinity for mgbeke girls. Kenneth meets Kadeisha (Ejine Okoroafor) selling oranges on the roadside and immediately falls for her, buying her a phone on first meeting, after which she agrees to follow him to his house and “become his girlfriend.” Their relationship comes to an abrupt halt when it comes to light that she has stolen things from his home despite his generosity. Even though he has bad luck with mgbeke girls and his friend Mark’s (Abraham Nwodu) insists that he goes for a classy educated girl, he is steadfast in his desire for them pursuing them relentlessly and without abandon.


I loved the performances given by both Ejine Okoroafor at the beginning of the movie as well as that given by Chinelo Oloh. I particularly loved the scene where Mmesoma played by Chinelo Oloh reveals who she is to Frank out of sheer frustration. It was a great performance on her part and she excelled at playing both the village girl just as well as the bad girl. She screams at Frank as she leaves the house,

“Before I left village they told me that you have plenty money… My mother told me to put on my best behaviour, talk softly, politely, and even say eiwooo when your body touches mine as if I am a virgin. What is that? I am not a virgin ooo!”


If you are unfamiliar with the term mgbeke as I was you can kind of guess the meaning of mgbeke by the context in which it is used in the film. I took it to mean an unexposed village girl. I googled it and the definition I found was “a bush Igbo girl.” On another site I found this passage in declaration of love for mgbeke girls:

“Mgbeke is pure, raw and natural. They know nothing about G string/internet, modern world etc. Mgbeke always see u as her Bosss and finally…city girl don finish dere sef with cosmetics….too much perfume…person no fit smell d real odour we take know woman b4 (NO OFFENCE) but if Mgbeke waka pass u for road with her odour u go know say really woman pass u.”

So there you have it. If you were in doubt as to what an mgbeke was you surely must know now!


I felt the whole mgbeke girl obsession was just a fetish. He didn’t like Ingrid when she was her regular self but as soon as she stopped using deodorant and behaving in what he considered an mgbeke way he began to like her, yet she was still the same person, so is that not an irrational obsession? I felt so. What really made Frank fall for the orange seller? Was it just her boobs? I can understand lust but why was he talking about marrying her straight away? Is he really this much of a mumu?

In one scene Mark asks Frank,

“So you won’t marry if it’s not an illiterate timid girl. One who hawks?”

Even his best friend cannot understand his irrational obsession. Neither could I. The reasoning behind his obsession could have been delved into a little.

Gender Roles

Franks father asks him why he doesn’t want to marry a professional woman. He replies,

“Papa not me I don’t want two masters in the house, two captains in a ship, two husbands in a house. I give love she gives orders. Nooo! I want a wife not an associate.”

Frank sees a modern woman with career as so different to a man. Does that mean that modern living is blurring gender roles? Is that a good or bad thing?


Memorable Scene

Kadeisha (Why did they spell Kadeisha as Kardashian in the credits?) played by Ejine Okoroafor was a hoot. The first scene when she follows Frank home was hilarious,

“Kiss me here… Common! Kiss me here.”

Nollywood Forever Says What?

If Frank had found what he was looking for in Mmesoma then why was he still on the hunt and inviting the bread seller Nneka to his office? Say What? It seemed like he was not serious about finding a wife, because when did he intend on ending his chase for an mgbeke girl?


I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it although I didn’t think that the character of Frank was developed enough. As I watched it I questioned his actions and the believability of the character. Nevertheless there were some good performances and a moral to the story, which I am sure you will find out if you watch the movie!

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  1. Collete Orji says:

    it was really worth watching  i saw my friends ding so well laughed in most parts

  2. good concept…really like Ejine okoroafor the orange girl role

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