Before The Light

Before The Light

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Before The Light ~2009
Story – Kehinde Olurunyomui, Desmond Elliot
Screenplay – Kehinde Olurunyomi
Additional Screenplay – Omoni Oboli, Linc Edochie
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Ini Edo – Timi
Mercy Johnson – Tamuno
Desmond Elliot – Harold
Eric Arubayi – Patrick
Richard Mofe Damijo
Zainab Ademola

Terminal Illness

My Rating – 70%

Timi and Harold have been married for 4 years and are parents to a little boy called David. David, however is not Timi’s biological son, although she has been raising him as such. The relationship becomes rocky when David’s real mother returns to Nigeria from the US after being diagnosed with cancer. Harold’s daily visits to the hospital become a source of discord within the relationship, and Timi feeling insecure in the relationship turns elsewhere.


Mercy was excellent playing the cancer patient. She really looked like she had taken a battering, like she really had gone through chemotherapy, shaved head and all. Some actresses like to add glamour when the role does not call for it (Can we say Vivky Zugah playing a lowly maid and rocking the false lashes?), but I’m pleased to say that Mercy played her role perfectly. The most emotionally touching scenes were her crying scenes. She really showed her versatility because we all know that Mercy is able to cry buckets on the spot. The crying here was those understated, corner of the eye tears, and were even more powerful than if she had been crying buckets.

Wow!!! Patrick’s (played by Eric Arubayi) teeth were three quarters gum, like a little bit of tooth was poking through a never ending mass of gum. Did anybody else notice that?


Tamuno and Harold’s relationship did not end because the love died but rather because Harold loved her enough to let her to to pursue her dreams of becoming a pilot in the USA. You can see this in the way that he speaks so fondly and highly of her. The chemistry between Mercy and Desmond emanated strongly every time they were on screen together.

The timeline was a bit off kilter I thought. We see that Timi has a baby with Patrick but it seemed like she had just moved in. Where did all that time go? I thought Timi referring to the child she had raised as “that boy” was a little unbelievable. This was a child that knew no other mother. So was she acting the whole time when pretending to care about the child, or were they just words of anger designed to hurt Harold?

I didn’t like the way that the pastor told Harold to get back with his wife with no reasoning behind it or exploring the fact that she has a kid with someone else. He does not even try to convince him that his wife is sorry for her behaviour… Nothing! What kind of pastor is that? He tells him,

“Just let her move back and let God to the rest.”

The movie started off really well but then towards the very end it started getting a bit boring as there were too many irrelevant church scenes. The church scenes were way too long and too much music and non dialogue scenes where there characters are thinking. We don’t wanna see that!!! For all those wanting to catch RMD, he isn’t actually in it much, no matter how big his face his face is on the cover. Nevertheless I would recommend it. I liked the storyline and it is worth watching just to see Mercy’s performance.

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  1. RMD is in ir?
    Oya i need to grab a copy oh!

  2. Have seen the movie and I would say it was not bad at all. Nolly, Mercy Johnson was superb, she did her crying thing very well. Did she really shave her hair for that scene? because she played the cancer patient part real goooood! For Patrick, I agree with you, I guess he was born that way. I also got bored with some scenes in the church, I felt it went on for too long. Overall like you said, I would recommend it.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    Yes I think she did shave her head… It didnt look like a cap anyway!

  4. i must confess i neva finished d movie…all dat cryin got 2 me…mayb i will finish it up dis wkend…so rmd ain't in d movie…hmmm

    • nollywoodforever says:

      Aegoli… RMD is in the movie… He plays the pastor at the end that is persuading Desmond to take Ini back. the end is very draggy and boring, so you have probably seen all you need to see.

  5. Havent watched it yet,but i think i'll go for it.I trust mercy.

  6. I need to watch the movie absolutely but here in south africa i can t found it anywhere.please can u give me some addresses for me to get it here in south africa or ….lplease.Amanda sendo

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    There are many online stores like

  8. very good movie. Mercy was just amazing. I can never shave my head oh!!! Acting is not easy at all!! lol!!! I didn't like Patrick's acting!!!

  9. nolly u are so funny..that Eric..i mean patrick 3/4….u knw wat got me..yeah..i actually started the movie..but it seemed a lil bit draggy…but since u watched it all..i might as well….

  10. it was more of a family movie which i love. nice scripting BUT the audio was poor.and i guess it was the mistake of the sound engineer.

  11. I really wanna watch this movie online for reaL..but i dont know where to find it its so upsetting LOL! i got confused by watching "Heart of widow"(rubbish movie by the way) thinking it was the one because Mercy Johnson shove her hair on this one too,it turned one that it wasnt the one…wasted 1h 30 hours of my livee for NOTHING!!!But i bet mercy johnson knew the storyline was rubbish buh she was gnna be paid high for shaving her hair so she was thinking why NOT lol!Anyways cant wait to watch "Before the light" hoping that it is better than "Heart of a widow".


  12. Before the light is a good,mercy johnson was the standout performance in this movie.The script was well paced.Thumbs up kehinde,omoni and linc 4 good scripting

  13. Before the light is a good movie,mercy johnson was the standout performance in this movie.The script was well paced.Thumbs up kehinde,omoni and linc 4 good scripting

  14. Sholly babe says:

    Nolly, u were spot on about the pastor scene. Rather simplistic and naive I would say. But it's a reflection of what is going on in our society today-many pastors have very strong, undue influence on their members lives-they act as marriage counsellor, doctor, even give legal and business advice-eg when to buy stocks or not, child care expert, security consultant, psychologist/therapist/shrink, u name it. this is no exaggeration-its happening right under our noses. Example: If a man's prgenant wife goes into labour at home in the middle of the night, instead of the man calling a doctor or midwife, he would call his pastor first never mind that the pastor knows nothing about delivering a baby.

    Some pastors have replaced the roles parents, siblings, close friends and other social networks play in the lives of people. They are seen as demi-gods and can do no wrong. That is what our society has become today. So much brainwashing; most people no longer think for themselves. Their pastors do that for them.

    So the pastor telling d man to take his wife back-a woman who just had a baby for another man, is like art imitating life-it happens all the time here in Naija. Sad state of affairs, really.

    • Wow thanks for your insight. It still makes no sense to me why people would treat a man like he is everything simply because fo a title, but I gues that it does happen.

  15. This is a warning to all Nigerian women not to commit adultery

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