Burning Tears

Burning Tears

African – Nigerian Movie Review

Burning Tears ~ 2010
Story – Nwawulu Arthur
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Nwawulu Arthur
An Avionic Production


Actors and Actresses starring:
Tonto Dikeh – Amara Nigerian Actress
Mike Ezuruonye – Dr Kester/ Kelvin Nigerian Actor
Kalsum Sinare – Chinwe
Kelvin Uvo – Odiegwu Nigerian Actor
Eve Esin – Nurse Chi Chi Nigerian Actress
Amanda Ebeye – Nkiru
Ani Anatosero – Joy Nigerian Actress
Ruby Orjiakor – Sandra Nigerian Actress
Chigozie Okolie – Dr Eric Nigerian Actor

Nollywood Themes:
Village Life in Nollywood
Prostitution/ Runs in Africa
Mistaken Identity in Africa

My Rating – 70%

Amara played by Tonto Dikeh is her mother’s main worry. She is jobless, disrespectful and will not listen to reason. Her sister ChiChi played by Eve Esin on the other hand is the exact opposite. Not only does she work long hours as a nurse but then she comes home to do the cooking and other household chores. The concern for Amara increases when she decides to go and live with her friend Nkiru in the city. They are dead set against it but cannot do anything to stop the stubborn and strong willed Amara. She ends up in the city but life brings her than she bargained for.


Peer Pressure in Nollywood
Amara goes to stay with Nkiru in the city and quickly learns that Nkiru is a prostitute or as she prefers to call it, “into runs.” If she hadn’t been so hard headed and listened to family’s advice about Nkiru she would have figured that out before leaving her home. Amara is in Nkiru’s house in the city jobless and borrowing money. From gently trying to persuade Amara to take part in runs Nkiru starts straight trying to force Amara into selling her body. Eventually she tells her in no uncertain terms: BE A HO OR GO!

It is important that even when you have someone you call your friend that you go into all situation with eyes wide open especially if you are going to be reliant on someone as Amara was on Nkiru. Amara now finds herself where she has no choice but to sell her body if she does not want to go back to the village. She doesn’t want her mum and sister to be able to say, “I told you so.”

Pretty Woman of Nollywood
Amara ends up going to an “arranged party” with Nkiru and it is here that she meets Kelvin. At this point in the story I thought that Dr Kester’s name had been messed up, as he was now being called Kelvin. I was confused for a minute, but it soon becomes apparent that Dr Kester and Kelvin are two different people. Amara is bought by Kelvin and spends the night with him where afterwards he realises that she is a virgin and vows to take care of her. Mike as Kelvin came through like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman coming to save the pretty young thang from a life of whoredom.

Materialism in Nollywood
Amara feels dreadful about what she has done and Nlkiru is not sympathetic. After seeing the 300 thousand Naira she earned for the night she tells her, “If you carry this money to your parents, won’t they be proud of you?” she has a point. Too often in Nollywood movies we see a parent proud of their child because of the material things that they can provide. Too often parents don’t think about how the money came about and whether or not it is through legitimate means.This gives children a false sense of what is right and wrong.

Favourite Scenes in a Nollywood Movie
I loved the scene where Amara brings Kelvin home and they mistake him for Doctor Kester. It was brilliantly acted by Mike Ezuruonye and the bewilderment on his face is priceless. Everybody in that scene did a great job, and I was on the sofa’s edge as they got out of the car,  just waiting for the fall out to happen and I was not diasappointed.

Back from the city and no longer timid we see Amara cuss out an elder who is insisting that Kelvin is hiding his true identity. She screams at him, “fufu mouth! See your nose, id-i-ot!” The original Amara we first saw in the village is back and it sho is hilarious.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
Why did Kevin not question ChiChi’s sanity or express more anger/emotion after she kept on insisting that he was a person called Kester? At this point he did not even register that he must be a twin so I would have expected more emotion, perhaps anger from him in terms of the way that the family were treating him. He was way too understanding and patient than I felt was real. On Chi Chi’s part after speaking to Kelvin at length should have realised that Kelvin was not her man.

There is a point where Kelvin gave Amara a blank cheque and she never used it but then we didn’t see her give it backl. I was wondering, when Kelvin had the accident why did she not use the blank cheque to pay his hospital bills instead of begging Nkiru? After all he must be loaded to be handing out blank cheques like that.

Tonto Dikeh
I love Tonto Dikeh in this movie she nails the village girl character and stays in character. We see that although Amara is a tough girl in the village terrorising her family and friends in the city she is out of her depth and we see a softer vulnerable side to her character.

Tonto Dikeh’s face looks burnt and bruised. I luh ya girl but people look at this face and know that bleaching is not the way forward. Her complexion was fine just the way it was I don’t know what possessed her, as she is beautiful as was her complexion. Another thing that I notice was what looked like deep bruising on her neck where her start tattoos were? I didn’t see Kelvin beat her up so I didn’t think it was part of the story. I assume that either they were trying to cover it up; as they didn’t want a village girl tatted up, and did an absolutely horrible botch job or Tonto is undergoing laser surgery.

I liked the ending they wrapped it up well. It was happy and emotional, but I don’t know why noone was upset that Amara killed her mother. Chichi is saying, “oh no it was an accident.” The girl took a stick and wacked her mother with it. Which kinda accident be that? If my sister almost killed me and actually did kill my mother I would be more than PISSED. Granted forgiveness may come but not as such quick speed. ChiChi was not even pissed off for one day! How can that be normal?

I would recommend this movie. Thumbs up to Ruth Kadiri and Ifeanyi Ogbonna… They came through again. Tonto played the hell out of the role. Eve Esin was good. Kalsum Sinare was good. Mike Ezuruonye pulled off both the Dr Kester and Kelvin roles superbly. I had a whole gamut of emotions while watching this film. I laughed, I was sad, I was at the edge of my seat tense. It was a simple but well executed movie and overall I enjoyed it.

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  1. I love this movie! Tonto was hilarious and everyone played their character really well.

    **when Chichi asked Kelvin, "mayble you had an accident and lost your memory" I asked myself what is she talking about? how can he loss his memory and get found your sister and impregnated her within that period, it's not like Kelvin was gone for close to a year.

    **Chichi loved this man so much and jet could not even feel his touch and body scent to know he wasn't her man.

    **How can Chichi not notice that Dr. Kester drinks and eats with the right hand but Kelvin did the opposite? These are the little things you take notice in your man/lover. How can Odiegu noticed all these things and his fiance could not even notice????????

    I agree with you NF: if your sister try killing and ends up killing your mother, you wouldn't be that calm about it.

    Overall I really enjoyed and thank you for reviewing.

    PS: have you see The Maidens…starring Rita Dominic, Jogn Dumelo, Mercy Johnson and many more….pls review,hanks.

    • lmao@ ChiChi… That girl was not sure of herself… The sister's belly is ready to explode and he remembers impregnating her so what memory could he have lost? Kester had only been gone a few weeks at that time. I understand that ChiChi might have been fooling herself at first but pretty quickly she should have sensed something. That was funny when he went to eat the meat and she tried to snatch the plate telling him that he didnt need to eat it to fool her.

      If Amara had been an exemplary child thus far then such quick forgiveness might have made more sense but the way that it was noooo way!

      I haven't seen The Maidens… When I do I'll post it!

  2. LinddaN. says:

    LOL!! glad you posted this review after I've watched it. Id give it an additional 4%, then again thats me 🙂

    I loved Tonto in this character, everyone played their character well well O.

    The elder scene was Hilarious! I was watching her walked back and forth as the elders were talking and Im thinking this girl gonna throw cold water or something on these people, LOL…

    NF: Situations like this has to be carefully monitored especially when you're being mistaken for somebody else you dnt even know exist that is identical with you. Im assuming Kelvin was not angry because everyone is saying that he is someone He know he's not. In what manner can he explain something also new to him to everyone. His mood was perfect which is Confused…

    to Adwoa: knowing that your man was involved in an accident, you didnt know about it of course you will think just maybe that this identical image in front of you could be him of course. It is call being in denial. She played the hopeful victim very well. How can she not when they are identical. It does makes sense in the film, and besides the scene was taken before they gave her the news that her real man did in fact died.

    I understand Chichi guys, I mean she felt guilty at the same time. She has to forgive her because she was the only one that knew her man very well, and could have at least sense the difference and prevent this whole incident. But being in denial did not allow her to see that.

    That movie was funny!

    • Ha she did even better than throw water! They dropped a little too easily for me though… would have liked to see more of a fight ensue.

      Think about it… Put yourself in Kevin's position. Ok so at first it might even be vaguely amusing but then people are physically trying to attack you and screaming in your face that you are a liar. At some point your patience would wear thin. You might even suspect that her family are crazy or trying to set you up.

      Ok ChiChi was confused but she should have figured out before she knew that he was a twin that something funny was up. Maybe ChiChi has to forgive Amara but not so quickly. The girl was buckwild before… now she has escalated her violence to turn murderer. they should have been angry initially at least.

  3. Well said LinddaN! Overall I loved this movie!!

  4. LadyTee says:

    LOL. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one scratching my head wondering why Amara was begging Nkiru for money when Kelvin had given her a blank check! Um, hellloooooo- use it naw.

    Overall, a good movie!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was refreshing from all the wacko movies we are currently seeing in Nollywood. Tonto diefinirely nailed it! She even scared me- with her tom boyish behavior.

    I asked the same question you did Nolly. Why when she killed her mother she was not even arrested?

    Why did they not show the transition of two different places like Port Harcourt and Lagos? I had a hard time initially locating where they were or who was who.

    Last, you had to go and bring up Tonto's bleaching…..

    We have discussed this so many times.

    • You need to see Ini doing tomboy then u will jump out of your chair LMAO

      Even if Chichi was so quick to forgive, what about the rest of the family members, wouldn't they seek some type of justice?

      I agree in the beginng it took me so long to realise that Kevin and Kester were different people because there was no sort of transitioning. I was thinking the makers had messed up the story and names. It was so bizarre.

      As for Tonto's bleaching. I have mentioned it once and now it is getting even more ridiculous I must mention it again.

      • LindaN. says:

        Hey NF: "you need to see Ini doing tomboy…"

        Which of the best movie is at the top of head would you recommend of Ini's act so I can go watch it right now Nolly? lol

        Guys: I think we should just picture that the elder's dealt with Amara's punishment in our mind thats it. The writer was maybe in a hurry and probably he/she did not elongate the story to another chase-girl-out-of-the-village type of scene or had an accident and in-hospital-dying type of scene. come on people try and work with them, shorter version better satisfaction and it may not be to the fullest. God is the only judge.

  6. OMG! I love this movie! Definitely entertaining. Tonto liked it in this rolw. She was raw and there wasn't any gra gra phonetics to distract from her acting. CDFU @ prositute shoes in front of her customer. Roaring Mike was great also and it was uber refreshing to watch him not yelling or screaming!

  7. Love Love Loved this movie. Tonto Dike is most definately versatile. She was fabulous in this movie i liked the fact that her accent did not change for a second. Awesome acting on her part. Mike was great as well. I had a problem with the way her tattoos were covered, the make artist needs training it really could have been done wayyyyyy better. The way Kalsum was killed didn't sit well with me. It made the movie unrealistic in real life. Tonto's character would have been charged with Manslaughter with intention to cause Grevious Bodily Harm. There's no way in our society that she would have gotten a way with it. The fact that Tonto's character didn't use the blank cheque when mike's character was ill makes me wonder. Did I miss something? Because I swear I don't remember her cashing it in before then or it being mentioned after that. Besides that loved it, loved it, loved it.

    • I agree on you assessment of Tonto. Not to say she hasn't had her moments but most times if you see her in a movie u know that you will at least enjoy her perfromance if nothing else. Take for instance the abysmal shame that was the movie THE SHEPHERD. Totally crappy but she OWNED it.

      • I agree with you. She played the role of the downtrodden beaten wife to the letter. She killed it (In a very good win an award kind of way. She even out shined Majid in that movie (Which I think is really hard)

        • The Shepherd was the first movie that I first really noticed Majid because despite the whole awfulness of the movie he was able to really bring the small character he had to life and make me feel him.

  8. kevin uvo says:

    i am not happy wt the fact that my character[odiegwu] in this movie and other movies i featured that u have reviewed were not anaylised.

    • LinddaN. says:

      No worry Kevin, if its really U. U actually did great, your character got me rolling on the floor laughing. Especially the scene where u wanted the food and the Dr was not hungry. LOL

    • Hi Kevin… well I guess I am not going to explain it all here as we have already talked about it, but just know you did a good job 🙂

  9. I will certainly keep an eye out for this one.

  10. Ralphina says:

    I really enjoyed watching this movie. I give a big clap to Tonto, because here performance was AWESOME! I've wrongly underestimated her acting skills. She's grown as an actress and I'm really proud of her for that. I hope she continues to take roles like this, that show the depth of her skills. It allows us to see her "acting range" and that's a good thing.

    The whole twin story was interesting, but not immediately clear. To me, Mike didn't really convey differences in the personalities of roles of Kester and Kelvin. I know the man (I forget his name), who is Kester's house help, said that Kester is calm and Kelvin is not. But I didn't see that difference between the two characters. Kelvin behaved calmly many times. I didn't start paying attention to the right hand/left hand detail until after he made that observation. I know it's a small detail, but Kelvin didn't use one hand consistently in the movie after that comment. Overall, I think Mike did a good job. I don't think this was his best performance; but still it's a good one.

    I have to say the guy who acted as the house help was really good. Sometimes he was funny (at the hospital) and sometimes he was serious (at Kester's house).

    Nolly, your rating is on point!

    • I see where your coming from. the lack of differentiation between Kelvin and Kester probably added to the confusion for sure.

  11. Just saw this movie. Luv it. Tonto played her part well well. Simple well-executed movie.

  12. Great movie, Mike as usual in his stallion performance in every role he plays, he killed it once again. big ups to Mike.

  13. Sorry i forgot Tonto, she was awesome too like Mike, raw and undiluted nija pidgin, give it to Tonto and Mike. Great chemistry and great acting from the both of them.

  14. sandra okoli says:

    I think the movie was a very good one, all the characters did well. Tonto and mike were at their best but another person that struck me was the girl that played the prostitute.

    • The girl that played the prostitute is amanda Ebeye… I don't see her much in movies but she always has the ability to make me laugh.

  15. sandra okoli says:

    i think it was a great movie. Tonto and mike did a good job but another person that struck me was the girl that played the prostitute

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