Blackberry Babes


Blackberry Babes Nigerian Movie Review

Date Of Release: 2011
Story – Sylvester Obadigie
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Sylvester Obadigie
Producer – Ubong Bassey Nya

Oge Okoye – Damasa
Tonto Dikeh – Vivian
Muna Obiekwe – Duke
Mary Remmy – Kaisha
Annie Macaulay – Kimberly
Ejiro Okurame – Natalie
Jibola Dabo – Manuel
Chigozie Atuanya – Emeka
Eniola Badmus – Apolonia
Sugar Asoegwu – Nicole
David McKenzie – Otunba
Stanley Ebuka – Daniel
Oliver Peters – Dr Mukoro
Emma Odele – Alhaji Muktar
Ubong Bassey Nya – Chief Nelson
Eucharia Remmy – Agnes
Rachel Okonkwo – Emily
Vincent Opurum – Dennis
Richard Amechi – Tunji
Joy Ndak – Franca

Social Networking

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 65%

Blackberry Babes


Blackberry Babes is a Nollywood comedy about a group of girls played by Oge Okoye, Tonto Dikeh, Annie Macaulay that live and die for smartphone technology by way of their Blackberry smart phones and will only date guys that they think can buy them one. These girls are obsessed with their Blackberry phones to the extent that some of them own more than one model and are desperate for a new one as soon as another model is released. Even while they are in university lectures they BBM each other. Going on a shopping date involves taking pictures on the phone of items to buy and Blackberry Messaging the pictures to the other girls for approval. Keisha played by Mary Remmy and Apolonia played bny Eniola Badmus are trying to get into the popular crowd of Blackberry owning girls but exist solely on the margins because they don’t own one. To what extent will they go to get a Blackberry smart phone and will they ever be accepted?

The first thing that I would like to say is that PEOPLE THIS IS A COMEDY. If it made you laugh then the job was done. No it wasn’t the cleverest comedy in the world and yes it had the stupidest title but point blank it was funny. Not as funny as I thought that it would be after watching the clips but funny enough that I would recommend watching it. A lot of people seem to be up in arms about this movie. Greed and materialism has been a central theme in many many Nollywood movies for a while now, so why the surprise that the filmmakers would take this angle when Blackberry phones are a craze in Nigeria right now? To me the movie highlights the absurdity in those that engage in this sort of materialistic, greedy and snobbish behaviour. Think about it. These girls look down on anyone that doesn’t have a blackberry yet they didn’t work for the money that got them their own so who are they to judge anyone?


Social Networking

Social Networking is truly alive in Nollywood. In one scene Damisa threatens to post a video of her lecturer in a compromising position with 3 half naked girls onto Facebook, Twitter and Nairaland. We are truly in a technological age. Damisa says to the lecturer ordering him to remove his boxer shorts,

“On the count of two you will remove all those things or we will send all the videos to Facebook”

I saw on another site someone commented that they thought that perhaps the movie had been sponsored by Nairaland since the website was mentioned so many times. I thought about that too. Things that make you say hmmmmm.


Before Keisha gets her Blackberry phone one of the girls tells her,

“Keisha honestly this is very embarrassing. A big girl like you can’t even boast of a Blackberry phone”

It was funny to me that once Keisha has unlocked her stolen phone she turns into a snobbish tormenter looking down on girls that don’t have Blackberries. She torments others the way in which she was once tormented by the popular Blackberry owning girls. In one scene she purposely leaves her stolen phone in an empty classroom knowing that whoever sees it will try and claim it as their own. She walks into the classroom as two girls are fighting over it and both are claiming ownership.

Kimberly tells her afterwards,

“Girl that was a very classic way of announcing your Blackberry status”

To which she replies,

“Let me now see that person on his campus that will come up to me and talk to me anyhow”

Blackberry ownership is seen as a symbol of higher social status and a means of gaining respect from her peers.

Materialism and Greed

Keisha dumps her boyfriend Daniel by telling him,

“Why can’t you understand that without you buying me a blackberry phone there is no basis for this relationship? Why must I be embarrassed in front of my friends?”

Not only are girlfriends dumping boyfriends but wives are leaving husbands all in the name of Blackberry. We see Franca packing out of her husbands house telling him as she is about to leave,

“I am leaving your house. You don’t want to buy me the Blackberry phone abi? No problem. I won’t let your stinginess force me out of fashion.”

Everyone in the movie wants to be afforded with respect and they see material items as a ways of garnering that respect. Even
Apolonia goes to the extent of procuring a Blackberry phone for 5000 naira that is a non working display model. It is as if they will not be treated as human should they not have these material things even though the methods in which the items are gained is dubious. Is that a problem in Nigerian culture whereby people are afforded respect based on the material things that they have and not on their achievements or strength of character?

Chigozie Atuanya

A major thumbs up to Chigozie Atuanya playing Emeka the international business man. It was a character that I’ve never seen him play before and he did a brilliant job. The Igbotics were too too much.

Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus rocked as Apolonia. Everytime I heard her scream “Geissssssha!” I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope to see more of her.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

At the beginning of the movie there is a scene Oge says to man that comes into a shop to buy goods with credit card, “use my phone,” as the machine in the shop was not working. It was not a big shop and it didn’t even look like it would take credit card let alone have an online store. The man didn’t even look at his card to take down the number. The goods weren’t even logged by the cashier and how does that work that he would have registered to the site, browsed the items and managed to pay in 3 seconds flat. It would have taken that time just for the site to load talk less of actually logging items and entering card, name and address detsails. SAY WHAT? Not well thought out scene at all.


I would recommend this movie. If you laughed at White Hunters then you will laugh and this. If you want to laugh then watch it. You may even recognise some of the characters in the movie, albeit a less exaggerated version from real life. It looks like there will be a part 3 and 4, so I’ll be looking out for it.

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  1. I really enjoyed it since i was laughing so hard. Apollonia made me laugh the most…

    oh, and you forgot to talk about Emeka, he's accent and english made the movie.

    The girls did fine but Tonto needs to work on her english. she didn't pronounce some words correctly, i think she has a problem with delivering her lines and those damn things in her head. i lover her and her movies but damn!

    I can't wait for part 3 and 4. heheheheheee

    • Yes ooo I did mention Emeka who was played by Chogozie Atuanya! I know what you mean about Tonto tripping over words I have been noticing it lately too.

  2. BEYONCEH says:

    I repeated this movie as many times as my laptop could allow me to,,,lol….. but its really a good movie,,,,my fav players were Keisha/Kaysha and Apollo,,damn,,, Keisha really made this move , she is a "no- nonsense lady,,,,, duh

  3. Nkem Zik says:

    very funny movie…Emeka and Appolonia did a good job, i kinda dislike Tonto's acting wit those tin she had on her hair….not sexy!

    • That was part of her character though, forever vain always materialistic…

    • Jerome Hines says:

      I agree with what you said. Tonto Dikeh behaves strangely in that movie. She and Damisa (Oge Okoye) stole people's profiles using their Blackberry phones. Nicole (Sugar Asoegwu), on the other hand, went too far by telling lies on her friend Kimberly to Alhaji ,stating that she had AIDS, just to get Alhaji. Nicole deserved the 'box' she got from Tonto; she should have gotten some more, and Damisa should have gotten the beating of her life for exposing the lecturer and stealing other people's profiles. However, I enjoy watching the movie very much!

  4. The moviee was quitee funny

    butt damn, it was overexaggerated

    "BB1, BB2, BB3" Blah Blah

    it's like blackberry is a blackberry

    and then their voices

    it's like woaaaah it's a nigerian movie why you forging accent

    they were soooo fakee it's unreal

    the onlyy persson i LOVED with apolinaa

    burberry 😛

    • they had to overexaggerate it for it to be funny and for us to see the ridiculousness in the extent that people will go to for a mere phone.

      Ahhhh so you didn't love Emeka International business man?

      • Emeka was the bomb mehn. No letreat no sullender. You are lunning lunning. I sullender I sullender. No ploblem lol

        • BEYONCEH says:

          Double Lol to this,,,and I quote " be in flont, when u were choping my money u were in flont"…dammmmmmmmmm this Emeka…And I can't 4get when Appolo came to Keisha and the 2 gals at the gate and said "Whats baby whats up nooooooow",,,,oh & the way she answered her"toy" fone,,,it was so funny,, apparently "I go boose u leta",,,Apollo ooo

  5. i really enjoyed myself,espcially that part the two girls fought in a classroom over a bb.the girl on black and red gown with a gold hair.i like everything about her.who is she.

  6. I cant see the comment i posted no more..where is it LOL???

  7. this movie is one of my best movie this year.starting from the wears,the quality production,oge tried alot.Apollo,wow.she is good.the fighting scene made me laugh althrough.the girl on gold hair.whats her name please.she made my day.she is really beautiful.i must confess.would like to ve her contacts.

  8. please who is the girl with the golden hair the girl that fought in the classroom?guess she is a new actress

    can i ve her contacts.she is good.i love her swagger.want to feature in my new movie.

  9. opeyemi says:

    So funny i can't wait for the continuity

  10. Appollonia wizard dabomb

  11. all of them are good,apolonia was perfect.thumbs up

  12. Watch all four part. It was entertaining and very funny.

  13. Sunshine says:

    I thought this movie was rubbish except for Appolonia, who was hilarious. I usually watch on here to see which movie I should watch but I completely disagree. I would say watch if bored.

  14. Jerome Hines says:

    I really don't like how Nicole dressed; false eyelashes (which make girls look awful, meaning they do not look good),eyeshadow (she looks like a WITCH in that). Some of her clothes are not acceptable at all; she dressed sometimes in order to seduce men to sleep with her. I don't blame Emeka for resisting her the first time she tried to seduce him, but he at last slept with her and worst of all, left without giving her any money. He did a lot of things for her and her friends; what more does she want from him? Goodness knows she even slept with her friend Tonto's uncle. THIS IS AN ABOMINATION! How can you sleep with your friend's uncle? This means you have no shame at all. She should have been arrested and charged by the police for it; she is very out of order. If she does this in Jamaica, she would have been hospitalised.

  15. I saw this movie as a metaphor for the Nigerian society of today. As a metaphor, this movie is good. I like it. It shows contemporary Naija life. An I loved the acting. The fairness of it all is, guess what, contemporary Naija life.

  16. I loved Vivian and Aloponia!! Tonto Dikeh remains as my favorite actress<33

  17. l ike to read your post thanks you so very much


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