By Pass

By Pass


African Nigerian Movie Review
By Pass ~ 2010

Story – Nnamani Sunday Steven
Screenplay – Emeka Amakeze
Director – Iyke Odife
Producer – Nnamani Sunday Steven

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Emeka Amakeze – Pastor Godwin/ Ejike?
Francis Duru – Barry/ Godwin
Biola Ige – Izzy/ Henrietta?
Leo Mezie – Prince Sam
Jackie Appiah – Adeline
Ngozi Ezeonu – Queen
Amaka Bessie – Shantel
Joy Helen – Amuche
Eve Nebolisa – Nkiru
Ed Nnasor – Nnaemeka
Zainab Egwuonwu – Landlady

Insecurity Rating – 33%

Barry is oblivious to the fact that the woman that Adeline (Jackie Appiah) he calls his wife is a notorious prostitute. Twice in once day they are confronted by men from her past. Both were robbed by her or her associates and one claims that on top of that he contracted a venereal disease. Barry believes his wife when she says that she does not know the men. The realisation of the truth only hits him when she runs away from the scene at the second confrontation, after all if she were innocent of the accusations why would she run away? We learn that Adeline entered the world of prostitution after seeing her mother die in poverty and not wanting to subject herself to the same fate. She left the game as soon as she got married.


This movie was confusing for me. I see two pastors called Barry then both called Pastor Godwin. As I am watching I am wondering if I have missed a vital part of the plot somewhere. What was the point of Prince Sam and The Queen? They came from nowhere. Their position in the movie was not clear, and the appearance of their characters did not make sense to me at all.

I thought it was a very passionate performance from Francis Duru. He plays the tortured heartbroken husband consumed with anger well. Barry allows his past to influence his future. He becomes a pastor, gets married to Izzy and the relationship deteriorates rapidly as she is always alone in the house, not allowed out whilst Barry is doing church work. His desire to keep her cocooned is borne from his insecurity that she may cheat on his as his first wife did. Izzy says to him,

“You want to run to the church to save a soul while mine should die?”

There needs to be a balance between home and work. A compromise needs to be made, as his wife does not feel valued and is not top priority whereas virtual strangers seem to be.

Biola Ige is supposed to be the new Nollywood sexy bombshell #EPICFAIL. This girl will never be Mercy Johnson. Her “sexiness” is so forced. Izzy, Henrietta or whatever her name is, played by Biola Ige is a bored horny housewife. Her idea of being sexy/horny is to suck on her finger, grab her breast and crotch while taking harsh breaths. What a hot mess!

For me the movie started off very well and descended into a nonsensical borefest. In the first half an hour I could have sworn that I was going to rate the movie between 60-70, and some point that all changed. I heard Biola Ige being called Izzy and then the next minute Henrietta. I heard Emeka Amakeze being called Barry and Godwin as well as Francis Duru being called that. The movie was uninspiring and a bit of a drag. I would not recommend it at all.

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  1. As for the Biola Ige girl Nolly wait to the end of the Year when Ms Tilli gives her Best and Worst Awards for actors and actresses. She is taking the crown for worst right now

  2. LOLOL. I was forced to endure that creature biola ige in an otherwise good movie (Grand Player) & I've said *never* again. The minute I see her name on any castlist, I'm SKIPPING that movie.

    BTW Nolly, your search bar isn't working properly. When you put a word in & click search, it searches the web instead of your blog site.

    • That mess Grand Player… I was onl enticed by Mike and Jim… What a mistake!!! As for the search bar I'll have to check that out.

  3. TheChuckylee says:

    Dis movie was boring as hell.As 4 dat Biola, It's either she goes 2 acting school or quit acting altogether.When I first saw her in dat terribe movie shakira I thought with time she wld improve but up 2 date she hasn't.Nolly, hav u noticed dat sometimes she tries so had 2 be like Mercy Johnson.If not 4 the fact dat I had nothing 2 watch I wouldn't have endured dis movie 4 dat long.Iyke Odife shd try harder next time or take a long break 4rm directing since he's not doing it 4 me at all.I rate it 10%

    • They are trying to put her in the "sex bomb" role but she doesn't have the charisma to fulfill that. A pretty face cannot mask lack of charisma, bad acting, eyes that dart all over the place etc etc.

  4. @TheChuckylee: Abeg! biola should just quit b/c acting school cannot repair talent that was never there!

  5. You guys are cracking me up about this actress…..I thought I was the only one who felt that way(lol). Just discovered your site and I also became addicted to African Movies about 3 years ago. First Movie was "Blood Sisters" and that was it!! Grew up in the Caribbean and it is so fantastic to see how similiar our cultures are…that is one of the reasons why I love these movies. Live in the US and wish I knew of a reputable place where I could purchase my movies. If any one has any ideas, please feel free to share that info. Great Site!!!

    • Welcome my fellow Nollywood addict! Trust me you are not alone with regards to BI!I guess we have something in common because I started watching 3 years ago too! (March 2007 to be precise)My first movie was Mummy's Daughter and that was enough to get me hooked!

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