Best Honeymoon

Best Honeymoon

African Nigerian Movie Review
Best Honeymoon – 2010
Continuation of Wise In Laws
Story – Aniedi Awah
Screenplay – Aniedi Awah, Charles Inojie
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Victor Chigbo

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Majid Michel – Philip
Ufuoma Ejenobor – Stella
Seun Akindele – Bright
Charles Inojie – Uzo
Ngozi Ezeonu – Maria
Ejiro Okurame – Blessing
Hafiz Oyetoro – Omos
Chinyere Nwabueze – Ngozi
Kehinde Olorunyomi – Christine
Chioma Ndubueze – Rene
Bishop Duruzor – Ofili
Michael Amosu – Shalanko Rating – 60%

This is the review is part 3 and 4 of the movie. In Nigeria and the UK this movie’s part 1&2 is called Wise In Laws. In the USA this movie’s Parts 1&2 is being marketed as Best Honeymoon. I watched the VCD from Nigeria. If it is the first parts that you want to read the review for then click here: Wise In Laws review. This review is an add on to the Wise-In Laws One, and the synopsis is over there too.

The juju storyline was thrown in to account for why the bet happened in the first place. I say COP OUT. These wack juju storylines irk me no end. The bit where the police came to take Bright and the friend away came from nowhere. We don’t even see them come, who called them etc and that was the end of that story line which was just abandoned in some messy fashion and the in-law storyline carried on. That whole storyline was a big mess and completely unnecessary, lots of questions were unanswered and we never even saw Stella and Philip revisit the rapes even in their own conversation. That is very strange. Stella was held up almost raped, just found out her husband was a rapist and they don’t even discuss it? Totally unrealistic in my view.

Funniest Quotes
The continuation is as funny as I thought it would be. In terms of laughs per minute I was not disappointed.

Majids dad to Ufuomas after catching him fiddling with the water system looming over him with a mop ready to strike,

“This is an infringement on my fundamental human right”

“You dey craze? You never get animal right now na human right you wan get? You go die today”

Stella’s mother Ngozi to her children who want to leave their sister’s house and go back to their own house because they feel threatened by the bodyguard that Maria brought into the house to deal with anyone that should try anything with her,

“So because of the elephant wey Maria come na import from zoo make una dey shake and dey fear so?”

The whole garbage rape storyline was continued, which I guess was inevitable seeing as it would have been a bit strange to not revisit it. Phillip goes to meet Blessing after she requests a meeting with him so that she can confront him. He tells her,

“The only thing I need from you now and the greatest thing you could ever do now is just to forgive me”

What a bloody cheek? Can you imagine? He said it so nonchalantly as well. The greatest thing for who? The first thing he should say is sorry but instead he is asking why the others haven’t been called up to pay for their sins as well, blabbing about being a Christian and so on. Frigg that. All he cares about is his marriage working out and he expects the woman that he raped and ruined her life to care about his marriage because he is now a Christian? So what?

Nollywood Forever Say’s What?
Its so unreal to me that Blessing is so sympathetic towards Phillip. Within a minute she is all cooing over him like a big idiot. Who cares if her boyfriend set it up. He is still a rapist, just because he had encouragement means nada as far as I am concerned. That one warrants a big SAY WHAT?

Why on earth would Blessing arrange to meet Philip only to ask him to marry her? SAY WHAT? A rapist that ruined your life you now want to go and marry? That sounds like some basic stupidity.

I would recommend the movie only because of the funny scenes and the actor’s performances. It amazes me that this movie won a Zafaa Award. Funny as it may have been, it definitely is not award worthy. The storyline was too messy. They should have concentrated on one main story and subplot and fully developed those rather than dashing in random storylines. It was funny how the two families only end up uniting when they have to battle a common enemy. It was a nice ending and the movie was funny. The two thugs Ofili and Shalanko gave me too much jokes. Nice job on both of their parts.

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  1. Hi nolly,

    Haven't seen the movie but about marrying the rapist;

    In nigeria rape is still seen as a shameful thing and the women are always blamed for it. So most women in that situation would rather stick with them than be the loser. Its shocking but I personally know 2 girls that were raped, both were virgins at the time, one of them got married to her rapist cos she didn't want to lose everything and the other had a 7 year relationship with the rapist. They claimed the rapists were v sorry and apologised profusely. I never met the 1st one's husband but I knew the 2nd couple very well. After I heard the story, I never looked at hm the same and avoided hm as much as possible. Sad but true

    • I totally believe what you are saying and it is a sad state of affairs when a women feels that she has no choice but to get with a rapist. She is the victim yes the perpetrators push all their shame onto the victim. It is abominable.

      I am finding it quite disturbing that in a few movies it is almost set up as if a man going to rape a woman is the acceptable way to find a wife, and then some stupid fools always tell the woman "oh please forgive him" to forgive someone you don't need to marry they ass!

  2. da princess says:

    hahahahahaha……..d movie is really interesting especially d continuation….i laughed soo hard,i started crying…with d way d majid's parents carried themselves one would think dey had an oil company,not knowing the wife was a retired nurse nd husband a retired teacher…funny all great movie….thanx 4 d review tho..y'all need 2 watch

  3. Liked this movie especially charles inojie have been dissing his movies but now i,m a big fan.I,m now giving majid the benefit of the doubt coz i initially found him too jumpy in his roles even when he,s supposed to act calm but maybe the more movies he does the better he gets @ it.Was pissed though coz they did not put a flow into the part where the friends to majid were holding the women hostage one minute they had kidnapped the wife (ufuoma ejenebor) and the nxt minute i saw cops how did the cops get there?

    • Yes I hear ya! That part did not make sense to me at all and Ufuoma never again mentions it either. After you had been through such an ordeal isn't' it something that they would discuss afterwards. That's part of the reason I thought that whole storyline should have been cut out. It wasn't properly developed.

      I've always thought Charles Inojie was alright but it is only recently that I am discovering his comic side.

  4. Love this site and your reviews! I'm however not a fan of this movie at all. The storyline is a bit absurd and I honestly felt like I was watching two movies within the same movie (with the friends storyline and in laws storyline). It's a bit all over the place for me. Perhaps the sequel is better. It's almost as bad as the 'Who Loves Me' mess.

    • Thank You vicky!

      I understand what you are saying about two movies the storylines did not mesh well, but the cast were excellent in holing together what was essentially a messy storyline.

  5. Nope. This one did not work for me at all.

    The pidgin English was so strong that at times I struggled to understand what was being said. Granted, the warring in-laws were funny and entertaining, but not enough to keep me watching to the end.

    Disjointed and difficult to follow. I conceded defeat and gave up. What a waste of money.

    • Ahhhh it was funny, but if you thoguht about it too much, or analysed it too much then you realise hwo alot of things dont make sense. I jsut enjoyed the warring parents and the warring "bodyguards"

  6. I love this movie. I hardly laugh wen it cmz to naija comedy cz itz always diz made me laugh my heart awt.i wish I can download it in my phone, does sumbdy knw hw I can do dat?

  7. i luv the movies esp de two parents, but d movies is not properly arrang

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