Bursting Out

Bursting Out

Bursting Out – 2010
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Bola Aduwo, Uduak Isong Oguamanam
Director – Desmond Elliot, Daniel Ademinokan
Producer – Emem Isong

Genevieve Nnaji – Zara Williams
Majid Michel – Tyrone
Desmond Elliot
Susan Peters – Ibiere
Omoni Oboli – Ini
Nse Ikpi Etim – Tina
Ime Bishop Imoh – Daniel

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 76%

Genevieve Nnaji plays Zara Williams a hard nosed workaholic who is always single because she is too busy for love. Her friends are determined to find her a man and set her up with a guy played by Desmond Elliot, a self centred arrogant bore who they deceive her into having dinner with. After this failed attempted she swears herself off dating men her friends set her up with however ends up turning to them in desperation after needed a date for a work Valentines Ball. She goes to the ball with Tony, played by Majid Michel but everything is not what it appears to be.

I love love loooooove Majid and Genny together. They have amazing chemistry and make a wholly believable couple. Susan Peters is so underrated. I love watching her, especially in comic roles like this one. I heard her once referred to as a Nigerian Paris Hilton *wink wink Jinx* but I must say she holds more value for me than a Paris Hilton. Bishop Imoh was great, he always brings the comedy. Omoni and Nse were great as the meddling girlfriends. The movie was well casted.

It was funny how Zara’s friends Ini and Tina are piling on so much pressure for her to find a man when Ini barely even see her husbandSeeing her husband does not bother her because her primary concern is simply being married because of society’s dictates. The emphasis is very much on the fact that in Africa a woman of a certain age must be married. When Zara points out to her the fact that she never sees this husband she retorts,

“Talk to the bling cos the ears don’t hear you right now.”

She also emphasises the fact the a husbands wealth is of the utmost importance, telling Zara,

“Look at my husband I barely see him but who cares? As long as I see his cash. I have his name I’m happy, society is happy.”

What does marriage really mean in African society? And are women getting married because they have met someone that they want to build a life with or they marrying anyone that looks good on paper simply to be called a mrs regardless of the consequences.

My Favourite Scene
Majids Psycho ex girlfriend played by Susan Peter turns on him and lets him have it. I even had to rewind it that’s how good Susan Peters was with her razzness,

“Is it because I have been playing with you, is it because I have been doing Ajebutter for you? You’re not even happy that a girl like me; sexy girl like this (does the obligatory turn around) following this pau-per (of course she points up and down at him in disgust) like you. You want to follow rich girl abi?”

Nollywood Forever Says What?
Why do not even Zara’s friend know how to pronounce her name and call her something different each time? Even her staff are calling her Sara! SAY WHAT? Her friends call her Zara and Sara interchangeably.

Tina took it too far at the dinner table with Tyrone and Zara when she refused to even acknowledge Tyrone’s presence. SAY WHAT? How rude is that? They harassed her to get a man, she got a man and then they have issues with his financial status. There is no pleasing some people.

In conclusion I would recommend the movie. It was solidly good and well worth watching, however I was a little disappointed because it the storyline was so ordinary and nothing different to what we have seen countless times before. I think that perhaps I was expecting too much, and it just didn’t live up to the hype, however the picture quality and sound were excellent, acting was great and in general the movie was well executed.

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  1. Hmm, I was waiting for a solid review of this movie. The names are funny sha, Tyrone, Zara, no wonder they were mispronouncing it. 🙂

    Ok, maybe I'll watch it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it when Zara told her friends (I can't remember in verbatim) Oh you both married handsome men. It's my own I should now panel beat abi?

    • Lol, oh I soo loved that scene as well,,,,,infact I love this movie, even more that silent scandals, Genny really makes me laugh when he speaks this almost pidgin english,,,,

  3. I loved this whole movie, u guys won't blive I ve repeated it like 5 times already, thanks to Online Nigeria… I love how Genny takes the lead with Tyrone.The first part was soo funny, I love part 1 when the 3 gals sat in the lounge, gisting and laughing.I wish I was one of them.

    I agree Susan Peters is underrated,,,, And by the way, it seems Gene was naked on the "love making" scene, I ve seen her boobs, or may be she had a hot-pant on…. but that scene was sooo hot, I rewinded it like 10 times…lolz.

    Am so happy I v watched this movie, I was really satisfied with the whole thing,,,,,

    Nolly over to you,,,,,

  4. I dont think your review does the movie enough justice but it's your opinion sha. I would give it 95. I totally loved it. The xters were all on point. About the story being the same, everyone is telling the same stories, it's just how you tell yours that matters and Bursting out was very well told. Any single girl over 30 living in Naija will identify with it. I know I did. Well done to the entire team.

    NB-The dialogue was superb. Perhaps the best dialogue for me in a Naija movie.

  5. So tru,,,,, I would have given it 100+10%…double Lol

  6. ok, so i just saw A PRIVATE STORM with OMOTOLA and RAMSEY and i thought it was just bland. i ALSO THINK BOTH oMOTOLA AND Ramsey's acting skills have gotten worse over the years…when he was angry he still looked like he was appy and OMOTOLA was not that convincing in some scenes. nothing different and i didn't like it..honestly i was disappointed…too stretched out…nigerians should learn to make quick fast and interesting dialogues without the AMERICANIZED nonsense that they try to do. I'm going to watch Bursting Out today lemme see if it's better…i've read blogs and people said it was quite good so i'll see for myself.

    • So did u watch it yet?

    • I must disagree about your comment on A Private Storm … Nolly please review. Yeah yeah yeah, I know we all have our own opinions but nah, to say the movie was bland deserves a horizontal shake head. Again I beg, Nolly please review.


    • yeah private storm had a gud story line, but d 3rd part was a flop..i got so mad bc the 1st n 2nd parts only lasted 47 mins each after d commercials…why cudn't they combine it n mk just one part? then hw cud omotola be with one broda only 2 switch 2 d oda one n everyone seems comfortable with it? d acting was a bit flawed too…n honestly, sm1 has 2 talk 2 omotola abt bleaching. her elbows were horrible, n d camera kept zooming on them. it was just nt working for me. i'm a big fan of vivian ejike n i hp she gets it right d next time.

  7. I personally enjoyed the acting in the film more than the story.. The story was soo predictable..

    the last scene with Majid was uber cringe-worthy. Plus the Dude not even knowing how to kick a football properly.

    Nse and Genevieve were awesome as usual. Plus Susan. She actually played both "tush" and "razz" roles well..

    Special thumbs up to Desmond.. For the few seconds he was on.. Brilliant

    BUT.. I consider it grossly unfair to do a review for Bursting out without mentioning that deluded bros in Genevieve's office?? lol!

    Gotta feel sorry for him when he wanted to "tell madam"…

    • Stu you make a great point. I agree with you there. the acting INDEED was better than the storyline. Desmond had me cracking up. I wouldnt minded seeing more of him.

      RE the guy in the office. He wasnt that memorable to me. LOL

  8. Dont know what you talking about but thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The dialogue was on point and Genevieve and Majid were sweet to watch! I totally identified with the blind date fiascos Genny's character went thru. Susan Peters was hilarious! Loved her performance! (Sexy thing like me!) lol! Omoni and Nse were great as catty, nutty friends and I loved the tasteful love-making part. Nothing sleezy or skanky like the soft porn we have been assaulted by in the past! A lovely, lovely movie and compared to the other stories out there, I will give it 95/100!

    • Another one giving it 95. Wowzers I wonder what you would give it if it had an original storyline too? I agree with your obserations about Majid and Genny together. I do love them together.

  9. I love this movie and must confess that I have watched it so many times already- and yes, I love Susan Peters in this movie- she was so funny and really killed us with laughter here! I would have given this movie 85%. Nolly, where are you? You don't seem to have been on the blog recently but I hope you are okay? Thank you so much once more for your wonderful blog.

  10. I think this is just a chick flick which is great. I think people expect Emem Isong all the time to deliver dee. emotional block busters which is not so all the time. There is nothing doing a little light hearted comedy sometimes which is what she did so lighten up, people! Just enjoy the comedy!

    • Most Nollywood movies are chick flicks to me. Men tend to watch them when they are pretending that they have been forced LOL. Babes I am light. Who around here is heavy? Please tell us ooo.

  11. i loved this movie…i can't tell u hw many times i'v watched it, i even knw d lines by heart…ok whoever supplies genny's wardrobe does a gud job, her hair n make-up were on point thru out d whole scenes. i really wish other actress can dress to suit their roles as well, it will mk d movies more believable. i'm looking 4ward 2 tango with me anoda genny movies with joke silva n sm new dude…Nolly itz gud 2 hav u back.Cheers!

  12. nwanyiOwerri says:

    The acting and production quality was great. Really good work by the cast and crew.

    The storyline, however, is out of the Mills & Boon or Harlequin romance reject bin.

  13. loved d movie. d cast did a nice job.jenny/ majid were awesome , their chemistry is somethin else and very believable.no wonder ppl started peddlin those crzy rumors dat they were seein each other.loved amos and co, they added some comedy 2 d movie, esp d deluded bros daniel, the look on his 4ace when he saw he wasnt d one bein called darlin by jenny was hilarious. susan did a nice job 2. i enjoyed d movie even tho is nothin new but d castin nd productin made it worth watchin. loved hw d rship btwn zara and tyrone ws developed makin it more real and nt like d usual meet 2day nd am in love u 2morrow,d usual style o4 most nollywood movies.rmrber those days in our movies where lovers run arnd trees or on d beach, renderin those stupid melodies. they jst embrace and peck each other ,more like siblins and am like mke ur stories believable pls. i like hw zara and tyrone showed a44ection, d love scene was taste4ully done nt raunchy. overall d movie is ok and i loved it wud rate it 78%

    • Ha! you make some good points about the classic Nollywood love of riding horses on the beach dn eating ice cream about Mr Biggs. I remember those days well, especially as they are not totally behind us!

  14. Mzghana91 says:

    I loved this movie. I finally got a chance to watch it! the cameras were good, the acting was good!A+++ for this movie!

  15. BEYONCEH says:

    Wow, u guys are too much,,,,,,,

  16. Kudos to uduak isong oguamanam nd bola aduwo for the awesome scripting,i love d script it was really paced and it flowed well.Susan peters killed it 4 me with all those razzness of hers. I would rate it 88%.It was a good story by emem.Thumbs up emem isong.,

  17. I watched this movie not long ago and i have to say that it is a very good movie,everyone casted in the movie acted so well and presented their character perfectly..Very good script, and Susan Peters character was LOOOOOL ! But i have to say though that the light was a bit too much for me,i mean u see in some movies when a character dreams and the image and light seems very u know kind of bright sort of as if they were in heaven with angels all around in white,u know what i meanit was a bit too much and i thought the sound was.not THAT good maybe its my TV dunno lool ..apart frOm that the movie was GOOD ^^!

  18. jaunty says:

    there waz nothin special abt this movie. It waznt up to my expection. I'm so happy genny waz part of it for me she made the movie really happen. Omoni oboli, and nse ikpe etim did a gud job too. In general the cast did a great job and they delivered well. That waz wat kept me glue till the end of the movie. Emem isong i want to see something great frm u…

  19. Honestly the story left much to be desired, the script was fantastic and the acting was on point (the dialogue between the girls "you people want me to go and panel-beat my own" was realistic – it felt like conversations I have with my girls), even the extras were fantastic (Amos is my favorite – "Zeze, Zaza, Zuzu" classic!). But ah the love story…. hmm what to say? I agree that Genny and Majid have great chemistry but I did not believe he should have taken her back. Haba, she only came back after he got his job and finances sorted out. Shouldn't the story be showing that love is not a money issue, or is it just me? and the proposal, every time I watch that bit I close my eyes and my guy cannot play football for sh**. Regardless I have watched it 4 times now and will definitely watch it again, 70% from me.

    • I agree the movie could have been phenomenal with a tighter, more original story.

      • Emem, I hv always loved your films, right from Breaking Point, if I'm not mistaken, which was ur 1st movie, but you see this one, BURSTING OUT, it's not just it. I want to believe someone wrote the story for you. The story is way below ur standard of work. Ur cast did well interpreting their roles but the story line is damn too flat. Emem, you hv set an excellent standard over the years which I hv greatly admired, pls dont spoil it with a little or no substance story line. All the same, you r one of my best film makers I look forward to watch their movies

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