Behind The Ring

Behind The Ring

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Behind The Ring ~ 2009
(Repackaged as Black Mirror)
Story/ Screenplay – Chikere Guide
Director – Moses Ebere
Producer – Chikere Guide
An Eastwind production

Desmond Elliot – Colombo
Jackie Appiah – Cynthia
Mona Lisa Chinda – Vivian
Jim Lawson Maduike – Bazoka
Lynda Ekezie – Ella
Sele Kent-Sele – Edwin
Clems Onyeka – John
Ndidi Obi – Stella
Chikere Guide – Mako
Nathaniel Judgewill – James
Tegga Anighoro – Victor
Oscar Rodondo – Apostle
Stanley E Ozoemena – Bontum
Candace Jenny – Candace
Ugo White – Native Doctor
Joyce Kalu – Grandma
Muyiwa Onowu – Mako Jnr
Onyebuchi Ugwunna – Apostle Jnr
Mabel Etuk – Kate
Patricia Okolie – Magaret
John Lee – Hilary

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 46%

James and Vivian are happily married with one son, Victor. Madly in love their union is torn apart when James is killed during a burglary at their home one night. It is suspected that the killing was orchestrated by James’s junior brother Edwin as he was known to be desperate to get his hand on their late father’s property by any means necessary.

When Victor is kidnapped and taken to a ravine by assassins it becomes painfully clear that someone is out to break up the family. We find out that not only does his brother have the motive to carry out such a dastardly act but so does  James’s best friend Edwin. Who is behind the murder and kidnapping?


Six months after your husband’s death and you are telling your son to call his dad’s best friend Daddy and then you are surprised when he tells you, “he is not my daddy” A freaking six year old. What did you expect? After your husband’s death we saw Edwin declare undying love to you and you dismissed him. You were very assertive and clear that you were not interested and then all of a sudden I see a SIX MONTHS LATER caption and you guys are legally married. HABA! That is QUICK!

We can tell that Edwin is a slimy gold digger as he knows exactly how much Mona received from her husband’s death insurance payout despite her not telling him. We can see that he is a nasty piece of work in his opposition to Vivian leaving the money for her son Victor. Edwin just smells of trouble but Vivian is blinded. She thinks that it is love, exclaiming, “he even washed my panties!” My dear, who wouldn’t for 125 million Naira?

Why in the phone call Vivian has with Edwin discussing James’ disappearance can we hear Edwin’s voice as CLEAR AS DAY as if he is in an adjoining room?

I wasn’t convinced about Mona Lisa playing the role of Jackie’s mother. It just wasn’t believable to me. We have to remember she did not have this child very young. She had this child after Victor’s disappearance. She must have been at least 25 after Victor disappeared and realistically more like 30. Any way you arrange it the maths just does not work out. If we put Jackie at 26 and Mona at 35 it is just arrant nonsense.

My darling Dessy baby looked like a big fat greasy gigolo. CHEI! See braids, see satin shirt with chest exposed, see bright red blazer with shoulder pads… SEE HORROR! I am not loving how fat his bum bum is becoming, but such is life, na lie?

The movie started off ok but then as it went on it just got silly and became plagued with bad acting. Ella, her friends and her brother were all a big mess. The side story involving brother Mako (or was it Mike?), coke addict uncle Hilary came from nowhere and didn’t integrate well into the existing story. The movie started getting really boring around that time.

I would not recommend this movie. The story I felt was predictable, although it didn’t end it is just inevitable that somewhere along the way brother and sister are going to get into something with each other. The movie ends with a grown up Victor, now called Colombo trying to convince Mako to quit his life of crime. It started off well then all turned into a bit of a yawn fest. I’d give it a miss!

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  1. actually, i watched this movie as 'black mirror' on youtube and it was completed there. it's true the movie became very boring. i basically continued because i like des, mona and jackie. the movie itself was a mess.

    yes, jackie and des did get involved later…jackie found out des was an assasin after des was sent to kill her/his mother but des didnt go thru wiv it because of jackie(she was in the car wiv her mum)…jackie is not really mona's biological daughter.mona couldnt give birth again so she adopted a new baby…edwin(the killer) took in a 2nd wife, didnt care about his wife or one point, he sent both of them packing because the new wife was 'beaten'she was really, she lied)…the new wife made a charm to kill jackie after 7 days but found out on the 7th day that jackie was really her long lost daughter but it couldnt be reversed so i think she chose to become mad OR because the person she wanted to kill was of her blood, she had to turn mad instead as the person would not die…mum and son reunite…des' friend was killed but a water spirit entered him and controlled his body killing the don of their assasin crew, edwin…

    ok.the movie was pointless really and the part where des' friend dies and in controlled by a spirit killing every1 was just stupid.didnt make sense-i mean, anything but a really silly mammy-water(lol).

    great reviews,nolly

  2. My dear your sypnosis is really confusing O. Idk if its Bcuz u just watched dis horror l0l.
    I thought u sed da son, Victor died or u meant James? I was also gonna ask where does the 'Colombo character fits or was he a detective? but i got my answer very late though…

    I'll watch when im having a crappy day. Hav a lovely day Nolly -_-'

    • Thank you Linda… I don't think I mde it clear enough but I have changed it now! The husband was killed then the son was kidnapped and taken to be killed… Colombo is the son Victor… he becomes a criminal and thats his new name!

  3. I watched this movie on youtube as BLACK MIRROR, can someone explain to me why they give all this movies different titles? It can really be annoying and deceptive.

  4. i wonder whu they rated this movie 46% it is suppose to be 80% i like this movie it really made so much sense.thnak you nolly wood.

  5. a very nice movie

  6. this movie was super great.this is coming from a person who watches nollywood,,hollywood,bollywood and chinawood lol (chinese and korean regular movies without martial i know what i’m talking about.the thing that gets me is how nobody is commenting on how handsome that tall actor nathaniel judgewill is, who played james in the movie. i hate he was only there for a moment.somebody needs to make lots of movies with him as the leading man. also make a nonviolent non cheating excellent movie the kids could watch and learn something positive and see black family life represented as happy and loving.of course with nathaniel doing a whole lotta leading man roles.representing the black man as a excellent husband,father and wealthy businessman.i’m tired of looking at light skin mike ezuronye he ain’t all that. but i’m glad he didn’t marry a white woman.wanna call me racist go ahead.not enough of us stand up and support our race.i taught all this in the high schools in new york and the youth them loved can’t fool the youth.well everybody one love.rastafari.respect

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