Blackberry Babes Season 2

blackberry Babes Season 2

BlackBerry Babes Season 2 African Movie Review
Sequel – The Return of Blackberry Babes Season 2

Year of Release: 2012
Story – Sylvester Obadigie
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Ubong Bassey Nya
Producer – Sylvester Obadigie

Tonto Dikeh – Cyrene
John Paul Nwadike – Leo
Ruth Kadiri – Eudora
Yul Edochie – Jude
Chigozie Atuanya – Emeka Delala
Eniola badmus – Apolonia
Onyinye Alex – Bibiena
Collette Nkem Orji – Suzy
Karen Igho – Anwuli
Khing Bassey – Elvis/ Boss –
Moyo Lawal – Tabitha
Lydia M Yakubu – Eloho
Mary Lazarus – Franca
Sam Sunny – Sam
Lillian Okolie – Ella
Zina Bright – Lewis Wife


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 45%

Movie Story:

A man called Dennis is chatting to a girl on Facebook that he believes is in Jamaica, only for his friend to visit him with his girlfriend and for him to see that it is the same girl on Facebook. It turns out that her picture was stolen by an ex-boyfriend who has been using it to defraud innocent lonely men on Facebook. The conman ex-boyfriend is part of a fraud and elite gigolo ring called The Knights. Leo, played by John Paul Nwadike, who is a member of The Knights is at danger of being thrown out as his indiscrete ways bring the group to the attention of the law. Cyrene played by Tonto Dikeh has been selling her body in an organised prostitute ring called The Wet Angels Elite Club, to her brother in law. She feels guilty about cheating with her sister’s husband and wants to break free from sleeping with him but he resorts to blackmail to keep her where he wants her, and with her boss’ consent. Jude, played by Yul Edochie who is Lord of the Knights wants to save enough money to settle down with Cyrene but when a fellow Knight steals his money, he is broke and decides to start pimping women. It is not long before everybody’s sordid secrets are dramatically spilled in a huge confrontation.

Can be watched on iROKOtv+: Blackberry Babes Season 2


The Guys
Emeka Delalala the busniessman is back! Yaaaay! I was so happy to see Chigozie Atuanya back with the same strong Igbotic accent. He was the stand out performance for me. He brought laughs thick and fast in his scenes and did well just expanding on his role from the first Blackberry Babes. The yellow boy from White hunters (His name is Khing with an H Bassey) was passable but not that convincing. Scratch that he was not convincing at all! As a don or anything else. He seemed to be thinking too hard a lot of the time, like he was remembering his lines, or perhaps he just talks like that? Yul Edochie was good. John Paul Nwadike played his usual jobless street rat role to perfection, as he normally does.

The Gals
Tonto was over acting and chewing her words like it was juicy fruit chewing gum. Eniola was the best of the bunch and brought the comedy in every scene she was in. Ruth Kadiri was also good but it needs to be said that that wig gelled to her forehead looked ridiculous! I dont know who on earth would thought that would be a great idea! Her parting was by her ear!!! Hot asssssmessss! Onyinye Alex mostly looked good but didn’t impress with her performance and the other hookers were forgettable. There was a character called Lily (could they have called her real name?), who in one scene came bursting in the room with a gun. This whole scene was an epic fail. It was extremely horrible acting. There was no passion, or adrenalin pumping as you would expect from someone who has intently come to kill another. She strolled in like she was buying goods in a supermarket queue. Moyo Lawal was shouting all the time as though everyone around her was deaf. Karen Igho in her small role was impressive despite the horrible script. All I knew was that she was from Big Brother Africa. Never seen her in anything in my life, but I have to hail her for this one. I can see her getting bigger and better roles and excelling.

Funny Scene

Emeka de Lalala and Eniola Badmus fighting over a cab. This is the one scene that you will want to rewind and rewatch

Funny Quote:

Karen Igho referring to Eniola and Tonto’s characters,

“Eeehhh I tok am… I tok am! So this fatty bom bom and this yellow paw pawn, na eeem make you forget about me in Warri?”

How Does This Compare to The First BBB?

First point. It does NOT. This movie comes nowhere near the original. The storyline is even more vague and the blackberry connection is non-existent except where they threw it in at the beginning, and here and there they would mention the Blackberry randomly. At least in the first movie was centred around Blackberry. What kind of false stupid lying advertising is this? We see more of Facebook than Blackberry in this movie. The title appears to just play off banking on the success of the original movie, which wouldn’t be too bad in itself if the movie was great, which may I add, it is not.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Didnt believe the “Arab” boss in a wheelchair for a second. Say What? It was over fake to the extent of cringeworthyness.

Imagine this fool Emeka de la la la had his two girlfriends sleeping in the same room! Say What?


I would NOT recommend this movie. I was thoroughly underwhelmed and disappointed by this movie, even moreso than Miss Fashion (YES THAT OTHER TRASHY MOVIE.) I didn’t expect some deep thinking masterpiece; I just expected something on par with the first Blackberry Babes. As stupid as the first movie was I ENJOYED IT! YESSSS! I SAID IT. I found the mishmashed storyline here hard to follow and it was a chore to make it through until the end. *pattingmyselfontheback* Some of the acting was decent but most was pretty useless. I thought the acting in the first edition was waaay better. I have officially given up on Tonto getting back to the former glory we saw in Tea or Coffee and Millenium Lady. It just is what it is. I see no point in unnecessarily padding out this review. It had some comic moments and I chuckled here and there but on the whole, let me just tell it straight. *throwing rocks at my head for a wasted 2+ hours* Thumbs down! Genre: Comedy 

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  2. Anonymous says:

    @badoskyyy Eniola badmus I swear I owe u 1 u were just to badt I feel u all d tym

  3. For the title i already knew it was going to be foolish. Reading the summary, i just gave up, it was just turning my head. People already complained about the first BBB now they wan do season 2? What nonsense!
    I didn’t watch the first BBB but maybe one day if i have absolutely nothing to do and is tied to a chair with my eyes taped open, i will watch it.
    Loved your review!

  4. Ha! If I made it this far through BBBSeason2 then…. .I should be able to make it through Miss Fashion? Great! Let me go and start trying now

  5. Ikenna Ekwuibe says:

    I believe lessons have been learnt. Keep up the good work, Nolly more grease to ur dvd machine and pen. lolz

  6. nollywood fan says:

    Bad movie, waste of time, we should be thinking of oscars of something not making drab movies… Tonto dike shud be naija’s worst actress

  7. I thought the first Blackberry Babes was better too. The storyline for the second one was poor. There were a few scenes here and there that was good – Mekus delalala was hilarious, and so was Eniola Badmus. Tonto, I’ve seen her in better scenes. Onyinye Alex, pretty girl, but needs acting lessons. Who was the gun totting woman that killed “Leo” (John Paul Nwadike)? She played her role well, very sexy too!!

    In all, I agree with Nolly. It feels like the movie was a rushed job.

  8. Just have dis to say… Producers, actors and all involved in making a movie and putting it in air should first watch the movie at least five times. Secondly this is for those who over act especially in some crazy sex scenes. Please be careful. U call it movie? Its really not pretty descent.

  9. Walahi Talahi the main reason why I watched Blackberry Babes was because of Eniola Badmus and Chigozie Atuanya.

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