Ghanaian Movie Review
Chelsea ~ 2010
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Afe Olumowe
Director – Moses Inwang

Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Majid Michel – Sylvester
Brenda Bonsu – Katy
John Dumelo – Marlon
Nadia Buari – Chelsea
Sa-Ada Sadiq – Cashier
Rispa Nyumutsu – Waitress
Amanorbea Dodoo – Chelsea Mum
Roger Quartey –Chauffeur
Jonathan Pali Sherren – Chelsea Dad
Dan Tei-Mensah – Greg
Artus Frank – Gideon (Chelsea’s Brother)

Spirituality African Movie
Dreams in Nollywood
Revenge in Nollywood

 My Rating – 76%

Sylvester played by Majid Michel is an artist who for the past four years has been obsessed by a girl that he has never met. He sees her in his dreams, and has such a clear picture of her in his head that he is able to sketch her portrait in detail. He cannot believe his luck when he actually meets the girl of his dreams in person. She turns out to be Chelsea (Nadia Buari) a friend of his childhood sweetheart Katy (Brenda Bonsu). He begins a relentless campaign to win her affections. Will he ever get the girl? We also see Chelsea’s boss Marlon vying for her affection, but everything is not as it appears on the surface.



This movie started off well for me. I loved the dramatic beginning with the tension filled chorded music. Even the credits made an impression on me with the names shown as splashes in waves of water. A very nice touch I must say. The stylishness of it all made me want to watch more, and I’m happy to say that the level of dramatic tension was sustained throughout the movie. I never felt bored or like I was sure what was going to happen next. Ghana

The mystery starts from the very beginning. We hear Sly (as he is fondly called by his wannabe girlfriend Katy) talk constantly about “her” and immediately you begin to wonder who exactly “her” is. Is she a ghost, a figment of his imagination or someone he once saw that will not leave his mind? This whole scenario reminded me a bit of Emerald and the whole being connected on a spiritual level storyline but this story was executed a whoooole lot better and more thought provoking.


The “Porn” Element

John Dumelo gets buck naked. It was not gratuitous or “pornish”, it was simply a man getting into a bath No doubt the purists will be on their game, stomping their feets and outraged at the sight of a man’s behind. Fugg what ya heard I loved the sight of it, and so will all of the women out their that love sexy, brown, hot chocolate Even the sex scene at the end of part two I thought was very tastefully shot. It was more sensual than explicit, with just flashes or arm, back and hands gripping the bed.



Both Majid Michel and BrendaBonsu played their roles well and I could feel the pain and emotional anguish on both parts. Majid excelled himself. I felt every portion of what he felt. He is most definitely in my top 3 Nollywood Actor list He just needs to make sure he stays away from movies like Gangster Prince and he will soar. John Dumelo was great as Marlon. Charismatic, cocky, arrogant, callous and scheming, he was all that and more. Nadia Buari fit the innocent virgin part well. Great casting on the part of the film makers.

The one actor that really put a spanner in the works was Jonathan Pali Sherren who played Chelsea’s Dad. In the beginning I didn’t notice how dreadful he was because he didn’t say more than one line. Oh the horror when Marlon came to ask him for Chelsea’s hand in marriage! I was CRINGING. He was so unconvincing; it was as though a prompter were right in from of him as he was reciting with no attention being paid to the words being said. If you must stick in horrors like this it is a good idea that they DO NOT SPEAK!


Memorable Scenes

My favourite scene was the part where Chelsea ceremoniously refuses Marlon’s proposal in front of all the company staff and tells him about himself on top of it. I had to give her a round of applause on behalf of all the women that he toyed with. It was great to see Marlon get the comeuppance he so deserved.

I was sooo sad for Chelsea at the end of Part 2 just before he takes her virginity. I just knew that Marlon had something wicked was planned for her when he told her,

“Nobody is going to understand what will happen afterwards except your husband”

Her naïveté wouldn’t let her read between the lines, but then again you wouldn’t expect your own husband to set you up on your wedding night after you have vowed to remain with each other through thick and thin.


You What?

There were a few things that I found to totally defy logic. There is a scene were Marlon turns up at Chelsea’s family house, not long after she has gained employment with the company and offers her plane tickets to “5 European countries, 2 Caribbean.” He tells her to take a month of work to use them. This was completely unnecessary and far fetched. I mean seriously, why not just one country? Who is doing 7 countries in one month? I understood that it was to show how extravagant Marlon could be, but it just did not work for me. Ghanaian Movie

Another thing that I shook my head at was the scene where Marlon newly born again comes to a work meeting and starts doing some hardcore preaching like it was a church service. That was totally inappropriate in a work setting. He didn’t need to do all that for the viewer to get that the guy is crusading for Jesus. It could have been a little more subtle. Chelsea of course was impressed by his big show of faith.

There seemed to be some confusion with the stance of Chelsea’s Dad, played by Jonathan Pali Sherren with regards to the marriage. Marlon asks Chelsea’s father for her hand in marriage and is told that the choice lies with Chelsea, but then it was strange because we then hear him telling his wife how the marriage between Chelsea and Marlon will be beneficial to him as he is seeking a contract with Marlon’s company, then we see him try to persuade Chelsea to go ahead with the marriage. You are either going to have him leave the choice to her or force her into it, not both, that didn’t make sense. Ghana

Why was Chelsea harping on and on about not wanting to marry Marlon because he didn’t tell her parents that he loved her. I thought that this was very weird because he DID tell them that he loved her. It was also weitd that her parents didn’t correct her on that. ghana

I loved the dream storyline but I am so surprised that Katy fell for it and did not at least accuse him of knowing Chelsea beforehand. As a girlfriend or someone that was interested in him you would think that that would be her reaction once she saw the picture that Sly drew of Chelsea, or perhaps she was confident that there was no possible way that they could have met before. If indeed that was the case I would have expected her to be way more freaked out than she was. That would have been a more realistic scenario to me.


I would highly recommend this movie. It was well casted, intense and original. I was however disappointed that by the end of two parts there was more to watch that I didn’t have. I guess I’ll just have to anxiously await the release of part 3. There was also eye candy for the guys and the girls. It just goes to show that you don’t need to get these awful non actors to play roles based solely on their good looks. There is beauty and talent out there. THUMBS UP!


After watching the part 3 to this movie I amended the rating from 82% to 76%. I’d still say it is well worth watching because the beginning was so good but the part 3 let the whole movie down big time. Alot of the beginning was repetition and the ending was just anticlimactic. I don’t know whether the fact that I had to wait around to watch the Part 3 just made me that little bit more disinterested.

I too had a problem with the timelines used. A few weeks or 4 years? Why did Chelsea sometimes refer to them having been together for 4 years. She wasn’t the one dreaming about him so how did that make sense?

What was up with her referring to Marlon causing her father to die? She just threw it out there and then there was no elaboration. Why mention it at all in that case?

My main problem with the part 3 was Marlon suddenly deciding that he loved Chelsea so bad that he was going to go to the moon if he had to to find her… FAKE! If it really was only a few weeks then how did it go from her begging him to stay and him mercilessly throwing her out to him declaring his undying love for her?

I would have understood if it were simply a power thing and he wanted control over her, or if he simply just wanted to take what his brother now had but none of this was indicated in the story which made the whole thing so so bizarre. What made him decide that he now loved her? What was the turning point? We don’t see any of this which makes the whole scenario higjhly unbelievable.

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  1. Bibi says:

    I loved the movie I totally agree with you on everything Nolly. The cast was great apart from Chelsea's Dad he was (horrible).I do think that Chelsea's friend wasn't bad but she wasn't the best she could be in my opinion. The scene that kind of killed my buzz was the scene of her crying and pacing with Nadia sitting in her hotel room. Lordy it looked forced and not genuine. I could not really feel her pain at that point. Besides that she was good. Majid (I love himmmmmm OMG I believe he can play any role. After seeing 'Sin of The Soul' I am convinced he can play The Joker in Batman (thats my fantasy of him really. To see him play a 'Villain like' role as crazy as that or worse) John and Nadia were awesome as usual I love them to bits. P.S I was looking for a your Review on The Maiden have you seen it yet? When you do pleaseeee lemme know!! Thanks

    • Nolly says:

      Brenda Osei Bonsu is not bad but not very good either, however she has potential unlike some other actresses (who shall remain nameless) Majid is just in my top 3 right now. I agree with you on that he CAN play any role.

  2. abby says:

    I enyoyed the movie immensely. I am usually hard on Nadia but this time she brought it. She had just the right attitude to pull the character off. Majid, Majid, Majid where do I even begin. His intensity is off the chain…just amazing. I send u die Majid! JD was awsome also. Enjoyed it but the ending was wack. Whatsup with wack ass ending these days. First Why Did I Get Married Too and now Chelsea 3? The ending felt too rushed…kind of a bumpy /rough landing after a smooth flight.

    • Nollywood says:

      why did I get Married 2 was HORRIBLE!!! I kept dropping off to sleep and then in the cinema people were jeering and getting upset. Outside in the parking lot was even WORST! People were angry!

  3. jayjay says:

    ok first of all is there a reason why the female workers in ccb network looked like air hostesses. i didnt quite get that, katy& nadias entire family need acting lessons. a man who disvirgined my sister and dumped her comes to the house to beg for forgiveness; i dont know about you but i would beat the crap out of the guy instead of wasting so much time calling the cops. and God knows if my husband ever showed a tape of us having sex to his friends, i would kill him on the spot instead of beg him, like seriously who does that. Ghanian movies can have good story lines a times, but they just have to make some of the actions more realistic and exaggerate less please. i liked the movie but the story line was confusing and just all over the place. first she says she has not been in the country for 4years, yet she was married for 4years. nadia reminises about being married to him, yet the woman he fired in the beginning is in her past and she hates him. we can see that when she takes the chair away so john could fall on the floor, isn't she supposed to be in the present and not the past. nadia comes back from the states in the beginning,her parents pick her up from the airport, then she in on the front porch talking to her bro about being a disgrace to her parents. My hat goes off to majid, amazzinggg actor, he is so into his roles its insane. john has a sexy butt,all the haters should kiss it more and talk trash less, johnny dear i loved ur chocolate bumbum. I would give this movie 60%

    • Nolly says:

      I guess the hostess gear was the work uniform. In the UK the staff at Mark and Spencer's have some ridiculous uniform too.

      The guy abused Nadia in such a way he shouldn't have even been allowed to stand in the house for one second. those people were not serious.

      As for Nadia's reaction to being taped. I understand. With such a shock there must be a delay in reaction. Its such a big thing to happen that you need to gather your thoughts. They were trying to portral her as virginal so they coudln't have her turning into a cold blooded murderer. It wouldn't have fit in with her character.

  4. jayjay says:

    and big ups tO Nolly, your blog is the reason why i started watching nigerian movies again and your comments make sense….

  5. Afronuts says:

    I love the begining as you describe…thats cool storytelling there but I suspect whoever wrote this story was not patient enough to develop it – for it to suddenly begin to lose some appeal later into the story-especially with the part 3. Every screenwriter needs to know when to start and when to stop a story. No wonder it became an anticlimax…

    I wouldnt mind watching it though.

    There's a movie I'm also wondering what its about that I saw in ur pix display – 'Hot Tears'. Have you seen or reviewed it? Lets know when you do.

    • Nolly says:

      I would be interested to hear what you think.

      As for Hot Tears. Its a Ghanaian movie. I don't want taint the movie but I put it in my player and I only watched 5 minutes but I was just put off. I will try it again before I start badmouthing it because perhaps it is a decent movie… LOL But I bet it isn't.

  6. Rebecca says:

    My favourite character in this film was the town of Akosombo itself, honestly I had to wonder if the film was shot in South Africa, Ghana really has some beautiful places. That said, the movie itself was alright. Majid is a good actor but he tends to overact sometimes. Nadia Buari needs to start challenging herself, watching her in this just kept reminding me of her Beyonce days nothing new at all. John Dumelo was the most surprising scene stealer of the cast and even though I could have done without seeing his butt and balls + him dropping uncessary f-bombs towards the end of the film, his acting was on point. The guy who played Nadia Buari's dad irritated me somewhat because he was more into reading his lines rather than acting but I guess all they needed him to be was a White man because of Buari's complexion. Just for the record, I had light skinned friends who could pass for White who have two dark skinned parents, so I don't understand why film-makers in West Africa feel the needs to explain people like Buari's complexion in nearly every film. The guy who played her brother was very cute and he can act. I hope to see him in more things soon.

    • Nolly says:

      I think Majid can seem like he is overacting when he is surrounded by people who are just not serious about themselves and their craft. LMAO I saw butt but I aint see balls. You musta been lookin extra hard! As for Nadia and the white parent thing. I actually think it makes sense. Yes you see lightskinned people with dark parents but more often than not children are an amalgamtion of their parents and to me it is kinda unrealistic seeing this chick who is almost white (not albino) having two black parents time after time, so having the white daddy made alot of sense to me.

      As for Artus Frank (Nadia's Brother) he is definitely hot but I need to see more before I make a proper assessment.

  7. jayjay says:

    p.s Nolly i give you hand, i guess this is what u have to deal with when you are a critique. I could never do this in a million years, i guess thats why you are you and i am me….cos i would have gone nuts by now but all the same respect to are indeed a brave one

  8. Rebecca says:

    Nolly I was actually trying not to look. When I see cringe-worthy moments in films, I usually try to cover my eyes and even with that I still saw more than I should have. Believe me I have only watched that movie once but I caught the eyeful the first time around. Watch it again and you'll see that I'm not lying.

    As per the Nadia parentage saga, I guess I'm the only person on the planet who has friends who look exactly or even lighter than Nadia and have dark-skinned parents and are not adopted. It's genetic, I guess.

    • Nolly says:

      Rebecca are you talking about John's derriere again? C'mon it wasn't that bad!

      YEs There are light peeps with dark parents, but more often than not someone of Nadia complexion will have at least a lightskinned or white parent. Same way you get seemingly white parents with a black child (Google Sandra Gregory from South Africa)as a result of a throwback, but this is the exception and not the rule.

  9. Dee says:

    It would be good if Nollywood is aware of a website like this and learn their mistakes from these reviews. They need to be intelligent and constructive in their movies as the viewers are very discerning as well. Guilty Pleasures was a wonderful movie, in my opinion, much better than Reloaded and Chelsea.

    I appreciate your work Nolly, and I hope the best for the Nollywood industry.

    • Nolly says:

      Thank you Dee!

      Some people are aware of the website… I'm sure some are appreciaive and some hate it… such is life eh!

  10. Menbi says:


    This is the third time I have been disappointed to find a movie you rated most definitely is average. This movie is at best a yes ok movie. The setting is absolutely unrealistic. You would think it was shot somewhere in Hawaii. What is this obsession with Ghanaian movie makers with the richest of rich. It is unrealistic for an African painter no matter how rich he is to have a studio like the one sly has. Why focus on the richest of the rich. This story would have been just as mesmerizing if the subjects were average middle class Ghanaians. In our effort to disprove Africa is not all about poverty we go to the extreme in the other direction. I have to say, though, Nollywood movies are not doing that. My fear is that if these stupid Ghanaian movies selling good, Nollywood will follow their lead. The other thing I am tired of in Ghana movies is unnecessary nudity, like the towel scene with Majid. You could see the crack of his butt. Why would a person wear his towel that low. In short, please include realism as a criteria when you review a movie. From one African sister to another.

    • Louisa King says:

      I am not exactly sure why you have a problem with the location of the film. And to suggest that it looks more like Hawaii than Ghana is truly insulting to Ghana. Does Hawaii have the exclusive preserve of having beautiful terrain? The outdoor locations were set in Akosombo just 50 miles East of the capital Accra. Akosombo is the site of Ghana's biggest hydro-electric power dam straddling the Volta River. It is a beautiful location as a re several such beautiful sites in Ghana. It has nothing to do with not wanting to show slums or distressed neighborhoods. I'm not sure you watched the movie closely enough else you would have seen shots of the Akosombo township itself, the taxi rank, the roadside chop bars, and pot holes. Thus the locations fit the flow of the movie narrative.

      I am truly getting sick and tired of the insistent drumbeat of naysayers squawking about Ghanaian movies being "unrealistic." Are teh staple diet we get from Hollywood "realistic"? Was "Avatar' realistic?. Have you followed the trend of Ghanaian independent movies since their inception in 1988 with the release of Richard Quartey's "Diabolo I & II". If you must know Ghanaian independent movie-making charted its own pioneer status, went through its doldrums and re-incarnated itself int eh last 5-6 years. It owes no-one an apology or credit. These filmmakers have found a strategy to be commercially successful and winning new audiences. That is their bottom line.

      By the way. Ghana is a very beautiful country and both the rich and poor live in it and enjoy its beauty!!!

      • Menbi says:

        By the way, I am glad you kept the reply very polite.

        Ok. In general I don't watch Hollywood movies. The last time I watched hollywood movie was I believe in 2000 or 2001. I am not sure. I don't watch them for the same reason: I find them unrealistic, predictable, and overly sexual. I only watch foreign and independent movies.

        I am not negating that there are no places like that in Ghana. I am from Ethiopia, probaly the poorest country in the world. Even in Ethiopia, you find breathtakingly beautiful places. But those are very very few places. When you emphasize those places over the others you are saying being poor is ugly. I want realism in story line and naturalism in settings and acting. That was what I was trying to say.

        • Louisa King says:


          Thanks for your response. I am Ghanaian and incidentally I have been to your country, Ethiopia before. it is a very beautiful country with unparalleled historical sites. The terrain is beautiful. Economic problems have nothing to do with how lovely a country is and so a film showcasing beautiful land should not raise the charge of "unrealistic."

          There are hundreds of Ghanaian movies and if you watch a large variety of them you will get a feel of the complex tropical country that Ghana is. As I said the chosen sites fit the narrative being portrayed.

          Incidentally one of Ethiopia's best filmmakers, Haile Gerima, chose Ghana as one of the two locations for his famous film, SANKOFA. That says something about Ghana, not to mention the relevance of the Slave Castles to the film's narrative.

          • Menbi says:


            I am a big fan of everything Ghana. I have been a Ghanaian fan ever since they had an election that was so peaceful and fair. I have been trying to convince every black person I know to vacation in Ghana, to support the country financially. (Even though I myself have not done so YET). So if I criticize the films it is from the love I have for the country and not mean spirited.

            I have been disappointed in Ghanaian movies because they seem to be obssessed with the rich 1/% of the population. I would recommend you watch Fantasia's Fantacy. They even were using dollars instead of cedis in that movie. It is the same criticism I have of Mexican Telenovelas. The rich and the powerful should not be the only subject of movies. I don't mean it should be about poor and destitute people all the time. The middle class is a good subject. Don't you think? And not related to what we are talking about: what cities did you visit in Ethiopia? And are you planning to back?

  11. Miss600 says:

    I watched this movie and I hated it.

    The storyline was waaaaaay to implausible and with far too many coincidences for me to really care about any of the characters and what happened to them. I never got lost in this movie. It felt like watching a Year 6 school play.

    The worst part of the movie was the transitions the characters went through.

    Only Katty's had a thread that you could follow. We see her going from being friendly, to being in love, to being persistent, to realising she would never get him, to giving up, and eventually, running away from Sly.

    Sly was fairly consistent through. Totally mad but at least consistent.

    Marlon went from ruthlessly vengeful and totally dismissive of this poor virgin employee he had tricked into a fake marriage only to humiliate her in one of the worst ways imaginable, to being wildly desperate to get her back at all costs. Eh? How did that happen?

    Chelsea went from seeing Marlon as her boss and an arrogant player to being so much in love with him wanting to be his wife, even despite what he did to her. Eh? How did that happen?

    Just on the back of an address she was given by Katty and some background info, Chelsea went from thinking of Majid as a crazy pest to suddenly being in love with him. Eh? How did that happen?

    Further, during their two-week(!) date (read: typical 4 minute couply cheese-fest these West African movie directors insist on putting us through), Chelesa didn't feel the need to tell him anything about herself despite being totally in love with Sly??????

    My question is this: What do these producers/directors/scriptwriters think that being "in love" actually means?

    (It pains me to say this but) Majid was truly dreadful, when he was going on about his "dream girl". And another thing: his drawings looking nothing like Nadia!

    Which leads me nicely onto my next point….

    Nadia seemed to have one expression throughout: wide-eyed, parted-lipped, gormless bewilderment. I'm really not a violent person by the end I just wanted to slap her.

    And finally, for people who were supposedly captains of Ghanaian industry, when did they actually do any work?

    (phew: I'm so glad to have got all that off my chest! Thanks for listening)

    • Nollywood says:

      LMAO @ your analysis. I can't say that I agree with you because I did really enjoy the movie. Sometimes you just have to suspend reality in your mind, although in some cases this is very hard to do, particularly if there too many things that just don't add up.

      I agree with you about the Marlon thing though, that was pretty weird that the guy just dashed her away and then all of a sudden will go to any length to get her back and we dont get a proper and full explanation as to why that is.

      • Miss600 says:

        I think the scene that kinda put me off the whole movie was in the artist studio when Sly is continually brushing off Katty the Desperado, whilst staring with an extremely crazed facial expression at the photo she had just given him of his dream girl, who surprise surprise(!) happened to be her friend,and also, surprise surprise(!), his own brother's "wife"! Katty just took too long to get the message for my liking.

        That, and also being totally irritated at watching Chelsea on her knees BEGGING to stay with a man who she just found out had a) tricked her into marriage under false pretenses, b) videotaped her deflowering for his friends viewing pleasure, and c) hit her (huh??????)

        I ended up disliking all of the characters, esp. the women.

        The only plus point for me was that I thought John Dumelo's acting was excellent.

        • Nollywood says:

          Miss600 you are going to have to stop this now! I am choking on the laughter I'm laghing… LMAOOO when you puit it like that it does sound ridiculous but its soap opera style, over dramatic and far fetched.

  12. banjo says:

    i love this movie chelsea,i heard a soundtrack that is like a roman catholic hymn,anybody that knows the title should please contact me by email on


  13. Bukky says:

    This is one of the few african movies that are actually very very good

    It's very original and at all points, the audience are kept engaged. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, i mean at some points the story don't add up but there weren't a big case of that so it's all good

    highly recommended.

  14. Lee says:

    Loved the movies specialy the soft porn part(not that I love porn)but there are somethings I dint get : why did Chelsea faint after kissing Syl in the room? What was the interest on showing Majid michel's part of his ass while picking the phone(dressed in white:tower)I've seen this guys ass so many times and I'm getting tired of it! And Chelsea claimed loving Marlon after the disapoitment,he trew her out and yet she re claimed telling Syl that he was the one she loved!hein? How can a humain re fall so quickly in love after a very big deception! That was just so quick

    • Nollywood says:

      I guess he showed his ass cos the script called for it and he didn't feel it gratutitous. there are girls out there like Chelsea just very very naieve.

  15. Even if i found the movie was at the middle to the end, the movie is so interesting.I love the way an artist acted to defend the girl, he dreamed of, he sketched. I have enjoyed the movie

  16. Abdul Salam Mumuni, you considered well when you wrote the movie. Keep it up

  17. the part3 of d movie was plain rubbish

  18. NANA KWAME says:

    I really wish to act with you people

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