Brazilian Deals

Brazilian Deals

Nigerian Movie Review
Brazilian Deals ~ 2010
(Continuation to A Black Night in South America)
Story/Screenplay & Director – Abel Success Ebere
Producer – Abel Success Ebere

Desmond Elliot – Paul Nigerian Actor
Eucharia Anunobi – Suzzy Nigerian Actress
Toyin Alawusa- Debby Nigerian Actress
Godfrey Achinefu – Mickey Nigerian Actor
Simon Peak Ozabor – Sambat Nigerian Actor
Barry Molokwu – Efosa
Ziba Ozor – Brenda
Deborah Frederick – Aunty Ronke

Drug Trafficking in Africa
Immigration in Nigeria
Crime in Nigeria
Drug Abuse in Nigeria

My Rating – 25%

So a good 2 years after Black Night in South America and here it is Brazilian Deals. This is the continuation to a Black Night in South America. At this point Paul who went to go and find his brother in Brazil ends up in prison. His family have no idea where he is and his family are in dire straights struggling to even put his younger sister through school. Suzzy is still in Brazil too but ready to leave and relocate back to Nigeria with her big bellied man who sleeps with anything that moves. What future lies ahead? Nigeria


This is akin to Emem Isong bringing out Behind Closed Doors 3, albeit on a much smaller scale. I didn’t know there was going to be a continuation to this movie as I thought it ended well as it was neverthless after spotting it I purchased it and was excited about watching it. Booooooooooooy was I disappointed! Even when watching this movie they showed the trailer for Black Night and I was surprised because it looked rather shoddy and I was questioning whether the trailer was just bad or if I used to be more easily pleased. Nigeria

The movie starts and I am completely lost. Bear in mind it is two years since I watched the first part, so my memory is kinda shaky but I don’t watch to rewatch Black Night so I just try and figure it out myself. First thing I notice is that apart from Eucharia Anunobi the acting is pretty dreadful. The music too is bad. The music doesn’t match in any scene and the picture has a very amateurish feel to it moreso than I remember Black Night having. Lawdhammercy I don’t know if I am going to make it through this whole movie. The editing was terrible. Watch it and you will know what I mean.

33 minutes into the movie and there is a random long ass club scene. It was too too random and didn’t seem to serve any purpose at all. There is no lead up to the scene and no focus on any particular person in the scene just white girls dancing and close up shots of gyrating and ass shaking. Maybe it was to show, “hey we are really in Brazil!” I don’t know what the point was but it was torturous. When you see that Part 1 is only 40 minutes you can see that they struggled to pad out the movie hence the pointless scenes.

The saving grace in this movie for me was Eucharia. Just when I would be ready to switch off the movie there would be a scene where her gangsterisms and one liners would have me cracking up. In one scene she tells her guy, “I’m gonna blow ya fat ass up.” In another she is badgering him to lose weight because she doesn’t find him sexy anymore. That was funny to me because she is bigger than he is.

One thing I didn’t get was if the girl who was going to kill Sambat claims to be in love with him why was she willing to kill him? Wouldn’t she have engineered something to try and ensure his safety, or they work out a plan together?

Desmond Elliot doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the movie. That was kinda disappointing since he was a main character in Black Night I expected him to feature more. The movie ends badly in a ridiculous over the top badly acted shooting scene. It was as if Abel Success Ebere didn’t even know where to go with it and just told the characters to just do what they wanted.

I would not recommend the movie. The story was not well put together. The acting was mostly atrocious and all this movie appeared to be was an attempt to make a quick buck and ride on the back of A Black Night in South America which was a film that made sense to me and had a message about the ills of drug trafficking and living life in a foreign country. This right here was just a mess.

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  1. LMAO @ im gonna shoot your fat ass!…would'nt be watching out for this movie…i've never liked naija movies acted in foreign countries nyways…soo..yeah..see ya…not HAPPENING!!


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