Bent Arrows

Bent Arrows

Bent Arrows Nigerian Movie Review

Year Of Release: 2012
Story – Isang Ubong-Awah, Charles Kaduru
Screenplay – Isang Ubong-Awah
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Producer – Isang Ubong-Awah

Olu Jacobs – Mr Johnson
Joke Silva – Mrs Johnson
Stella Damasus Aboderin – Ngozi
Omoni Oboli – Lola
Desmond Elliot – Udeme
Ngozi Ezeonu – Chidimma
Sylvia Oluchy – Idara
Ifeoma Ndubuisi – Eno
Nosh Joseph – Jazzy

Arranged Marriage

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 76%


Lola, played by Omoni Oboli is a free spirit who is fed up of her parents constantly comparing her to her late sister Kemi. There is great fiction in their household because of this. Ngozi, played by Stella Damasus is a student who is struggling to support her mother and younger siblings. Her friend persuades her into joining her in town doing runs. She also embarks on a mission to exert revenge on the person that plunged her previously wealthy household into poverty. A teenage girl played by Sylvia Oluchy is being sexually abused by her uncle, and we see the repercussions of this.


It has been a while since I saw Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs acting alongside each other, and it was wonderful to watch. The same goes for Stella. Stella is brilliant. I actually forgot how good she was. She was wholly believable in her role. Omoni too was great. She has come along was from movies like Behind A Smile. It is so great that she is now selective in choosing her roles. It really does make a different. Mercy Johnson take note. This is my first time seeing Sylvia Oluchy in a movie. I gotta give it to her. It was a stellar performance. I actually felt emotional myself when she discovered that she was pregnant for the second time. I Hope to see her again.

Sound & Soundtrack

The soundtrack was nice and fit into the movie well. I really liked the song Bent Arrows that I assume was written for the song. They dropped it in at just the right parts. In the copy of the movie that I had, the dialogue was out of sync. This of course was super annoying. I don’t know if every copy is like that, but perhaps if one of you watch it you could let me know so I can knock off points if it is!



The uncle was making up noise at the doctor’s office knowing full well that he has been raping her. Useless idiot! Parents listen to your children. Your child is asking about incest and is it wrong and then doesn’t want to go back to live with her uncle. Alarm bells no?

I hated the way that men kept taking advantage as Idara. Her uncle painted her as a wayward girl despite knowing that he was responsible for corrupting her and then even the doctor who was supposed to help her and knew of her situation clearly only saw a pregnant wayward girl that he could take advantage of. It made me shake my head in despair.

Sexual Abuse and Promiscuity

We see the link between the two here. As a child she wasn’t in control of the abuse but as she grows up she realises that she can take control of her sexuality and use it to her advantage and as a weapon. She sees men as all wanting one thing. She tells Dr Desmond after he has paid for her surgery!

“I already know guys like you. You just want to give me the injection you couldn’t give me at the hospital… I mean you doctors are all the same no matter what name you go by.”

Arranged Marriage

It is only when Lola cancels her wedding plans that she comes to the realisation that the whole wedding was an arrangement not based on her happiness or wants but rather to solidify a relationship between families and to help her father achieve his political dreams,

“This has never been about my happiness but to please you guys.”

Memorable Scene

Ngozi crying and begging for forgiveness at the end of the movie was extremely touching. Kudos to Stella Damasus for an amazing performance.

Nollywood forever Says What?

I thought that Lola was Idaras mentor but they are age mates Say What? Come on now! That was not realistic!


I would recommend this movie. I loved the way that all the stories in the movie tied into each other so cleverly. It was an all star cast and a performance driven movie that kept you gripped, however the way that it descended into some born again Christian propaganda video was off putting to me. Others of you may love that. Even though the ending let it down for me but still give it the thumbs up. GRAB YA COPY!

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    The movie was were so interesting

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