Breath Of Love

Breath Of Love

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review

Breath Of Love ~ 2010 (Continuation Series Of Love)
Story – Stanley Ebonine
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Nonso Emekaekwe
Producer – Uchenna Ivo
Pressing Forward Productions

Ramsey Noah – Ahmed
Chika Ike – Gracie
Halima Abubakar – Mona
Chigozie Atuanya- Bright
Vincent Opurum – Idris
Ruth Kadiri – Ella
David McKenze – Alhaji Bello
Joshua Johnson – Rev Emma
Patience Oseni – Ahjiyah
Sophia Muhammed – Zainab
Richard Amechi – Judge


My Rating – 55%

Ahmed, played by Ramsey Noah meets Gracie, played by Chika Ike one night when she is out drunk on the street after spending the night out by herself at a bar. He comes to her rescue by putting her in his car and taking her home. Their paths happen to collide again, this time at a fast food joint. Ahmed is too scared to approach Gracie as he believes that Bright, played by Chigozie Atuanya is her boyfriend. Once Ahmed does his research and finds out that Bright is in fact just a friend he begins to pursue Gracie relentlessly, however there is a problem he is Muslim and she is Christian.


Religion was the main theme in the movie. Ahmed is Muslim and Gracie is Christian. Everybody is supportive of the relationship until it becomes serious to the point where they are talking about marriage. At this stage both family and friends are against the union. If someone of another religion is good enough to be friends with then why not marriage? The movie highlights the obstacles that the couple must undergo as participants in an interfaith relationship.

“How come you have never asked me on a date? Am I not pretty enough?”
Gracie says to Bright one day when they are out on their lunch break from work. Gracie is the one that hooked Ella up with Bright and she is now going ballistic after only the date. Does she fancy him? Because one man is not attracted to you does that make you unattractive? She has never wanted to date him herself so does that make him unattractive? Perhaps she feels like she is losing two friends in one go as they prefer to spend time with each other particularly as they have just started getting to know each other

Nollywood Forever Says WHAT?
Gracie claimed that she did not want Ahmed in her house the night that he drops by unexpectedly, so why then would she leave him in her house like that? There was no differentiation between the scene when she goes out and that of when she returns. If she really didn’t want the guy in her house she would have demanded that he leave. She then makes a cup of coffee in the morning. How are you hospitable to someone that you have ordered out of your house?

Is Gracie supposed to be a lesbian or what? At the beginning of the movie we see a woman in her office approach her and seemingly come onto her. We also see her friends call her a lesbian in jest. At first I thought that she was lusting after Ells because she kept shooting her looks in a funny way when she was parading the her outfit on her first date with Chigozie. Perhaps there was a lesbian storyline that was abandoned? If there wasn’t then why include all those things if that is not what you are hinting towards?

Stupid Dialogue
Gracie is telling Mona about her first kiss with Ahmed. The whole conversation just sounded rather juvenile and unrealistic to me:

“Talking of the Muslim guy, he kissed me last night.”
“How did it taste?”
“Like strawberries and Irish Cream.”

Some of the scenes are way too long and unnecessary. There is a scene were we see Gracie working from home on her laptop. We watch her typing away and they we watch her fall asleep on the laptop. We DO NOT need to see alla that to get the message. THE GIRL IS A WORKAHOLIC!!! We get it, please don’t insult us with these long drawn out scenes.


I would recommend the movie should you have nothing better doing. It was watchable and the cast did a good job with what they were working with. Chika Ike and Ramsey Noah both performed adequately separately but put together the chemistry was just not there. I haven’t seen Chika Ike have chemistry with anyone though. She is chemistry-less. Ruth Kadiri was excellent as usual, but wasted in this movie. Chigozie Atuanya too should save his energies for something more worthwhile. Halima brought the comic element as she does, The film went on forever but then still did not end. After these 2 parts is the continuation; SERIES OF LOVE. You will probably want to watch it to find out what happens in the end, but I don’t know if it is really worth watching as it is soooo drawn out with an unsatisfying ending.

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  1. Thanks for posting NF….but it seems like you didn't finish watching the rest of the movie. The continuation to this movie is Series of love and the story goes on and on.

    I only watch this movie because I saw Ramsey's face on the cover. There was a lot of unecessary scenes but I was able to sit through to find out how it will end. Gracie run out at the wedding ceremony and never returned to Ahmed. It turns out the end that she was narrating the whole story to her daughter she had with Ahmed. Ahmed had know knowledge of Gracie's pregnancy and I guess he will never know about his daughter.

    • Hi Adwoa!

      Yes I have seen the Series Of Love… Thats why I mentioned the unsatisfactory ending. After all that palava they don't even end up together… It felt like I sat through all those hours for nothing. I persevered becaus eI did what to know what happened in the end but then when I found out… It was a huge anticlimax.

  2. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Boooooooooooooooooooooring. That is all I can say about this movie. It was as slow as molasses. It took them forever to get to the point. You should not watch this movie if bored because you will go into a coma. Then when you see the annoying ending your frustration will send you into the afterlife

  3. Nolly………..have you seen The Game and Summary? Please go ahead and get them especially The Game. It's very interesting and by far Frank Arase Rajah's best yet.

  4. Nolly, Nolly,

    Dear I am addicted to your website- Check it at least 3 times a day. Don't be so gone for too long next time. I am going to make sure and avoid this movie if I come across it next time.


    • My dear the hiatus has not been intentional, but this year has been a vey bad one for Nollywood so far… I have struggled to post reviews due to lack of motivation… Mostly what I have been watching is trash.

  5. hahahah oh Nollywood4ever dis review got me laughing, d dialogue bit about d kiss (it sounds really stupid tho) and den d end where u said dt Chika Ike is chemistry- less lmao, vry funny… but honestly speaking, i like her and all, shes pretty n i have nuthin against her, but der is just sumthin vry WRONG wiv her acting… Just bcus of her, i hv refused 2 watch dis movie cuz she alwys comes out as vryy borringgggg ah! I dnt noe wat d problem is but she needs a coach asap!

  6. I almost bought it because of RN. Thank God I didn't.

  7. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi Nolly,I couldn't watch dis since it was too long 4 my liking.Pls take it easy on Chika but I think she has a very good chemistry with Van, Jim and Mike.

  8. i cant stand that girl she just pisses me off bt i just watched it cuz of ramsey. itt was okay would hav been betta without her and to the chuckleey no she does not absolutley no one

  9. loool @ chika ike being "chemistryless!.

    i totally agree, she just is boring and bland, maybe she should work behind the scened. dont think she has that "va-va-voom that stars have!

    i will give the movie a miss, this whole muslim/christian thing is so 2004.

    • The whole Christian vs Muslim thing is a very real issue and people can relate and get a good message from it provided it is well handled.

  10. You know i was going to go in again on this poor girl Chika but i guess i had said enough on my blog, so am just going to leave her alone for now.

    I just WISH she will stay off our screens, I am so tired of her, like seriously.

    She should sit and ask herself "IS THERE ANY MEMORABLE MOVIE I HAVE DONE THAT STICKS OUT IN ANYONES MIND TO BE MY BEST PERFORMANCE"? Like it was for Ini in World Apart or it was for Mercy Johnson with The Maid or Genny for Sharon Stone.

    If you have been in the industry for gajillion years as you have and still havent had a break through performance (DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ONE IF YOU PLEASE REMIND ME) but your one way facial expression in every scene i suggest you concentrate on your RESTAURANT business and leave this movie thing alone – make room for others with real TALENT/

    Chika, Van, Paul Attah, Anita Joseph, Juliet Ibrahim, Biola Ige (need I go on ) need to form their own movie industry called the TALENTLESSWOOD

    • Leave it to you, Miss Tilli to shoot straight. Van was the reason I started watching African movies. But that is before I started paying attention to his acting. My God, how is it possible for someone to be that beautiful and at the same time to be without any talent what so ever. Vanito, if you read this message, do yourself a favor and enroll in a drama class.

      • He already enrolled some time ago at the New York Film Academy… I can't tell the difference myself.
        SNAP! Van got me into the movies too ever since I saw him on the cover of Mummy's Daughter.

    • Let the church saaaaaaaaang AMEN!!!
      Hmm compared to that useless lot Van isn't bad… or is it his looks that is fooling me LOL

    • i definitely agree with u about Chika Ike, she is pretty yes but acting just makes her look stupid. The movie was just meaningless because most of the story was confusing. i didn't like the movie. i just think they should prob start auditioning to avoid the like of chika ike, nadia buari (fake accent madam), biola ige (f***ing hate this girl…soo annoying), tonto dikeh (i don't like her at all….but she has improved a little…she also doesn't have any movie of importance), the Don of all VAN VICKER, and a lot of other ppl.

      • You know the trailer actually made it look much better than it was. Hmm Chika Chika… Let me say no more.

        Oooo I like your blog BTW

  11. Nolly……………I think Van Vicker's looks is fooling you because even after his acting class in New York Film Academy, he's still one of the worst actors out there.

    I don't think Van Vicker will ever get our point because he's still bringing the same old facial expressions, and poor acting.

    • Here is what I expect when I see Van in a movie. A lot of toplessness, a lot of crying and frowning for no reason. The man is good looking that no one can deny but acting he can't even fool a gathering of 2 year olds with his acting.

    • Hmm I agree that the acting lessons didn't change anything but he definitely is not the worst… Gawd the horrors I've seen!

    • Van Vicker is very handsome and he act very niiiice. So don’t dare insult him again.

  12. I dint watch this movie but watched the continuaton (Series of love), it was good and i liked it not enjoyed but. Chika Ike i like her acting she is nt that bad to me.

  13. After 4 years I had to find this CV and understand why my life was like that stories are real

  14. My life

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