Blue Blood

Blue Blood

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Blue Blood ~ 2010
(Continuation: NEVER TO RETURN)

Story – Okey Zubela Okoh
Screenplay – Okey Zubela Okoh, Onyinye Ukora
Director – Okey Zubela Okoh
Producer – Uche Nancy, Hyacinth Onwuka

Ini Edo – Princess Oluchi
Tonto Dikeh – Nkem
Collette Nkem Orji –
Yemi Blaq – Onyema
Eve Esiri – Jessy
Mary Uranta – Peace
Nse Ikpi Etim – Chimamanda
Jibola Dabo – Chied Iekmefuna
Andy Ike – Ndidi Amaka
Chigozie Okoli – Guard 1
Okoye Emeka – Guard 2
Uchester Eluaka – Lecturer
Uju Aroh – Mama Onye
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Bayo
Escort Kamar – Joseph
Uche Ebere – Mama Chimamanda
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Chief Daniel
Zainab Egwuonwu – Andy
Ed Nnasor – Elder
Micheal Godson – John

Themes Explored:
Tradition Vs Assimilation

My Rating – 40%

Ini Edo plays Princess Oluchi. She is thought of as a snob on campus because of her attitude, her royal attire and the guards that accompany her everywhere she goes. It is not until she makes friends with Nkem and realises that she too is a princess but stays understated that she starts thinking that it is not a necessity to flaunt her status at every given opportunity.

At one stage she is so full of herself that when she finds a student sitting in “her seat” in the library she slaps him after he refuses to move. This action haunts her terribly and she ends up apologising publicly. After this she becomes very close to him. This student is called Onye, played by Yemi Blaq.

Onye has a history. He was left to bring up his young son after his ex wife Chimamanda, played by Nse Ikpi-Etim  left him after an abusive relationship to begin a new life at university. Their paths soon cross when he ends up studying at the same university as her. She supposedly hates him but at the same time does not want to see him with the Princess either.



Both Ini and Tonto were rocking lakefronts and they both looked atrocious.

Nse and Yemi look too old to be students. Even if they are both 20 years old they most certainly do not look it so for me it defied realism. They both look at LEAST 30 yeas old Nse kept on putting on a baby voice that was rather strange and annoying.

For supposed royal chicks the accommodation we see Nkem and Princess Oluchi lodging in looks less that royal. It looks like any accommodation that a regular student would lodge in.

Why did the teacher approach Collette and the two guys to make the Princess apologise to Onye? What is his business? Why would he care to intervene?

For me the royal story line was a bust and I didn’t get why Tonto and Ini had to be made royal. Why not just make them from really rich or influential families? The whole concept of royalty as it was presented in the movie seemed somewhat dated in modern times. We see students laughing at Princess Oluchi as she walks through campus in her royal garb. There was no respect for her status but this avenue was not explored.

Chief wants Chimamanda to marry and bear a son for him as his wife has had 4 daughters and his wife cannot have any more children. He is searching for an heir. In Nollywood I wonder why the women who receive proposals like this don’t ever wonder what will happen to them if they bear a daughter instead of a son. Why don’t they ever think that they will get discarded just like the wife was? There also needs to be a point when a woman who is blamed for producing a girl turns to the man and tells him, OI! I only produce X Chromosomes and you produce X and Y, therefore it is YOU that is to blame.”

One ridiculous scene was when Princess Oluchi invites Nkem to a party. She pleads with her to go, her reason being that she does not want to go alone. We then find out that Onye has been invited too and then we see all three of them sitting at the party together and most of the time they are off together, leaving Nkem to sit alone. What a cheek! At the party we see waaaaaaay too much dancing where nothing at all is happening. Good editing is vital to keep the viewers attention and having ten minutes of dancing with no dialogue and NOTHING happening is not a good move.

Sound is a bit up and down I noticed that the sound was particularly low in the scenes featuring Chimamanda and Chief.

It wasn’t brilliant but I would recommend watching the movie when you are bored as it was somewhat entertaining. We learn something about Tradition vs Assmilation, forgiveness and giving second chances. Onye may have been a monster in his past but we can see in his behaviour how he has drastically changed and would deserved to be forgiven for his past actions. I felt that there wasn’t clear focus in the movie, it seemed a bit haphazard in the way that it was put together. Great cast but I feel they were a little wasted. The story and characters needed to be developed a bit more as it felt one dimensional.

22/02/10 UPDATE: After watching the continuation I had to lower the rating from 50% to 40%. How stupid can a movier get? The continuation focuses on Amanda marrying chief and their relationship. It is just boring and a waste of time. The basic premise is that what goes around comes around. Amanda realises the errors of her ways and vows to get her son back but then we see Onye reading Amanda’s letter where she says that she is going to disappear forever. WHAT? Contradiction.

At the end we see Yami during the credits talking about how he was honoured to take part in such a wonderful film? WHAT? Did he not read the stupid ass script? Why even disgrace yourself talking nonsense about a piece of trash movie? Nollywood Movie Nigerian Film African Film Movie Review

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  1. NF: I strongly agree with you on Yemi Blaq and Nse acting as students. What I didn't understand is why must Ini Edo (princess Oluchi) dress in a royal custome and have bodyguards where ever she goes? Where in Africa or Nigeria is that culture portray?(that was nonsense)lol.
    I laughed my head off at the party scene….you are right….toooo much dancing…I mean shouldn't the BIRTHDAY girl have dance with someone special? Everyone at the party looked out of place and it took them too long to start dancing. I just don't want to see Yemi and Nse playing student roles again!


    • Adwoa I get the title because blue blood refers to royalty, so that is where they were going with the title, but the whole royalty thing wasn't explored in much depth. It was a mishmash of storylines, none of which really were pulled off particularly well.

      Even if noone at the party danced or everybody dance. We only need a quick glimpse to get a gist of how the party is going. We don't want to watch never ending party scenes with no dialogue. If we want to listen to music we have music players. We don't watch a movie for that.

  2. I Also Agree With The Idea Of Letting Yemi and Nse Act As Students They Look Older.
    I Also Agree With U On The Fact that the Party Scene Was DRAAGGEEED Ouut Why Do they Always Do This.!

  3. I just watched this movie and it was "Astrocious!" I tell ya, I got my own spoilers too on this one. The storyline was somewhat ok. I was rolling my eyes and yelled REALLY? (with a question mark) through the entire movie, my lil sis thought I had lost it.

    @ Lacefronts: u know wat Nolly, im a natural hair kind of girl, but lacefronts is appropriate 4 dem this time (well, unless done by a good hairstylist) L0l. I remember back in d days when I would C these actresses change wigs of every color in every scene. It was just plane ridiculous, so Why not lacefronts? it fits their pretty faces, n spare time of changing everytime.

    @ Gowns: Totally unecessary walking in skool in these royal attires. I mean I laughed too, poor girl.

    @ Nse – Yemi on the age issue: very True, to me dey could've wrote their characters outside campus. There was really no point of being students.

    And WTF was the teacher's business in the students lives telling dos 3 idiots to take care of this issue or they wont get into his class. Who does that? L0l. There was a scene of almost 0f 15mn or more, cant remember cuz I fast forwarded the dumb thing. It was da scene where the teacher and d 3 idiots were talking over nothing with no dialogue, no sounds WTH. these producers seriously fell asleep on this movie.

    "I only produce X Chromosomes and you produce X and Y, therefore it is YOU that is to blame.” Lol I agree… Not only that but if da husband is planning to leave da first wife what makes you think that he wnt do the dame with you? and second I understand the guy is rich but why women is always willing to be one's second-best for that matter?

    1-Why Blue Blood?? blood is red 4 one, and I dont really click this title with this mediocre story. 2- tell dese producers dat I already know how to shake my tatas, no need for more instructors dancing der asses off in a stupid scene longer than I could remember. 3- sounds was BAD/OFF/ not in one scene but in the entire movie, my volume was way up and I still couldnt hear that well.

    This movie was just plain RIDICULOUS Nolly. come on, I've seen better

    • LMAOOO Linda… I am glad you came through… I was beginning to think that I was being a bit harsh because I am finding it hard to find anything good to say about alot of these movies I have been watching these days.

      LACEFRONTS- HOW can you say it was appropriate? They are meant to be royal chicks… money is nothing. Why couldn't they get Beyonce or Tyra lacefronts instead of these £15 jobs you find in peckham market? They looked really awful and I think the non lace front wigs that Tonto was rocking before looked a million times better than those nests! LOOK VERY WELL at the lack of graduation in the hairline and the wispy bits and the front and tell me that again!!!

      I didn't get that teacher getting involved with the issue of Onye getting slapped. IT would have made sense if he was a cultist and Onye was a cultist and he wanted justice for his group… or something… There was no reason hinted at or given as to what the teacher's business was… WEIRD!

      Why are women so quick to become Chief's mistress to give him a son. Its getting kind of tired and predictable now. The woman has a girl and is kicked to the curb. If we know that why don't they?

      • I know they need to read the harsh comment so they can improve nd get more viewers or supporters. I am not an English major but as a viewer I can tell a bad script when I see or read one, it was bad => so next time both writers n screenplay can edit properly, it may not of course b to perfection but at least dell get a B or A- from its critics.

        Lacefronts: lmao! You're probably right… but I dnt wanna go back n forth on this issue cause im no expert. I can only tell they are not authentic hair.

  4. Hey guys long time………
    Tell me guys is "bursting out" out yet?

  5. Also IJE and "the game"

  6. Collette says:

    hello Nollywood

    I read that script Blue Blood and i knew the writer had a message.

    the first and foremost story was even superb than the aftermath since scenes were removed as well as inserted..i wont say much about it.

    But if you all listened to the LINES between when the lecturer asked me Collette{NKECHI} to get Ini to apologised,,you will noticed,he said

    we are acrry over students in his class,and if we are interested to pass that course and move ahead,we,ll have to carry out that assignment since we were all present in the library the day this happened{ there were some beefs and biased nature in one or two of these scenes that ended up not giving it its dued credit }

    for example,viewers could not understand that we were in that library on the set day,

    well,efforts to discuss this on that said time didn't prove succesful

    above all,i think you can watch blue blood and just keep watching,lots of stuffs there were great,

    my opinions anyway

  7. I really loved this movie, even though it was kinda stupid I just love Nse and Yemi no matter what! Muuuuuah!

  8. Collette says:

    thanks Tina,

    good to hear than anyways

    how do u do?

  9. Collette says:

    wow Nollywood,

    im so glad you helped me ahead of time to let our dear friends know that

    BLUE BLOOD Actually depicts ROYALTY.


    keep up the work as you wait up for one of mine again with only God know their tittles these days


  10. lol Collette at Princess Rihanna… Na wa for real!!!

    I'm watching one with u in it now… another Nse and Yemi pairing called 24th July… Its not bad at all… so far! You've just come in the movie…

  11. Hi Nolly forever,

    have you reviewed 24th July yet? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on it

  12. I have not seen this movie but is not Nse too young to play Yemi's mom per the preview,i cannot wait to watch this one

  13. so whats up with the audio?

  14. Yemi Blaq says:

    Its reaaaaaly hard to understand the workings until you have been involved.Team work is no mean feat.

    • I guess it is hard! I understand you have to support your team but you should only speak up on something if you truly believe it, not for the sake of it. Obviously it could be the case that at the time you believed the movie was a masterpiece and it just didn't turn out that way…

  15. the movie does not make sense

  16. da princess says:

    wen i watched dis movie i was sooo angry…it was just a waste of tym…..i expected nse 2 act better films not dis….even if ur bored sef….abeg itz gonna b better 4 u 2 sleep…..nolly,d rating u gave is even too much, 25% will do…loolz…although i still loved nse's acting…..really great actors in dis movie buh bad storyline

  17. why isnt anybdy sayn anything abt d apology scene in the library? WHY?

  18. Angelique says:

    What is the name of the song played at the party?? Who is it by I personally love it

  19. I believe its time, Nollywood producers stop doing stories on royalty becos they always get everything wrong! They simply don't do any research-everything from the costumes, the language, mannerisms, traditions and customs and other aspects associated with traditional institutions simply suck. We see 'kings' and 'queens' dressed in cheap-looking and tacky costumes with fake-looking beads and crowns-they look awful.

    People talk, touch and even shout at traditional rulers in the movies-something that can't happen in real life. An example is the reverred Oba of Benin. In reality, nobody can go near the Oba (apart from his sword-carrying bodyguards) much less touch him in public-its forbidden. Even his wives can't do that.

    But in Nollywood anything goes. There was one movie I watched, cant remember the title but it had Ini Edo and Yul Edochie in it. Ini bust in on a meeting of the chiefs of the kingdom, mostly elders and she was shouting and was generally rude to them. It was painful to watch and I had to stop the film. Even if they weren't chiefs, young people don't usually shout at and abuse elders in Africa. It's part of our tradition but u don't see these in the films.

    These movies on royalty degrade the royal institution in the country and it should stop. It's one of the few things we can still hold on to as genuinely African and which we should be proud of. Even the whites respect our royal institutions and we should try to preserve them not thrash them in silly films.

    As for a princess attending classes in royal regalia and attended by maids, that is pure bullshit! I had a classmate at school from a royal family and she was always dressed like the average student-usually in jeans, T-shirts and tops. This is the 21st century not 1800. Producers do yor research properly before churning out more of these 'royal films' that add little value to these important institutions and instead cheapen them. No British producer will do a movie that will make the British monarchy look tacky and cheap. We are tired of these junk films, abeg.

  20. Tanx, Nolly. And I must say u are doing a great job spending your time and hard earned cash buying and reviewing these movies. Your reviews guide people on what to watch and movies to run a mile away from.

    Hope the producers, directors, actors and other stakeholders in the industry are taking note of some of your views and those of the posters here. Much as some will deny it, the movie industry today is in a deep, fat mess and something drastic needs to be done to revive it. This is my candid opinion, others may disagree so no sweat.

    Anyway, keep up the good work girl and keep the reviews coming!

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