Best Interest

Best Interest

African Nigerian Movie Review
Best Interest – 2010
Story / Screenplay, Director – Afam Okereke
Producers – Alex Okeke, Ugo Emmanuel

Olu Jacobs – Chief Dom
Jim Iyke – Tony
Van Vicker – Maxwell
Queen Nwokoye – Judith
Joy Kalu – Madam Kate
Eve Esin – Gina
Ella Daniels – Mercy
Esther Audu – Jenifer
Tessy Oragwa – Abigail

Friendship Rating – 58%

Tony played by Jim Iyke is due to wed Judith played by Queen Nwokoye and his mother is overjoyed. She cannot wait to welcome her daughter in law into the family, however the wedding plans look to be in jeopardy as Tony cannot seem to put a curb to his cheating womanising ways. Max, played by Van Vicker is Tony’s best friend. He moves out of his family home and goes to live with Tony, all the while searching for work. While living with Tony Max comes to find out that his friend is a serious womaniser. Things come to a peak one day when Tony is busted by his fiancée with another woman, and a shock is in store for Max when he meets Tony’s fiancée. She is a blast from the past that he never expected to see again.

Judith says to Tony after walking into their bedroom to lie down and seeing panties on the floor and a naked girl in the bed,

“Tony I don’t have a problem with that girl. You are my problem and you must tell me today what that girl was doing on your bed. Naked!”

Bravo! Never have I seen a movie where the woman that has been cheated on doesn’t blame the woman. This is progress because she doesn’t even attack the girl or put any blame on her at all. And so she shouldn’t because it is clear that the naked girl had no idea that he was not a single man. The responsibility lies solely with Tony and Juliet realises that.

The Twist
I loved the part where Judith and Max come face to face with each other. In this scene there was a great build up of suspense and tension and brilliantly acted by all three. Juliet’s rage at Max was so real and we see that as she flees from the house. I loved the way she almost clawed his face as she went to try and shut the car door and he tried to stop her. Quality drama

The Cast’s Performances
I really like Queen Nwokoye now. She did a really good job in this movie. She is really quite versatile. I can’t believe that this is the same chick that I used to not like. Van was good in this movie and I don’t know what it was but he was looking extra sexy too. Jim played what he does best. The bad boy role, snarling and surly with his usual Americanisms and America drawl.

My Favourite Quote
Tony to Max about his prospects in Enugu,

“This is the U S of E united states of Enugu where anything can happen”

Nollywood Forever Says What?
*** Is it just me or did Juliet all of a sudden turn into Judith? SAY WHAT? One minute I was hearing Juliet and the next it was Judith. Maybe it’s just my hearing.

*** What man do you know that lectures his friend about cheating on his girlfriend when said friend is the same one feeding and housing him? SAY WHAT? If you know what is good for you then you keep your mouth shut.

*** How did a man who was hanging outside Judith’s workplace just give her number to a random guy asking for it? SAY WHAT? He deserved a slap and how come this random guy even saw Judith from where he was when she didn’t get out of the car? And to top it off the guy even knew her number off by heart!

*** Why was Judith’s domestic male staff member there watering flowers behind her while she is getting slapped up by Tony? SAY WHAT? Useless man!

*** Max you idiot how on earth did you think Tony was going to give you Juliet’s number just like that? SAY WHAT? Really though? Even after he knows that you were together and saw her reaction upon seeing you? Ah hell naw!

I would recommend the movie. It was a nice easy watch, nothing original but well acted and the cast did a good job in interpreting their roles.

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  1. Brandy Amy says:

    Just keep loving Queen Nwokoye everyday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s agud movie

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