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Coincidence ~ 2008
Story – Maxwell Leonard
Screenplay – Maxwell Leonard & Akachukwu Ibeh
Director – Chimdi Chiama

Patience Ozokwor – Nkechi
Oge Okoye – Mary
Nonso Diobi – Kingsley
St I.J – Johnson
Diewait Ikpechukwu – Okonkwo
Joy Helen – Ogochi
Ifeanyi Azodo – Don Christo
Kingsley Nnorom – Kelvin
Chizzy Okiche – Ann
Sandra Anosike – Ego
Elo Abokia – Mary 2
James Akabuogu – Ifeanyi
Jude Ugwueze – Rev Richards
Andy Offia – Rev Frank
Amarachi Chinwe – Sandra
Browny Igboegwu – John
Angel Stephen – Chrystal
Chinedu Dibor – Sgt Wife
Ngozi Onyemesi – Ndulue’s wife
King Uzor – Gabriel
Muj Bamidele – Manager

Themes Explored:
Arranged Marriage
Religious Hypocrisy

My Rating 20%

Mary and Kingsley are childhood sweethearts. Mary’s mother is not in favour of the relationship as Mary has been promised to another man. The family are indebted to him as he put Mary through school and takes care of the family’s financial needs. Their families are virtually at war with each other and so they make the decision to keep their relationship on the down low and start meeting each other late at night when no one will see them.

The relationship is short lived as a series of events follows that changes the life course of all those involved.

I had high hopes for this film. I like all the main actors usually, Patience, Oge and Nonso. The film started well, but my instincts were completely wrong!

In the first scene we see Nkechi, Mary’s Mother fighting in her neighbour’s compound, She starts off the fight by asking,

“Where is your useless son?” before they two women begin tussling and trading insults.

The scene is bold and dramatic and makes you pay attention. Straight away we know Patience is playing the bad ass mother and that she doesn’t want her daughter seeing her neighbours’ son for whatever reason.

In the next scene we are introduced to Mary, played by Oge Okoye. We see her looking glum and pondering. We hear her introduction through internal monologue,

“My name is Mary; Mary Daniels. This is my true life story. A part of me I’d love to hate. A part of me I hate to share. Like my mother always said the road to hell is broad and attractive, before now I have lived my life differently.”

Mary has a story to tell about her life and if you want to watch the film you too will be tortured by the ridiculousness of it all.


One night Mary and Kingsley meet late at night to meet in one of their meeting spots somewhere. Kingsley tells Mary a story that is about to change course of her life. He basically tells her a story about a girl called Mary who was raped by criminals who broke into her house. Not only that but her mother and sister were raped too and her father killed. He tells her the story just before they leave each other leaving her with a smile and a “Don’t worry baby! It’s just a story.”

Now correct me if I am wrong but what type of story is this? Why would you be telling a “story” like this in the first place? Where the hell did the concept for this film come from? Oh yeah Maxwell Leonard. He even got someone to collude with him on this sham of a movie and write a screenplay with him. Why would a man tell his girlfriend such a horrible story in the first place? And give the lead character that got raped in the story your girlfriend’s name? Oh and the girl that got raped had a sister too just like Mary does. What kind of man would do that?

Then to top it off the girl would just sit there, listen, nod and walk home by herself, not even yell “I reject it in Jesus name!” or “Tufiakwa!” or “Hell no It’s not my portion!”

Of course the story translates in real life and her house in broken into. She, her mother and sister are raped and her father is killed. Kingsley is accused of carrying out people to perpetrate the crime and hauled of to prison. He denies any involvement and Mary is devastated that he could carry out such a dastardly plan against her.

She decides to obey her mother’s wishes and marry Johnson, the man who put her through school, however he decides that he does not want to marry her. Without Johnson or her father’s support the family are soon in a dire financial situation and it is left up to Mary to provide.

By Part 2 Mary is a prostitute. We see no progression or how she ended up like this we just see her in a club drinking, smoking and picking up men.

Drug Abuse
Mary becomes a cokehead, and again we see an abysmal portrayal of drug taking. Mary puts some rocks into a sheet of paper rubs it together as if she is rolling a spliff, pours out the powder (the rocks have miraculously turned to powder with few rubs) onto the table and rubs her nose in it. No cutting of the drug into lines. No realism.

Religious Hypocrisy
She meets a Catholic Priest, who is one of her clients. She is in awe of him, even coming out with such nonsense like,

“I cannot imagine myself as dirty as I am to sleep in the same bed as an ordained man of God.”

Now why not? Is he not doing the same sinning as you? Or even worse since he is the one that made a vow to God.

It is not even clear if they have sexual relations with each other as this same man of God then says he has come into Mary’s life to deliver her from her life of sin… Yeah right. Only thing that would be more ridiculous then this whole scenario would be him telling Mary that she is the re-incarnated mother of Jesus. This is the same man that has a prostitute in his house and then goes ahead to leave the priesthood because he wants to marry her. NON-SENSE! HE then answers her and defends his actions by saying,

“We are all sinners, born into sin.” He even tells her as if to excuse his behaviour,

“You even share the same name with the holy mother.”

Mary has gotten herself involved with a drugs baron to ease her debts (I assume), as while prostituting she robbed a man and owes money.” She is stressed about the whole situation. Quite why I don’t know, her involvement with Don Christo is not explained properly. For reasons that are not completely understandable she tries to hang herself in the priest’s house and is caught just on time by him. At the hospital she finds out she is HIV, since when? This storyline does not even tie into anything.

At the end we find out that it was the priest that raped Mary, her sister and mother and it was Johnson who sent them. Now why would Johnson have sent a band of robbers to rape Mary? This was before he even came to take her hand in marriage. Utter utter stupidity! We don’t get any timeline but from bad boy cultist in university and a robber/rapist a man becomes a fully fledged priest. Na wa o! Even giving a gap of two years in between the rape and the priest meeting Mary, that is not enough time for a proper transition.

On knowing Kingsley is innocent Mary rushes to the jail to go and save him. She, her mother and sister beg him for forgiveness. He is really laid back and tells them,

“To err is to human, to forgive is divine.”

Now lets think about it. You have been locked up for who knows how long and your parents have been killed as a result of you being a supposed rapist (their murder made no sense either) and you are sitting there so relaxed and chilled. RO-BBISH! They are all happy that they have been forgiven and then Kingsley announces,

“Hey there is a party waiting for us at my house.”

They all rejoice at his announcement and the film ends. This was the stupidest ending ever. The whole thing was ridiculous.

I would definitely not recommend this film. Not only was the story stooooopid from beginning to end it was boring and draggy. I watched it in four different sittings because I kept falling asleep. Oge and Patience tried their best you could tell, however there was but there is so much they could do in TRASH. Chizzy Okiche was flat and lifeless and Jude Ugueze as the priest was pretty unconvincing. The music was too loud for the dialogue most of the time. There was a was a 7 minutes club scene with Yahooze blaring in the background where there was dialogue that I could not make out. The time line was not even vaguely clear. They tried to bring in too may subplots that were poorly executed. Overall the whole thing was sloppy sloppy SLOPPY. I salute myself for even managing to get through it!

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  1. Sgorgeous says:

    I also found certain parts confusing!!!

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    This film was a hot azz shitty mess… I'm gonna finish the review later on…

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see from your review how patethic this movie is.. There were just too much spoilers for my liking and Nonso saying "Hey there's a party waiting for us at my house" at the end…lol!!! what the hell was that about.

    I honestly dont like wasting my time watching a bad movie and i definitely wont watch this movie now. Especially after reading this..

    Later Babes!!

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    This is one of the worst!

  5. Sgorgeous says:

    Nolly I swear, I know how much you love Nonso, but any boyfriend tells me such useless talk we are done. I don't remember them raping Patience.

    I also found the Pastor thing disturbing. Why would he be picking up "pros".

    Finally, they expect us to believe that this is a true story…..

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    I know can u imagine! What kind of boyfriend is that? We didn't see the rape but she referred to it a few times that she her mother and sister were raped.

    The pastor was a jackass… And these are the kind of people that are parading around. do you remember the bit when PAtience's dead husbands brother wanted to sleep with her and she jumped out the the bed and started beating him? that was fun-nay!

  7. Sgorgeous says:

    I remember as if he owns her. I can never be married to my husband's brother. For where…. it can't happen. Where was the courting, the romance, the laughter and tears, just to come and inherit.

  8. nollywoodforever says:

    he came to reap where he did not sow! LOL

  9. EAnastasia says:

    Apparently I did not watch the same movie as everyone else here. I do not know for sure if there is a real Mary Daniels or not, however, I do know that life often times is stranger than fiction. The story of serial killer Jeffery Dalmer is forever seared into the minds of the people who live in the state of Wisconsin, USA. Yet, his story is real and the people that he so senselessly murdered happend.

    I have to admit that I did too have some issues with the telling of the story. For instance, Kingsley's older brother died under mysterious circumstances and it was implied that Mary's family may have been involved, hence the feud between the two families. There was not more discussion in that area.

    The next issue I had was the last night that Mary and Kingsley met with each other. The story that Kingsley told was shocking and the fact that he used Mary and her family in the story was also disturbing. But, in Kingsley's way he was saying goodbye to Mary. Kingsley knew that Mary was going to marry Jonathan. He also knew that he was no longer going to have a part in Mary's life. True that, if I were Mary, I would not have sat quietly and simply heard the story. As dark as it was out there, I would have told Kingsley good bye and left.

    What boggles my mind here is that no one saw the role Johnson played in all of this. From what I gathered, Johnson took it upon himself to help Mary's family. Johnson made the deal with Mary's family and Mary was not made aware of anything until after the deal was made. All Johnson had to do was talk to Mary, let her know his intentions, and find out how Mary really felt. This would have given Mary and Johnson a chance to really talk, and perhaps Mary would have opened up about Kingsley and how she felt about him.

    Instead, Johnson set everybody up and he had the perfect alibi, he was in America. I wondered who else could have known about the story Kingsley told Mary until Johnson dumped Mary for the other woman he married. Johnson told Mary that he knew that she was cheating on him before the rape and implied that Mary was sleeping around. Also, Johnson told Mary that he had her followed. Mary was unaware that she had was being followed including that night when she met with Kingsley. "I know that you have been meeting with men everywhere and in the DARK.", Johnson said.

    I realized that someone else was there when the story was told and he reported back to Johnson who was in the US at the time. Angry because he felt betrayed, Johnson had an order put out to have Mary's father killed, and the women in the family raped just like Kingsley's story and set Kinglsey up for the crime. Johnson also arranged to have evidence placed in Kingsley's house to make it look like Kingley was in some kind of a gang. Johnson further had Kingsley's parents killed gangland style to make it look like the killings were a warning for Kingsley to be silent.

    Kingsley did not stand a chance as no one believed him in the first place. Then the additional evidence sealed his fate. Kingsley was sent to prision. Kingsley was doing hard time and then all of a sudden, he was granted favors by the guards. Johnson was behind this too.

    If anyone remembers from the story, Johnson and his wife were tring to have a child and were unsuccessful. Even Johnson's mother refused to visit him until there was a grandchild. Johnson went to faith healers to get help in concieving a child with his wife. The faith healers told him the reason why he could not have children was due to the fact that he hurt someone, pure of heart. Johnson was told to reconcile with those he hurt. So, Johnson arranged for Kingsley to be granted favors in prison and he also tried to help Mary. Angry because she was dumped, Mary refused to listen to Johnson and did not accept any help from him.

    Mary of course fell into prostitution and that part of the story I was unclear about. I know that Mary went out to a club and ran into an old friend that was a prostitute. Mary saw the money that the friend was given and wanted to make that kind of money too. The part I got foggy on was after she stole from a client and then owed all of this money. I could never determine if Don Christo was a new pimp or if Mary was running drugs for him or both.

    I was able to deduce that although Johnson had many business interests, not all of them were legal and had some kind of connection with Don Christo. I also believe that he was aware that Mary fell into prostitution and owed money for the things she stole. Mary's mother was kidnapped and it may have been because of the money Mary owed. The story get real hokey here as at this point the priest is involved with Mary and somehow the ransom is paid for Mary's mother and the mother is realesed.

    Another problem I had was the relationship Mary had with the priest. The priest said he was sent to help Mary and that he helped other women get out of prostitution. Even if everything were above board, it was stupid of the priest to be alone with Mary in a house. A nun or a mature woman in the house would have been smarter, or help Mary at his house of worship.

    The kicker is that after Mary had grown to trust the priest, she tells him her story. The priests face turns as she recounts the story. Upon questioning Mary further, Mary gives the address to her house and what happens to her father. The priest was either involved in what happend to Mary and her family or knows who was involved. The next day, the priest resigns from the priesthood and asks Mary to be his wife.

    After the wedding, Mary's husband tells her the truth. Mary is told that there was an operation that he was involved in to kill her father and rape the women in the house. Mary's husband does not disclose exactly what his role was. So I was left to wonder if he was the one who killed Mary's father or if he participated in the raping of one or all three of the women. Upon hearing this, Mary goes to her mother's house and informs her mother and sister about what her husband confessed.

    Mary's husband comes into his mother-in-laws house and announces that he is ready to go to the police and tell them what happend. Then, Johnson shows up at the house. Mary's husband recognizes Johnson and calls his name. The women are shocked to see that the two men know each other. Johnson pretends that he does not know Mary's husband. Then Mary's husband tells everyone that Johnson was the one that gave the order while living in America to have the women raped and the father killed. Johnson runs out of the house with Mary's husband following behind. Then the story goes hokey again.

    Mary comes home and finds her husband murdered. I assume Johnson had the man killed or did it himself. I got foggy on this part of the story also. There was a part in the story where Don Christo and his drug ring were busted, however, it was not really developed. Also, Mary's mother and sister were kidnapped by Johnson. Johnson was planning to murder the two women and get out of town before the authorities found out.

    Ironically, the police came to Johnson's house and arrested him before he could murder Mary's mother and sister. I was not able to determine if the police were called by Mary or Johnson was ratted out by Don Christo and his crew on the drug bust. In any case, Kingsley was released from prison after serving about 7 years for a crime he did not commit. The ending of the movie was not as good as it could have been. Kingsley accepts Mary, her mother, and her sister's apologies and invites them to a party to celebrate his release from prison. Mary and Kingsley walking out of the house, going to the party, holding hands implies that they got back together.

    It is true that this movie had some issues with consistency, story execution, and editing. I have to admit that Mary's story is compelling. And if there is a real Mary and Kingsley out there, I hope that they were able to find peace and love in their lives with or without each other.

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