Beautiful Soul

Beautiful Soul Nigerian Movie Review

Story – Tchidi Chikere
Screenplay – Tchidi Chikere/ Genevieve Nnaji
Director – Tchidi Chikere

Genevieve Nnaji – Olivia
Yul Edochie – Geoffrey
Tchidi Chikere – David
Ali Nuhu – Okon
Nana Ama Agyeman McBrown – Comfort
Livinus Nnochiri – Obi
Chiejina Ephraim – Samson
Lotachi Johnson Oloto – Barbie
Romeo. I. Romeo – Dr Thomas
Nike Anyado – Jonathan
Ndidi Okafor – Romina
Wulford Ajayi – Charles
Mary Umoh – Irene
Jennifer Ekwu – Nancy
Sara Yakuba – Prisca
Oma Olean – Bar Joe
Ilaya Precious Fejiro – Nurse
Victor Ede – Gateman

Unrequited Love
Social Class in Nigeria
Greed Nigeria



“Please sit down, you know that I hate it when you stand around looking like servants”

“But Madam, that’s what we are.”

The film opens with Olivia, the madam of the house presenting her four servants with a pay off check of 6 million naira. We learn that since her mother, who employed the servants died she has been alone with only the servants in the house.

We also learn that she has sickle cell anaemia and may be soon to die, hence the reason for the pay off to the house staff. Olivia claims to want to do “something else” with her life, not feeling fulfilled with her current state.

The servants accept the cheques and then approach her concerned, not knowing what to do with such an extraordinary amount of money. It is as if their positions had them resigned to a life of servitude. Olivia even tells them,

“Do you guys want to die as servants, don’t you aspire to do anything better with your lives.”

Olivia plans to go away to live a more simple “normal” life having being raised in a wealthy family. She asks her boyfriend Geoffrey to go along with her, and he agrees. She departs almost immediately, leaving the servants distressed and in tears. It is a touching moment and shows us that love and humanity amongst humans knows now social class.

Olivia is humble and does not treat people differently because of status or what they have. We see this again when she hails a taxi in the road to go and pick up Geoffrey to start their new life together. When she gets out of the taxi to go and get Geoffrey she leaves her luggage in the car. The driver David asks her if she would like to take her luggage with her to which she replies no. He then tells her,

“but people are not supposed to leave taxi drivers with their luggages.”

To which she simply states,

“that is my biggest fault. I’m too trusting.”

When Olivia goes to get Geoffrey she is told that he has “travelled” effectively abandoning her, leaving only a note. She is shaken and tells the taxi driver to take her “anywhere.” Meanwhile we find out that Geoffrey did not in fact go anywhere and was actually inside the house simply avoiding Olivia. His reasoning being that he did not want to “gamble with his future” by being with a “sick and dying girl.”

Olivia makes the journey alone and checks into a hotel before going to Lugbe settlement, a poor community a whole world away from what she is used to. She passes by a woman called Comfort’s house where she sees a notice requesting a governess for her daughter Barbie. She is interviewed on the spot and acquires the job despite her inexperience. Olivia, Comfort and Barbie connect on sight and so begins Olivia’s new life.



1) Why, midway through part one a pink blurry dot about the size of a fingertip appears on the bottom centre of the screen. It stays for about a minute and then reappears on and off throughout the rest of part one and part two. Does anyone watch these movies for errors before putting them out? It was clear to me it was a problem on the lens of ONE certain camera as only certain outside shots were affected.

2) Why when at David’s house was Barbie the little girl wearing some HIGH HEELS? That child couldn’t have been more than 8!

3) Why was there an epilogue at the end of part 1 telling the viewer what happened next when there was a part 2? That got me confused! We are told in the epilogue that Comfort found out that Olivia was in fact the benefactor, however when part 2 comes along Olivia arranges for Geoffrey’s friend Okon to pose as the benefactor so that epilogue was NONSENSICAL! I’m assuming it was going to be one part and then minds wee changed. Who knows? All I do know is that I found that very very messy.

4) (This is actually a how!) How many flippin plane crashes happen in Nigeria? We learn that Olivia’s mother died in a plane crash. I have lost count of the times I have seen this as a cause of death in Nollywood!

Overall I enjoyed the film. It was beautiful in its simplicity. We learn how one persons kindness and humility can touch a person for a lifetime, despite only being connected for a short time. Despite its flaws it was emotionally charged and almost moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Genevieve played her role beautifully, and the title was most definitely appropriate. I would have scored it higher if not for the epilogue shenanigan.

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  1. I also had the same thought about that stupid pink dot. It literally drove me crazy.

    Like you I watch tons of Nollywood movies. I enjoy reading your post. Ditto, to the

    little girl in high heels. Shouldn't there be an appropriate clothing budget for children

    and adults?

    My rating on the movie is about a 70%. Why kill off the character when she just finds

    love? And not all sicklers die because of a broken heart.

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    That pink dot was just unnecessary! I was suprised the character was killed off like that. Nollywood normally like happy endings so although it didn't give e a feel good feeling at least it was not predictable!

  3. 2bchoopla says:

    Thanks for the spoilers. I tried my best to look over the pink dot but it stayed in the film on and off from beginning to end, lol! I give them props for pushing through. I thorougly enjoy this film alot. I'm impressed by Miss Nnaji's movie writing skills.

    Great blog by the way, Nollywood Forever. I'm adding it to my favorites.

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank You! My pink dot was not there more than it was but annoying nonetheless… I am suprised that it wasn't picked up early on and dealt with! I too enjoyed the film and if enough peopl complain about the pink dot maybe next time we will get a blue one… hahaha joke I mean no dot at all!

  5. impressed.

  6. Wonderful movie, I really enjoyed it. I just did not like the way Genevieve died in the movie. The pink dot was something else, they really need to work on taking that stuff off!

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    I guess in real life there isn't always that perfect ending!

  8. Nnaji and this film got a Oprah shout-out today!

  9. Everybody wants to be a STAR!, but it takes a great devotion as to handling your DESTINY which is in your hand.

  10. TheChuckylee says:

    For once I was impressed with Ali Nuhu's potrayal of the character Okon. Ms Nnaji was excellent as usual so was Nana Ama,Yul and the most creative and consistent director of all time in nollywood Tchidi Chikere.

  11. Nolly i think you overated this movie,this movie should be 60 and thats for effort. This movie was poorly executed and was unrealistic in most ways.Like the love olivia had for geoffrey,i dunno if that one was magga love but i have seen some girls act this way because of a guy,and its sad. First of all, dont they audition little girls before they hire them to play roles. I am sorry but barbie cannot act. Two grown ups are having that kind of conversation in front of a little girl and then the mum is asking for her child's opinion?????Now that movement was senseless and immature. 6million naira people? when pigs have not started flying. Instead of David to make her feel better about herself, he keeps reminding her that she is going to die,like she doesn't already know. David sees that Genevieve has fainted,he is still asking jamb question,asking someone who is unconscious if she is alright. He didn't even know her well enough before he started loving her, he just sensed she was a good lady. When he now found out she was going to die, he now remembered to think that he might be in love with her,tsk tsk. Who stops in the middle of the road to ponder? Only david…i couldn't help but wonder. Ok now, i don't know why when geoffrey mentioned a dermatologist was treating olivia who was suffering from sickle cell disease, didn't say cut. Dermatologists deal with the skin and its diseases. When olivia first entered the cab, david tells her that people are not supposed to trust cab drivers with their luggages. Ok i thought that was an ignorant statement and also a generalized review on all cab drivers. I am not a cab driver but i know not all of them are capable of driving off with your belongings. I also didnt know people suffering from anemia used to glow and look beautiful, and all they did was faint,i believe there are other physical symtoms of anemia. I cant believe olivia paid okon 200k,its not easy to have too much money oh,when she could have just gone to confess,she was just being humble.Although there were other faults,i would say the movie was ok,nothing special though

    • nayna esione says:

      Well mr jayjay, its a 2008 movie so u can’t really fault the movie… And yes patients will sickle cell do glow and look beautiful. And dey faint cos oxygen aint reaching the brain ‘hypoxia’. Other physical symptoms like big head and stomach would have bEen difficult to pull off

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