African Ghanaian Movie Review

Checkmate ~ 2010
Story, Screenplay & Director – Shirley Frimpong Manso
Producer – Ken Attoh
Sparrow Productions

Nadia Buari – Caroline
Ecow Blankson – Kiki Nelson
Senanu Gbedawo – Kwame
Naa Ashorkor Mnsah Doku – Naana Asante
Ewurama Asante – Elsie Kwansah
Kweku Boateng – Fifi
Khareema Agular – Jessica
Kweku Sintim-Misa – Mr Tamakloe

Peer Pressure
Drugs Trafficking

My Rating – 75%

(rating changed from 72%)


Kwame played by Senanu Gbedawo is a senior customs official at the airport in Accra. One day at a gas station he meets Kiki Newton, played by Ecow Blankson after he loses his wallet and Kiki generously pays his bill. He is grateful to him and accepts his business card knowing nothing except that the man is a mysterious stranger. Kwame is not going to call him until his friends see the card and recognising the name convince him to. It turns out that Kiki is a well known property developer in the city and with his wide connections may well be able to help Kwame realise his political ambitions.

The pair become fast friends and after meeting at his home for drinks Kiki invites Kwame to one of his resorts for the weekend. It is supposed to be a “lads” weekend, but they meet Jessica (Khareema Agular) at the resort who is an old friend of Kiki’s and her friend Caroline (Nadia Buari). The ladies join them for dinner one evening and from there Kwame embarks on a steamy relationship with Caroline. When he gets home he believes the affair to be in the past, little does he know how the past will come to haunt him and threaten to have a disastrous impact on everything that he cherishes and holds dear.


There is a good build up of mystery in the movie because as events unfold more and more questions come to mind. What is Jessica’s motive in getting her friend to blackmail Kwame? Why did she drug them? Is Kiki gay? Was I the only one that thought the movie was heading in that direction? He has no wife that lives overseas and that he never even calls and then his sister is trying to fight him over having Kwame. It was all very bizarre. The guy used to stand so close to him too.

The beginning of this movie is very slow, so slow that you may even just get bored and to watch something else. It felt like filler, and you don’t normally start putting in filler scenes at the start of a movie… bad move. If it hadn’t have been a Shirley Frimping Manso movie I may well have done so as there were so many non dialogue scenes. I get that she was trying to paint a background picture but she could have done it in less time and made it a little more interesting.

I was surprised that Kwame turned up home the night after his birthday without a story to tell his wife, his head hung and face full of guilt. Idiot – He even had to wait on his wife to provide a story for him I thought that Senanu Gbedawo played his role excellently. A scene that he was very good in was when he returned home from Jessica’s house. He conveyed emotion very well on his face, and what a fine face too. Ghana is coming out with hot guys on a regular basis and I for one am LOVING it! He played his part well from anguish to guilt, to turmoil the intensity that he displayed in that scene was terrific.

Peer Pressure
Kwame succumbs to peer pressure from Kiki to get himself involved in a situation that he knew from the start he did not want to be involved in. Kiki was able to do this by comparing their situations as married men. One cannot compare themselves to another. You have to trust your own instincts and know yourself or that is how unscrupulous people will take advantage.

Caroline too allows herself to get involved with Kwame at her friend Jessica’s suggestion, knowing that he was married and knowing that she did not agree with the moral implications of such an affair. Jessica then persuades her to blackmail Kwame playing on her insecutities about her past relationships. She tells her, “You are going to let yet another man play with you and spit you out?” What kind of a friend is this giving such bad advice? Caroline is a mumu for even listening to anything that Jessica said.

The Script
The script was aiighhht but not strong as I expected it to be. There were too many times that I was picking up on conversations that just did not have a natural feel to them. In one scene Kwame and Kiki are having a conversation about chess. Kiki asks Kwame,

“Why don’t you ever play chess?”

“I never had the chance” Kwame replies.

“I don’t think so.”

Now read the exchange very well. How do you ask someone a question and then when they tell you the answer, an answer where there is no right or wrong, you tell them that their answer is incorrect? I was baffled.

Also at the end of the movie where Kwame returns home after spending his birthday with Caroline I thought they made a mess of those scenes having the wife keep asking Kwame questions and then answering them herself. It was annoying and unrealistic. That technique might have worked had it been comedy but not in a drama  like this one.

The script had its good moments too. Kiki had some one liners that made me laugh, like when he is persuading Kwame to come away with him and is tlakign about having fun with ladies, and sees Kwame’s hesitance, he tells him,

“Chale we are married not on death row.”

He also tells him,

“The best thing about being married is you can have your cake and eat it.”

The Twist
I loved the twist. I did not see it coming despite what could have been considered a hint at the beginning of the movie. When I figured out that Jessica was setting up all sorts of situation I thought that she was using Caroline to wreak revenge against all men, little did I know that she was involved with Kiki. That is the best kid of twist for me, one that takes you completely unawares. The title too was perfect considering that in the end we learn that both Kwame and Caroline are simply pawns in Kiki and to a smaller extent Jessica’s game.

Defying Reality
The night that Kwame ends up staying over at Jessica’s with Caroline we later see that although she was pumping them full of wine she actually had nothing to drink the whole time. We see her in the flashbacks pouring her wine down the sink. How on earth would they be celebrating Kwame’s birthday and get through the whole bottle of wine and neither Caroline or Kwame noticed that her glass was still full?

How is Kwame going to call Caroline his sister in front of his child who is of school age? She is not two or three. The child is at least 7 years old. Wouldn’t she pipe up, “That’;s not my auntie” or at least shoot her dad a funny look? I would also expect her to report back to her mother about this so called auntie that is turning up at her school but she didn’t. I found that very strange.

Kiki tells Kwame at the end of the movie that both Jessica and Caroline work for him. It didn’t make sense because it was clear that she was not in on it. Judging his Big Boy status and the fact that he has so much to lose wouldn’t he keep strict tabs on who he let in on his inner circle? Wouldn’t he have had direct briefings with Caroline is she was part of the crew? If Caroline was working for him why did she need to be drugged by Jessica?

Close to the end of the movie we see Jessica tell Kiki that Caroline doesn’t know that she is a pawn. This contradicts what Kiki said earlier and when this is revealed Kiki does not seem surprised. This part of the story ie: Caroline’s stance or role in the whole thing needed to be made stronger.

It did not make sense that Jessica was going to start kidnapping a kid and ordering drug smuggling all on the say so of her useless friend. They didn’t even seem that close. How would Jessica even have the gall to suggest it and think that Caroline would play along without asking questions?

The pool scene was after Caroline knew that her friend was using her as a pawn so why wouldn’t she tell him at that point that she is almost being drowned by him, her plan?

Who is the guy at the end of the movie in the flashback that Caroline was going to shoot?


I would recommend the movie. It is amazing how one wrong move can spin off a reel of disaster with devastating consequences. The movie was a bit slow to start with but it picked up later on and I liked the ending. Senanu Gbedawo is definitely one to watch out for. Nadia Buari did good but I don’t think she really stretched herself. It was the same sort of good but not great performance that I have come to expect from her. I loved the twist in the movie and had the execution been a bit smoother this could have been an excellent movie. Nevertheless it is still one to watch, especially when you consider the dire releases that we have been subject to this year.

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  1. This movie was ok, I had expected more from SFM. Generally, the cast were ok too, nobody really stood out as spectacular.

    • It was good but I did expect more.

    • The movie does not deserve more than 30% my dear. Dont glorify this dry movie. I regretted spending my dollars.

      • Come on now! With all the rubbish movies, with bad sound bad picture, sstorylines that make no sense whatsoever… Bad acting… How on earth could you think that this would merit only a 30??? I have to disagree with u on that one!

        • mouthpieceforchicks says:

          I agree with nollywood forever, this film is still one of the best have watched in a while in terms of graphic and setting plus it was well directed and the story line isn't all that bad…goshhhh have seen sme wack nollywood films, and they can be soooo annoyingly long. I also hate when they change the title of the film in parts 3 & 4, WAT IS THE POINT!!!!I miss the good ol' days with meaniful story lines.

          I am sort of shifting to yoruba films nw…becasue they make mre sense, but still love me nollywood drama.

 are doing a great job, this is the first time I actually read some of your review, and I agree with most of your rating and have seen most of the films. The comments on ur reviews are sooo funny…gt me cracking up

          • Thank you for coming by my dear! I may need to join you on the Yoruba tip because I am becoming seriously disillusioned with some of the crap I'm seeing.

  2. I assumed the guy was the security guard watching them cuz Jess mentioned it to Kiki but how he suddenly got knocked-out was the mystery for me. The twist did it for me as well. It was the most interesting. I attributed the loopholes to her being preggo during production. LOL! I was also conflicted with Caroline. Perhaps a more desperate, obsessed character would've work. I guess the gay implication was meant to distract us. I got that a lot from Veeda's xter. Somehow from the beginning I was suspicious of Kiki especially after Kwame's drug burst at the airport. The daughter I believed was 4yrs but even at that, youngters these days are way more matured and he risk her having to tell her mother of this unknown aunt. Oh yes, Senanu is one cuteeeeeee!

    • You mean security that kiki had hired? hmm I still don't get it.

      I see what you mean with Caroline, if the character were a little more psycho it would make more sense how her friend could get her involved in something so ridiculous.

      The daughter looked older than 4 to me!

  3. twittycrock says:

    This movie was exciting. Was kind of slow in the beginning but surely picked up. There was suspense and drama. The actors were believable too. What could have better is the battle between the villain and the hero. The hero caught the villain way to easy. Ms Buari could have put a little more effort in the scene ,where she knocked out the bad guy. For most of the english spoken was quite clear as well a plus! Overall I enjoyed the movie.

  4. lol Nolly a 72%? what happened 2 smthg in the neighborhood of 80%? I actually enjoyed this movie, even though there were some loopholes, but i really loved d twist and all. This is the 1st time i appreciated Nadia buari in a movie, i'm nt her fan, but i think this is her best performance IMO in a long shot. i loved the fresh casts, it made 4 a change…i'm beginning 2 get tired of seeing majid bc they keep casting him in the same roles alwayz. Maybe that is why i appreciated Nadia more bc she tried smthg diff. this time…is it just me or is there a 4th part 2 this movie? My last scene was when kwame's wife accousted him of the photograph with nadia, and the credits began to roll…thanks as alwayz 4 the review Nolly…cheers!!!

    • Aegoli I enjoyed it too but it wasn't as good as I expected. Even the twist although it was good I found myself thinking about bits where it just didn't add up.

      As for Majid? I can never tire!

      I don't think there should be any more parts. I liked the ending… Its up to us to decide what we think would happen after that. I think the wife would make up a lie for him and he would agree… there you have it… HAPPILY EVER AFTER! LOL

      • I strongly agree with you NF———-I think his wife would make up a lie and he will surely nod his head……!

        My favourite scene………….where Naana asked him about the package……….she said whatever it is "I'm proud of you"………that scene was halarious……..if only she knew what the package was about. NICE MOVIE!

        I am glad that Shirley Frimpong Manso is briging GHANA forward in the movie industry……..thanks SFM!

        NF: Did you notice that Chris Attoh is the assistant director?

        • Is Chris Attoh the guy in scorned? I don't really know his stuff so I wouldn't have noticed.

          • Chris Attoh is the sizzling hot dark skinned guy who starred opposite Jackie Appiah in "Perfect Picture".lOl.

            BTW I totally agree with ur review of this movie.It was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the stuff I've seen recently.I enjoyed it.

          • Yes he is Nolly. He played Lydia Forson's husband in Scorned.

  5. hey Nolly do u knw if 4PLAY is out yet…?

    • I haven't seen it out but I've seen the trailer. The movie looks so stupid and badly acted but I will watch it just for giggles.

      • I have watched the Part1 of the 4play movie and contrary to my expectations,its looking gud. I was so disgusted by the trailer, and watched it coz am bored, but it was really interesting. I think the movie " Kiss me if you can" was very interesting too and not ponoish like it seemed from the trailer.

        • As for the movie, "Hot Fork" I lost interest after the first scene, maybe I'll watch it after your review.

          • Hmm Hot Fork… Not even heard of that one…

          • Me tooooooo………I had to stop it before I break my computer…..very useless movie.

            4Play was very interesting…..I'm actually looking forward to the second part.

            Kiss Me If You Can…….was watchable.

          • I started watching 4 play too! I agree… Not bad at all. I was expecting it to be totally useless but funny in its uselessness. I was impressed with Juliet Ibrahim too, considering how bad she has been in the last few movies I have seen her in.

        • Hmm I had to turn of KISS ME IF YOU CAN. It looked like HOT TRASH! As for 4Play that one looks terrible but a funny kinda terrible if you get me!

          • Please try and watch "Kiss me if you can" if you can. I know the first scene seems to be too much, but apart from that there's only 1 more love scene, and the story is interesting. Give it a 2nd try!

          • Hmmm Faith I don't know… It was not looking good at all…

  6. TheChuckylee says:

    Dis movie was da bomb!!! I loved it.Shirley impressed me once again.At least if 4 nothing at all Shirley made it look more Ghanaian as compared 2 her previous works.Ah Nolly dis rating is too low.I would have given it 90%.Far better and sensible and more realistic dan those porn movies that comes out of 4rm my country nowadays.

  7. The movie i believe was ok. My only beef was the fact that Caroline was working with Kwame in the end??? (What the?). This is a guy she apparently loves,who breaks her heart, and she gets a hold on him, and she decides to help him out of his mess??(What the??) Naa too perfect!!! Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. She would want to hurt him a bit more. Caroline was portrayed as someone with no mind of her own!!! They could have made it a bit difficult for Kwame to get out of his mess….It was way too easy a way out for Caroline to help him….they could have made Caroline's help come at a price,after all it is a game of Chess. I love the ending though!!! It was perfect,when the wife finds the picture……….

    • When did she fall in love with him? In that one weekend? Nonsense… Caroline's character was not strong one way or another. I don't feel like I really got to know her or what she was thinking or even able to relate with her. they should have made her a total psycho character and Rebecca could have been there just throwing out suggestions rather than running the complete show.

  8. NF: You are really on point with your review but I think your rating was a bit too low considering the rubbish Ghanaian movies that is coming out lately.

    I did questioned why Awura Ama did not tell her mother about her supposely new auntie that she's never seen before. I found that a little weird.

    Ovearall I think this movie is superb and the new guy Senanu was brilliant. I give it 90% for story and dailogue.

    P.S: Please don't waste your precoius time to watch Kiss Me If You Can or Hot Fork……………..these movies are pointlesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! I was able to sit through Kiss Me If You Can because of my love for Prince David Osei and Martha Ankomah but as for Hot Fork……..I had to stop it and turn off the computer. The movie is useless and I thank GOD I did not buy it. The custume and make-yp was ATTROCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hmm I think the rating is fair, but then I gave it so I would LOL

      I didn't think the dialogue was superb. It was alright. It was the way the movie was shot and the twist that elevated it above average.

      Adwoa I trust you. I am not even tempted to watch those trashy movies after my 15 minutes of KIss Me if You Can. that may change but as for now no.

      • Although i love your synapses of these African movies and value your opinion greatly, I also think you rate ghanian movies way below expected. I understand if you are not a big fan of ghanian movies but dont watch them if you know you dont like them. This movie deserve way more than a 72%. I believe high 80's is expected not low 70's. I hate to think that you are biase. Not hard feelings, I really enjoy this site. i come here often.

  9. TheChuckylee says:

    Nolly pls dat movie is terrrrribble!!! with a capital T. If u want 2 hear a chunk of vulgar words in a single African movie pls watch dis.

    Words such as fuck, ass, pussy, shit hole,cork etc(Sorry 4 dose words I couldn’t help it) were used freely throughout the few minutes I watched it. So wat at all do these so called actors/actresses and their producers/directors want 2 portray at all. I mean der is a reason why we watch African movies. If I want 2 hear swear words , explicit scenes and the like I will just grab a Hollywood movie. Dis movie was jst plain ridiculous and not even funny like they portrayed it 2 be. Wat dey portrayed in the movie is not how the average Ghanaian behaves cos I spent the earlier part of my life in cities such as Accra and Kumasi & other cities in Ghana . I believe movies are supposed 2 show the original lifestyles and attititude of the nation it is coming 4rm. When are we ever going 2 be ourselves as Ghanaians. Who says the western world will accept us when we mimick them? Dats why I love Nigerian movies who have tried 2 be original all this while but yet still on top in Africa. I don’t think I can sit through dis rubbish cut and paste of a movie.

    • TheChuckylee says:

      Sorry I meant 4 play(Stay away 4rm dis if u intend 2 watch an AFRICAN movie).

    • Are you talking about 4 play? From what I have sene it is watchable, and the performances are good. I did find the swearing and "nigga" this and that a bit ridiculous but it wasn't that bad that I couldn't look past it.

  10. "The best thing about married is you can have your cake and eat it"

    This phrase was said wrong. It's rather "you can eat your cake and have it."

    I mean if the cake is already yours so why not eat it? It's rather you can eat your cake and have it.

  11. NF: Have you seen The Front Door? it's quite interesting starring Mike Enzurounye and more.

    • I haven't seen it. Whats your rating? My head can't take too much rubbish. I've had enough for the year. If you are saying it is good I may just check it out. First of all confirm there is non of that supernatural stuff?

      • I am just going through some of the old commments and I could not stop cracking up about your comment "My head cannot take much more of this rubbish" (LOL). I feel the same way….These producers/Directors are going totally bonkers, producing absolute rubbish lately. Thanks for the good laugh Nolly.

    • I think it was interesting too. Please watch it if you get the time.

      • Ok people I have finally seen Front Door. Posting the review now… My copy was called Desperate Game… How I hate 419!!!

  12. 'I think the wife would make up a lie for him and he would agree… There you have it HAPPILY EVER AFTER' LMAO!!!! N.F you're just too funny…

    Here's my Two cents..

    I couldn't agree any more with your rating.. I mean, it was a very good movie and i loved it but i guess its the fact that this was a SPARROW production, my very high expectations were not exactly met.

    I also thought that Kiki was gay…lol!!! especially with the funny comments his sister was making like 'Kiki always keeps the good ones for himself'I definitely didnt see the twist coming….

    Correction though, The pool scene was BEFORE caroline found out that she was being used as a pawn. Not after.. Don't forget that right after that scene, Kwame went to Kiki's house still drenched.

    Anyhoo, I agree with Faith… I saw Kiss me if you can. The movie starts off very slow and boring but don't give up on it… I was actually very very impressed with the script which was suspense filled, and very emotional.. You should watch KISS ME IF YOU CAN.

    Later Luv!!!


    • With regards to Kiki being gay. If he wasn't there is still some stuff that remains unresolved. I mean why were he and his sister fighting over Kwame. They should have come back to that and tied it up.

      KISS ME IF YOU CAN – I'm confused now… but I still don't want to watch it.

  13. Thats a gud one nolly.why did u disabled my account..and u posted me tag with my name page not found..and a fugitive from my account God will judge us nolly..i don't want to say further words please with due respect nolly reopen my account..i had nothing against you..i want it to be done immdiately u see these thank you.

    • Nonso now I really know that you no get shame! Am I the owner of facebook? You deleted your own account and made yourself a fugitive and now you are coming to ask me stupid questions. I don't know what game you are trying to play… But try some more and you will really see fire. Nonsense

  14. Nolly, I just saw this movie and i'm surprised u gave it a 72%. I know 72 is a high score by ur review standards but I think this movie deserves more than Naked faces that u gave an 82. I feel this film is miles better than Naked Faces. Plus it had a good "ending" unlike the horrible way Naked faces ended.

    I loved that kwame's friend and the conversation @ the resort with the rings. "I'm wearing the ring, the ring is not wearing me"; that was a good one.

    Nadia's acting was brilliant; wasn't artificial and the best I've seen of her. Infact everyone's acting was up to par

    What impressed me the most about this movie was the dialogue in it. Most of our films these days fail in this department even when they have good story lines; like they just put in some gibberish just to fill up the tape making it painful to listen to.

    checkmate had really good dialogue; not too much, not too little; just enough to keep it interesting.

    No unnecessary scenes

    The "intimacy" scenes were realistic. Kwame & his wife and kwame & Nadia's xter Coraline.

    The chemistry was brilliant. The eye contact describing the xters feelings at the particular time was also on point. It wasn't too much and still allowed for a little shyness

    the facial expressions throughout were on point. the post-birthday "lie" scene was flawless. (& him having to give his phone & watch was funny)

    Only Guilty Pleasures has been a better movie than this one for me so far. Checkmate started quite slowly but picked up pace as it went along but Guilty pleasures went down to business asap.

    The "awkwardest" part of the film was Mr Drug KingPin Kiki using Chris Oyakhilome as his ringtone.

    All in all.. A great must watch film with just a few pardonable mistakes. Best from Ghollywood in a while

    • I don't know how I missed this comment but better late than never! I actually ammended the rating to 75 because after I started watching more and more crap, the score didn't seem so appropriate any more, however I still prefer Naked Faces to this movie but both were enjoyable.

      Thanks for commenting you make some very good observations.

  15. JohnnyBoy says:

    This movie is also great. Anyway, I kinda got the twist from the beginning of the movie when Kwame met Kiki at the gas station and he invited Kwame for a drink.

    Well, the guy Caroline wanted to shoot was the security they posted for Caroline and the kid.

    Aaah, about the picture Kwame's wife found at the end of the movie. You all waiting for what Kwame would say to that?

    Kwame: Oh , as you just found out, I was under cover and that was part of the undercover assignment. She is part of the group I was investigating and you know I have to make everything look realistic so I was forced to play with them at the resort. That’s one of the pictures were took at the resort. I brought to picture home for our daughter because that girl was who shielded our daughter from the gang. And our daughter seems to like her.

  16. JohnnyBoy says:

    Oh, I like the new faces they are using. Senanu was awesome. He got some bright future.

    • Yup I like Senanu too. Hope to see him ahain sometime soon.

      • Gideon Koblah says:

        Ok so I think I love your blog. Very objective ratings and would love to be a part of it. Just happened to stumble upon it today and I went like wow. Keep it up. We need you all in the industry for growth. Through out the movie, like a game of chess, there were a lot of checks and checkmates. Kiki revealing his true identity to kwame, Kwame getting the police anyways to arrest Kiki knowing fully well his daughter was safe in the hands of caroline and the best I think is his wife finding the picture. Let's bactrack a little. Women are very smart and smarter than we men like to give them credit for. there is a saying that a woman always knows. Now when he cam back from caroline's place that night and she fed him the stories he admitted to, what we should realise is that she spent a lot of time at home worrying about and waiting for him. In that time she could have thought to herself ''When he comes back I would ask him where he has been, If he does not have an answer I would give him suggestions and she if he agrees''. Cos let's face it, there are women out there who would not want to think that a loving a dedicated husband like kwame would cheat. What excuse would you have for not getting back home on your b'day knowing fully well your family and father-in-law who happens to be the minister of interior is waiting on you. So after all those checks, the ultimate checkmate was the wife catching kwame by the picture.

        I hope this was not too much talk.

        • I love your theory……..and I think you are right! This makes perfect sense……"Checkmate"

          Naana is the ultimate checkmate……very clever, thanks.

        • Brilliant analysis! there can never be too much talk if what is being talked makes sense!

  17. Thnks nolly for the reviews. I always come hear bf watching a movie….anyway i havent seen checkmate but anything from shirley is watchable and done with class.As for "kiss me if you can" you guys really need to see. I was the first person to conderm tht movie but i got passed the first couple of scenes and it is now added to my fav movies. there were actually 2 sex scenes and tht was it. There is a big lesson to be learn from that movie so u guys need to see it. Trust me on this one.

    • In my opinion you shouldnt have to "brave through" a movie to be able to watch it. IF you watch 30 minutes and its all crap then the movie is not good. It doesn't matter if it gets better later on.

    • I agree! I was on the condemn list myself but I loved the story, the suspence was great too. I think if someone can endure "Heart of men" till the end then they can surely watch "Kiss me if you can"

  18. First of all nardia is now my new found love, genevieve still rocks my world but nardia is just gorg. I found kwame more attractive when he was being all lovey and dovey to his wife,now that was hot. And yeah nolly u are so right about the beginning,it was quite borringgg…i just continued just cos u gave the movie a good rating. i loved the movie, quite nice…yah i thut kwame was quite dumb for not having a story for his wife,only kwame oh. the fight scene at the end was just ridicuolous, both men fought like girls. the drug meeting on the beach was quite uhm weird, i dont think drug dealers meet on the beach and form circles. i didnt get when the reporter was asking kwames boss for his number, was that like supposed to be a comedic scene,if it was…i didnt laugh. i liked the movie, well done

    • lmaooooooooooooo@ "i dont think drug dealers meet on the beach and form circles." OMG I look crazy right now with the way that I'm laughing.

  19. NOLLLY!!! NOLLY!!!! Go and see Kiss me if you can…. I'll keep pestering you till you do….lol!!!

    @Jayjay!! Omg!! lol….I thought the beach scene was weird too…. I mean, why would some big time drug dealers, be having important meetings in the open like that..might i add, with no protection too…. That was ridiculous…

    I think they caught Kiki and the gang waaaay too easy

  20. To be candid I am a huge Shirley Frimpong fan, but this movie just didn't do it for me. I've seen all three of her movies and the were mind blowing. This one was like any normal 9ja movie plot. I got 2 give her credit for the clear picture but other than that I am a tad disappointed. I have been waiting for check mate for the longest time……..

    Lastly,Kwame, Kiwi Newton, Kiki's sister and Kwame friend's acting leaves much to be desired.What happened to her stable crew of actors?

    • I was dissapointed on this movie as well. It was just ok not great. To tell the truth, I would rate the movie "Kiss me if you can" higher compared to it. This is ironic considering that I had prejudged that it would be great. Another reason why movie trailers can be deceiving.

      • @Faith, i am sorry but i have to disagree with you on that. Checkmate is definately better than kiss me if you can…like nolly says if the first 30mins of the movie is crap, then the movie is definately not worth seeing…i mean think about it, not everyone has the patience to watch 30mins of nonsense, especially if it is a nigerian or ghanian movie. But we are all titled to our own opinions. And these ghanians that like to feel like pornstars,please i want to see breast,and the likes, i am tired of just seeing flesh, its quite annoying,if you want to do a sex scene,do it well

        • @ Jayjay-My opinion is that if a movie is supposed to be excellent but delivers good results, and another which is supposed to be bad delivers the same results, then the one that was supposed to be bad deserves a higher rating. How many movies have you felt like giving up on but they really turned out to be good, and how many have you enjoyed from the beginning only for them to have a lousy ending? Even good directors sometimes make bad movies, and vice versa. Just my 2cents.

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