City Girls

City Girls

City Girls – 2011
Story/ Screenplay Prince Iyke Olisa
Director – Phil Efe Bernard, Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Tuvi James – Godfrey
Desmond Elliot – Victor
Livinus Nnochiri – Stanley
Nancy Kalu – Patricia
Jim Lawson – Chief Rowland
Evelyn Ogbili – Janet
Prince Iyke Olisa – Wilfred
Mary Uche – Christy

City Life
Arranged Marriage

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 12%


Christy played by Mary Uche and Janet played by Evelyn Ogbili are best friends. After Christy is cheated on by her boyfriend she moves to Lagos for a fresh start. Meanwhile Janet is dating Godfrey played by Tuvi James and wants to marry him but her father has arranged a marriage to his old man boss in exchange for a flash car. Things are not looking good for Janet, will she too flee to the city of Lagos to join Christy?

The movie opens with party scene. I thought that that was a bad move as it can turn the viewer off. I know it sure did turn me off but I persevered. Way too much was going on with not a lot happening. Only 5 minutes in and they are doing the dialogueless “romance.” Cue music playing and eating ice cream/ going for dinner. *yawn*

8 minutes in to the movie and I’m losing the will to live. This had to be a record. The movie is so nonsensical and boring. It is hard to keep up with what is going on because it is just not interesting. We see Godfrey meet a girl at party and beg for her number which she doesn’t give. He then meets another girl, goes on date and then on that date meets a girl Sandra that he hasn’t seen in ages. All these events don’t seem to have anything to do with the story. It is just senseless filler.

Arranged Marriage

Wilfred played by Prince Iyke Olisa too is being forced into an arranged marriage in order to strengthen the relationship between families. We see a power struggle between the younger generation that wants the right to choose and the older one who believe that they know best.

The Script

The script was bad. BAAAAAAAAD. It was written as if catering for 5 year olds. Everything doesn’t need to be spelt out. A lot of the time it was not realistic and was not how people talk. In one scene we see Christy calling Janet and there is some kind of a small scuffle going on and Janet asks Christy, “Christy are you struggling with someone?” I just had to shake my head. A simple “Whats’s going on?” would have sufficed.


I would not recommend this movie. Part 2 is an improvement on part 1 and way more watchable but the difference is not enough to recommend it. Jackie Appiah is on the front cover, FALSE ADVERTISING. 419 dey ooo. Desmond is barely in the movie either. It is the same girl runs to the city and gets up to no good but been seen done before and way way better. The wigs are super dreadful and the acting ranges from mediocre to bad. Prince Iyke was shouting all the time like he was on steroids. It was truly a mess. The sound was atrocious. In some scenes the volume is really low where you have to double the volume to make sense of what is being said. All in this entire movie sucks some big balls. BIN IT

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  1. Nolly i cnt stand d sight of ds movie,i jst fast forward my way thru.SAME old story and a shame 2 jackie and desmond.

  2. As i saw Tuvi's name i just didn't bother to read. He is only cast in shit movies while desmond seems to be the mr. Can't say no.

  3. Dear Tuvi James,you are really goofing up in your acting.Please you need to wake up and smell the coffee,Prince Iyke or whatever he is being called should drop acting for now,he was screaming as if he is possessed by demons or something;don allah the guy should do other jobs.

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