Before The Vow & After The Vow

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Before The Vow & After The Vow

Story/ Screenplay Blessing Effiom

Directors John Uche, Aquila Njamah




Blessing Effiom – Grace

Stephanie Okereke – Eva

Desmond Elliot – Chucks

Femi Brainard – Kelvin

Thelma O’Khaz – Ngozi

Angela Brown – Mother

Ben Nwosu – Father


Themes explored:


Arranged Marriage

Social Class and Status




My Rating: 95%



Before the Vow tells a bride and groom’s story the day before the wedding. We are switched between two scenarios; the groom and his groomsman and the bride and her bridesmaid. The fact that the groom picks up a prostitute the night before his wedding and the fact that the bride seems more excited by her future husband’s groomsman suggests things may not be as rosy as they seem.


Although Eva and Chucks appear to be in love, by reading between the lines we can see that the marriage is one that has been formed to strengthen family ties and broaden alliances. In the bride’s case it also appears to be a move to higher her family’s status. We hear Eva’s mother tell her that she is “lucky” to be marrying Chucks, meanwhile Eva’s self esteem is chipped at as she is made to feel like Chucks is doing her a favour by marrying her.


Her mother also supports her father’s stance. When she expresses doubt about marrying Chucks he tells her,


“You will be alright. [They] are a very good family.”


The parents give little support in terms of promoting their daughter’s emotional wellbeing it is assumed that status and financial security automatically results in happiness.


Very funny quote:

Eva on being told by her bridesmaid that she MUST throw the bouquet in her direction,


“Girlfriend I didn’t know that 419 has entered wedding o!”



I absolutely loved this film, so of course I would definitely recommend it. This is what the rest of Nollywood should be aspiring to. The movie was terrifically styled cutting between two scenes with fluid continuous action. These of music was appropriate and at the right volume and the dialogue was fluent and realistic. Thumbs up for the use of camera style credits at the end. It was a very a nice touch.


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  1. Rita Bisong! says:

    Yes I love dis movie wt a passion nd I recommend 4 does who havn't seen it!its really nice!!!!

  2. I loved this movie……they all did a fantastic job. We all need to know a little bit more about our partner before marriage. It's very educative and well written.

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