African Ghanaian Movie Review
Blackmail – 2010
Story – Ibrahim Seidu
Screenplay- Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Phil Efe Bernard
Producer – Who is the producer?

John Dumelo – Harry
Biola Ige – Lavida
Kofi Adjorlolo – James Boateng
Jackie Appiah – Nicky
Kalsum Sinare – Nicky’s Mama
Dan Tei Mensah
Emelia Brobbey

Blackmail Rating – 52%

Vanessa Boateng is James second wife. She is cheating on him. Not only is she cheating but she is using his funds to financially support her lover. She is found out when James hires a PI to investigate her moves. He is appalled at her behaviour and dumps her immediately. We find out that she is not the first to be divorced and very soon James has a new wife Lavida whom he makes Managing Director of his group of companies. It would appear that James has a thing for “bad” women. His next wife is Lavida and trouble brews with her when she takes a liking to Henry.

Harry comes into contact with Nicky when he knocks her over with his car in the road. He takes her to the hospital and then leaves her to be treated while he attends a business meeting. He is surprised to see Nicky working at the law firm where he is to have the meeting, as she was apparently being treated for a pelvic fracture. She insists that she is fine and the pair part ways on good terms her grateful that he even dropped her at the hospital. Harry is not content to leave the matter as it is and shows up to her home later that day with a bag full of gifts as a “peace offering” and an invitation to dinner. Fast-forward to a year later and they are married with a child on the way and Lavida is determined to come between them by any means necessary.


The style in the movie is the same as The Game with characters being introduced as a gun aimfinder targets them with their vital statistics. I guess this is going to become the stamp of Ghanaian movies.

Biola Ige
I didn’t want to go there but I just have to. Biola Ige’s pronounciation is awful. Her speech is so stilted. You are just there waiting for her to spit out whatever it is that she is trying to say. Its way too annoying for me. Her forced sexiness is so comical and unsexy. What are these people thinking of who are casting her? I don’t even know what to say. Actress ke? WE DONT BELIEVE YOU. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE

It is scary what lengths women will go to to get hold of a man that has no interest. Is Lavida mentally ill? She is talking like she knew him in the past but he does not acknowledge this. What is her purpose for so aggresively pursuing Henry considering that she is married to the chairman a very wealthy man? Ok so then we find out that they used to date and he even proposed to her so how comes this is never raised in court. How comes it never even comes up again after that? I thought that was a bit strange.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
*** If Mr Boateng really believed that Henry attempted to rape Lavida why wouldn’t he just sack him and report him to the police as opposed to have him resign?

*** How the hell are you gonna be on court and making sexy eyes at the one you claimed tried to rape you? Lawdhammercy.

*** Henry declares love to Nicky on the first date. This love at first sight thing is becoming boring and not believable at all. I thought that it was a bit sudden and over the top.

I would recommend this movie for when you have nothing else doing.
It was aigght but not great. I watched Part 1 and 2 and it still hadn’t finished and I wouldn’t be interested enough to hunt down the rest of the movie. I read online someone said that the movie was a rip off of Obsessed with Beyonce and Idris Elba. It may have been a little similar but I didn’t at all think it was a straight rip of. The acting apart from the obvious was decent. The sound and picture quality were excellent although I thought that certain parts of the story were a little messy and some things didn’t make sense. I felt that to get to a level above mediocrity this movie would have had to delve deeper into the story. As it stood only the surface was touched.

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  1. Now Nolly, you'll think Harry (John Dumelo) will tell his lawyer that he and Lavida used to date. I mean why won't he tell his lawyer the truth? It's his job to protect and defend him.

    Biola Ige……….I do not know what to say about this lady but just…chewwwwwwww….lol. One word ATROCIOUS!!

    It's my first time watching a Ghanaian movie while a man is sueing a woman for sexual harrasment so I'm waiting for the part 3&4 for the conclusion on how it ends and I will post my comments.

    Thanks Nolly…………..

    • As in… you know! LOL

      It seemed wird to not mention it at all to anyone. Why have it as part of the story. If these people want us to watch parts 3 and 4 then they have to impress us with the first parts. This is not good enough.


      • Biola Ige. Everybody has said it but these casting directors seem to like her. Luckily I haven't seen her in a minute and you better believe I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

  2. this movie is a rip off of disclosure with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore.

    • I have not seen that movie so I cannot make comment with regards to that. What I will say is that practically all movies will have another that they are similar to, so unless we can see complete scenes and dialogue lifted than we cannot scream plagiarism.

  3. OMG! afta seeing dis movie I was wondering "what rubbish"

    Biola Ige! Biola Ige!! Biola Ige!!!….I don't know what else to say…she just has to tell us what she does in that industry that gives her roles….I think a role where she would act dumb would be perfect for her….

    All in all good sound, nice picture quality…bad story/bad cast. Btw I loved Nicky's(Jackie) sister.

  4. Just watched this Movie over the weekend and liked it, although I wish that someone close to Biola would urge her to take some speech classes…… John Dumelo is a hottie in my book so I will watch most movies that he is in (lol).

  5. There's one word for this movie and its #RUBBISH, it just seemed choppy to me and didn't make sense all over the damn place.. .and don't let me even start on #Biola this chic is straight garbage and if I see one more popping

    of the neck or bulging of the eyes imma choke her. Is it that her English is bad or she just can't pronounce words properly,and her voice wow is she tryna be sexy with the low raspy voice cause its coming over to me very annoying lol, she can't act her way out a damn closet.. . Its a 4 tops on my list and I'm just being nice.. .nonsense lol.. .

    • Yeah it didn't seem too well planned out, like they would forget what happened earlier in the script, like the case with Henry knowing Lavida to the point that they were almost married. How did that fit in, why include that if it has no purpose?

      True talk about Biola.

  6. i agree about most of the review, cannot complain about the casting, great actors like john, jackie, kofi and kalsum. would have given a higher rating if it wasn't for this movie spoiler girl Biola Ige, honestly whatever she is doing to get roles must STOP…

  7. Blackbeauty says:

    Actually the movie is actually a rip of from a hindi movie called Aitraaz. The story line about the industry is different in the hindi movie it was a phone company but in this it is a oil company. Also in the hindi movie he never slept with her but in this one he does. He will eventually tell his wife about them and levita dating in the past but not his lawyer. I have seen disclosure as well but i believe that the Ghana movie best resembles the hindi movie

  8. Watch the 3 and 4 i watched it yesterday and it is really good!

  9. Lollisko says:

    This is a nice film, but what is the title of the sequel?

  10. Biola has in no doubt played her part that most of us posting critiques here could not have done it.
    So I think we should start appreciating the hard work given than playing hate games. She worked her way to the industry, How!!! Is not really our business and our words cannot stop her.
    Big-ups Girl. #SA-fan

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