Twist of Fate

From the outset of this film I was bored, but still I persevered. The fist 15 minutes was boring and confusing. We see a girl going for a job being bribed by a doorman that will not let her into the building otherwise and we see a girl accusing her mama of favouring her son over her daughter.

Emergency Wedding

Joy and Odili are a married couple with two children. Odili was laid off his job over a year ago and so his wife Joy supports the family.

One Dollar

Nneka lives with her mother and father, and is been put through school by her fiancé whom she plans to marry very soon. Her parents really like him as he has put their daughter through school as well as looked after the family financially in other ways.

Jealous Heart

Nkiru is a spolit brat returning to her Nigerian Homeland in order to begin her university studies. For the past 6 years she has been living with her mother, who is divorced from her father, in the USA. It can be seen just how far removed Nkiru is to Nigerian ways and customs when she arrives at her father’s house from the airport with her boyfriend from America in tow…

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