Comfort My Soul

Comfort My Soul

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African – Nigerian Movie Review

Comfort My Soul ~ 2009
(also known as Weeping Soul)
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amechi Ukeji
Director – Afam Okereke

Mercy Johnson – Amarachi
Clarion Chukwurah – Monica
Olu Jacobs – Chief Kalu
Van Vicker – Henry
Camilla Mberekpe – Rose
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Father
Ofili Ugbor – Doctor
Emma Emordi – Nonso
Akanchowo Okoro – Chima
Stanley Ekwelike – Chinedu
Paul Umoh – Obi
Osodebe Chike – Operation Man
Austin Okafor – Personnel man
Rita Daniels – Accountant
Esther Ugwu – Secretary

Battling adversity

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 60%


Amarachi is an orphan whose sole carer her grandmother has recently died. As well as coping with her grandmother’s death she is also receiving unwanted attention from a boy at school called Nonso. Nonso has been chasing Amarachi around school but she is not interested. His clique have threatened to throw him out for being a coward if he does not succeed in having his way with her. The situation turns from him simply trying to toast her into his friends organising for him to set her up into being “taken by force.”

One day she is confronted by Nonso and his clique, taken to the bush and almost raped. Nonso is on top of her when she saves herself by grabbing a sharp tool that she finds in the grass. She stabs him in the neck and escapes. Nonso dies as a result of the stabbing and Amarachi is banished from the kingdom.

Now a lowly and struggling orphan her luck improves when she comes across a kindly priest who takes her into his parrish and organises for the parrish to pay for her education to any level she should wish to study to. Can Amarachi overcome the problems of her past and find comfort in her new life?


Henry is the son of Chief Kalu and his wife Monica. Now in the movie they come across as a perfectly nice and reasonable couple. I found that the discord created because Henry had chosen to follow the career path of becoming a doctor highly unconvincing. A doctor is a reputable and prestigious profession in any part of the world, so the way they treated him for becoming a doctor seemed a bit over the top.

After all did they not send him to the United States to study? If they didn’t want him to become a doctor they could have thrown him straight into the family business or withdrawn support when he first attempted to embark on his medical studies. His mother calls his choice, “medical madness.” This disdain would have made more sense to me if he had chosen to pursue a career in art, writing or acting. I mean seriously what educated and exposed parents would frown upon their kid being a doctor?

I love Clarion Chukwurah but am so used to her playing wicked roles that I kept waiting for her to break into evil mode. At first it seemed like she was possibly jealous of her husband’s admiration for Amarachi, and so I thought the movie was going to continue along that vein, but instead we see her genuine care and love for Amarachi and she takes on a surrogate mother supportive role. I am not sure if it was meant for her to be shown as jealous in the beginning or I misconstrued it this way?

I feel the movie lacked some clear focus on what Henry’s parents’ problem was with him. It was made out that it was his career path that was the problem, but then a little later in the movie it appears to be his attitude that is an issue. In one scene Monica thanks Amarachi for positively changing Henry and the relationship between Henry and his parents improves under Amarachi’s influence. However he is still a doctor so what is really the issue? It also seemed to me that any issues between them were solely the fault of his parents.

Is Amarachi an angel or a witch? LOL She is the saviour of everything in the movie. Anytime there is a problem from business to personal family problems she is called upon and she always produces good results. There is one instance in which she actually convinces Van to join the business. Her reasons did not seem compelling to me. Chinedu (story) and Amechi (script) should have come better than that. We then see Henry apologising for following his dreams WTF??? As if he was off being an armed robber. I found this highly unconvincing. There needed to be a valid reason and clear focus on what the bone of contention between parents and child was going to be for the movie to really make sense.

At the beginning of the movie we see Mercy’s grandmother on her death bed. Now what I want to know is what was that stuff on her face supposed to be? It looked like she dunked her head in a bucketful of vomit and left it to dry. What was she supposed to be dying of? A skin condition? The way she was coughing you would think it was a lung disease! Why do the movies always have someone coughing before they die? I wonder ooo!

A funny scene to look out for is at the end of the movie when Amarachi is beating herself up over falling in love with Henry. She is full of fear and apprehension that Henry’s family will think her a gold digger. It is funny because we the viewers have seen that his parents are wholly behind the union and so we know that she is worrying about nothing. Mercy is very convincing and the slow build up of attraction between her and Van is very believable and lovely to watch.


Despite its moot points I did like the movie. Mercy Johnson is such a versatile actress. She can sex it up with the best of them but when she is playing miss prim and proper she can do that to perfection too. Although predictable, (it was obvious she and Van were going to hook up) it was a nice feel good movie about a downtrodden individual battling against the odds and coming out on top. We see Amarachi lose her parents, her grandmother, almost get raped, get banished from the only life she knew, to becoming a Masters degree holder, General Manager of a multi-billion Naira company and finding a man who truly loves her. Not bad! I’d recommend watching this.Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

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  1. Nonso okafor says:

    My dear u are really doing a good job here with u our entertainment industry will improve thank u

  2. Nonso okafor says:

    Go on girl i got u

  3. Thank ya 🙂

  4. yes, i agree with ur comments…and I did enjoy the movie too

  5. This sounds sweet, I think I'll watch it.

  6. i finally watched dis movie, n like u, i waz waitin 4 clarion 2 explode in d 1st part…she was too gud 2 b true…lol…i was more comfy wen she got into her regular role…i must confess dat mercy is an underated actress…i'v seen her in a lot of diff. roles, she actually does a gud job i must say….cheers!!!

  7. I enjoyed even more, we need more movies like this one. Mercy you are my girl

  8. Actually this is the part 3 and 4,part 1 and 2 is cALLED"MY COMFORTER" its the wrong order lol,originally it starts with mercy johnson grand mother dying,when she got raped and stabed the guy,everything,u would undertnd more watching the beggining,it's a very good film 😀

    • I dnt know hw many titles does nigeria producers chooses for a single movie,den it get confusing what dnt they just call it "the comforter"prt 1,2, and 3 then it get confusing jheez lol

      • Thanks Mimi, this is the same problem that I have with Nigerian movies- the producers choose different titles for the same movies which in a way kind of make you lose interest after a while. Sometimes, they repack old movies under a new name

    • SHE shouldnt have die,ive just realised hw important forgiveness is now WOW!

  9. Falade Josiah says:

    I'm a screenplay and an 'acting quality' person

    honestly, 2 me this is one of d most original screenplays in d nigerian movie industry..i'd lyk 2 knw amaechi ukeje personally

    The story, was wow. Bt amarachi, 2 me, was too perfect 2 b a human. At least she's gotta get flaws!

    Van, Mercy, Olu, and Clarion all blended with d movie, they all understood their characters

    afam, was da bomb. Aside 4rm 1 or 2 camera angle issues, he was massively gr8.

    U'r doing a gr8 deal of job here..u'r naija's rotten tomatoes

    keep d good work!

  10. Falade Josiah says:

    Most (nigerian/ghanian) screenwriters seem to lose their steppings while writing dialogues

    1. by secondary school pupils esp. Gangs and Bully-victim encounters

    2. In a round table meeting

    3. In son-parent quarrel

    4. In a Meeting with village committees

    5. In a Sick bed discussion

    and mst importantly while soliloquising

    amaechi intelligently took care of these knots.

    But i found fault in some scenes(i'm nt sure whether it is bad acting or bad dialogue)

    1. The office gossip scene

    2. D lawyer's scene and

    3. D banishment scene

    i felt lyk i lived some scenes 4rm dat movie b4, jst bcos of d dialogues

    • Ah I see what you mean. I would call that more "realistic" rather that original. I thought that you meant the story was original which is why I asked you to elaborate. I get what you mean now!

  11. Falade Josiah says:

    Hey…i wasn't talking 'bout d story. I was talkin' 'bout d screenplay. And original 2 me means both uniqueness and nearness to reality.

    Those points i stated earlier are bth d screenplay's uniqueness 4rm other nollywood movies and its nearness to reality…hope u understand

  12. forjimmyboy says:

    This movie is just too unrealistic and too long for what it contains, true they have got a good story i think but a little bit more realism, a bit more geniuty and why does it have to have part 3 and 4 under a different name, please . Me i dont think i will be watching the rest of the parts

  13. Joseph Precious says:

    That’s actually a wonderful movie.

  14. Joseph Precious says:

    That’s actually a wonderful movie. However, there were some mistakes in some scenes.



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