Broken Soul

Broken Soul

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Broken Soul

Director – Evans Orji

Queen Nwokoye – Julia
Patience Ozokwor – Susan
Van Vicker – Chima
Chidimma Aneke – Mary
Chidiebere Aneke – Martha
Favour Aneke Ani – Angela
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Joshua
Abraham Madubuko – Nduka
Micheal Godson – Mike
Ruby Orjiakor – Oge
Chidikobi Micheal – Udoka
Pat Ede – Ify
Favour Eze – Angel
Tonia Obieze – Timi
Chukwudi Asogwa – Junior

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 57%

Mary and Martha are twin sisters that are so close that they vow to marry brothers to preserve this closeness. They end up marrying two brothers. Mary has a daughter with her husband and the other is not as fortunate having recently experienced two miscarriages. Mike’s untimely death becomes the root of problems between the sisters. With his brother dead and only bearing a female child and his wife seemingly unable to give him a child the main thing on his mind is continuing his family name and bearing a male son by any means necessary. He begins an affair with Mary. In a side story we see Julia’s issues with her husband and his family. The two stories interweave through a chance meeting between Julia and Martha in a hair salon.


The story with Martha and Mary and the brothers that they married is more or less nonsensical. If Chima was in love with Mary the whole time and not his wife Martha then why didn’t he just get with her in the first place. This was not explained or looked at all. At first it is made out that Chima only wants to get with his brother’s wife so that he can have a child and then later the intent changes. The affair with Mary seems to come from nowhere. The way in which the twins fell out did not seem realistic. The escalation to one twin attempting to kill the other and the running away was too quick. It was as if that whole story line was improvised. Even the synopsis on the back did not correlate with the movie watched, so maybe it was being made up as filming went on.

Julia and her husband have a tempestuous relationship with his family up in arms about the fact that he is taking care of “another man’s child.” The storyline with Julia, her husband and his family was the one that made the whole film worth watching. These were the funniest and most memorable scenes. At one point Julia and her husband’s sister (who is on the larger side) have and argument, Julia tells her,

“What is your problem you hippopotamus? Why can’t you stay in your house and stop disturbing me.”

The in law replies,

“You mosquito – you dare to come and rub shoulders with me in my own brother’s house?”

Another hilarious scene is where Julia and her husband are fighting and she calls him a “woman” with regards to his inability to produce children. It is the first time I have heard and infertile man referred to as a “woman” as opposed to women who are childless always being referred to as “men.”

In another scene we see Julia beat her husband for sex until he runs out of the room. She then tells us that she didn’t really want to sleep with his but just wanted the bed to herself and knew that by harassing him for sex he would run away!

I would recommend this movie if only for the storyline involving Queen Nwokoye and Pat Ede. The film would have done well just cutting out the main storyline altogether and developing the side story. It would have made one helluva comedy. It was strange that the two stories were put together because they were not connected apart from Julia and Mary meeting in the hair salon. Queen and Pat were excellent as the bickering married couple. Chidimma and Chidibere too did a good job with the abysmal story they were working with. In one scene in particular Chidimma killed it! This was where Chima tells her character that her husband has died. Her expression of emotion is so real, convincing and powerfully moving. I am so glad they got Van Vicker and yellow brother. This is sooo much more realistic than putting him alongside Jim Iyke, This new guy is hot too. Both he and Van did ok nothing to rave about but nothing to complain about either.

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  1. I saw part one of the film and didn't go for the second. It didn't make sense to me as well. The twins are not the best actresses and seemed typecast. Like lets think a story for twins and go along after all people want to see identical twins. I also didn't like the bickering couple, it seemed so off the main story. Nice review BTW, the score fits.

  2. I liked the side story the most. The story involving the twins was just confusing and nonsensical. You should have gave it a chance I did find the side story scenes hilarious.

  3. Grace Udoh says:

    u are very correct.Icouldnt stop laughing.I never imagined this side of Queen Nwokoye before and she nailed it 4 me.I really like her after watching her in Speak the word and heart of a slave.

  4. I suggest one watch Consequental Risk before watching the sequel which is Broken Soul.

  5. yea Nolly. what kind of distributors or whatever they want to call themselves releases the end of a movie before the first part? i was confused at first and then finally figured it out. stupid! stupid!

  6. lol, queen wokoye and her husband were the stars of this movie; van and his twins- i still dont get their storyline at all.queen was brilliant.

    i find the man that played queen's husband wierd, but i liked him in this movie

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