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Director – Andy Chukwu

Story – Nwafor Anayo

Screenplay – Chuks Obiorah




Ramsey Noah – Daniel

Kate Nuttall Henshaw – Angela

Andy Chukwu – Eric

Chinonye Eluke – Emilia (Branch Manager)

Oby Somina Okafor – Chinelo



Themes explored in this film:

Family Pressure in Nigerian Movies

Marriage in Nigerian Society

Infidelity in Nigeria

“Saving Face” in Nollywood

Gender Roles in Africa

Patriarchy in African Culture



My Rating 90%


Daniel, A graduate who cannot find a job feels less than a man because his girlfriend is in employment and he is not. One day whilst out job hunting he is knocked down by an okada driver.


Angela is at work when a man she has never met comes and tells her that he has been to her village to see her parents about seeking her hand in marriage. He tries to discuss wedding dates and plans with her. Understandably she is hostile upon hearing this and asks him to leave.


Later on that day she tells her boyfriend about the man that confronted her at work. He is indifferent. This is the warning for what is to come later.


Angela is supportive with regards to her boyfriend’s unemployment. She gives him her company car to drive to facilitate his job hunting. She also takes him suit shopping to make him more presentable.


Her efforts pay off and very soon Daniel finds a job, however the fact that he is driving Angela’s company car means that he is trailed by Angela’s boss who is curious as to why Angela is not driving the car as it is for her use. Angela’s boss trails him to his friend Eric’s house where he innocently is chilling with two female friends. She calls Angela in to reprimand her furious that the company car is being used to “carry women.”


Angela declares her love for Daniel, but despite this declaration he does not appear to be in any rush to marry her. Desperate; she cooks up a plan to fall pregnant to force him into marriage. At the suggestion of a friend she begins piercing holes into condom packets.


At the same time we can see Daniel is not serious about Angela. His friend asks him why he has not yet proposed marriage and he tells his that, “We like it this way… friends… best friends.”




If you have not watched you may want to stop reading here.






Angela tries to get Daniel to have sex with her sans condom. He refuses and so she uses one anyway but from a pre pierced packet. As a result of the piercing, the condom bursts mid act and Daniel freaks out. He stops their lovemaking to head straight to the pharmacy to get emergency contraception despite her insistence that she should come to bed. When he returns with the pills she pretends to take it and hides it under her tongue.


It is not only Angela’s home life that is in disarray, she goes into work to find out that she is being suspended for two months without pay for loaning Daniel the company car and contravening company law. She is distraught and tells Daniel only to find him unsympathetic. This should be the final sign that she needs to realise Daniel does not care about her in the same way that she cares about him. After all when he was in his time of need she was more than helpful even putting her job on the line to ensure that he find a job, however he clearly is not willing to do the same.


As a result of the condom bursting on that fateful night Angela finds out that she is pregnant. She tells Daniel who does not take her seriously. He laughs as though it were a joke. On realising the seriousness of the situation he yells at her blaming her for trying to tie him down,


“Your child… Not mine. I DON’T want to marry you.”


He tries to talk her into having an abortion and she refuses leaving him to exclaim,


“It’s your choice. Count me out!”


Angela is distraught and confesses to her friend


“How do I face my friends, my family, and the public?”


“Saving face” is a big theme in Nigerian films. Someone is always worried about what someone else will think about them rather than worrying about how to deal/cope with the situation at hand. Could it be societal pressure that has forced Angela into trying to make her boyfriend become a father prematurely? A society that says women must be married with child before a certain age or face ridicule and shame?


Daniel, knowing that Angela plans on keeping the baby flees back to his father in the village. It is now that we find out that he ran to Lagos (where Angela lives) in the first place because he got a girlfriend in the village pregnant. His father is not pleased to see him because his son’s predicament when he left meant that he was ridiculed in the village and banned from the elders circle.


Daniel tells his father that he has come to marry the Beatrice, the girl that bore his child. We see that this same girl now has a boyfriend in the village, as she is seen intimately hugging a man before she is to leave with Daniel to the city.


Kate has left Lagos for the village after being sacked and made homeless as a result. Her father disowns her on seeing her pregnant stomach and bans her from the family home much to her mother’s dismay. Even though her mother wants to protest she does not because she accepts that a man rules the home. Her husband also warns her that she will be disowned if she intervenes so she does not. She is powerless in the patriarchal society that she belongs to, and her role as a woman being subservient to a man has been clearly defined.


Daniel brings his bride to Lagos only to come home from work and see a man leaving his house. It is the same man that Beatrice was hugging in the village. Beatrice claims that he came to collect money that she owed to him. He accepts that but it is clear it is a different story when he enters the house to find two plate and two beer bottles laid out.


Daniel probably thought that a village girl would be docile and cater more to his needs than the city girl that he had and strung along. He is very wrong as this village girl leaves the whole place in utter chaos and will not cook either.


Beatrice has planned to drain Daniel’s money and run away with her boyfriend with it. From the beginning she has no respect for Daniel and talks to him in any way that she likes, which is not surprising considering the way he impregnated her and abandoned her to face the shame of being an unwed mother. This is karma at its finest because we see Daniel getting his comeuppance.


In the end Philip the boyfriend reveals to Daniel in a confrontation that he is not the father of the child. Daniel is upset and goes home to confront Beatrice, who is not there as she has run off with the child and his money.


Angela too makes a new life for herself. Daniel is put in prison for fraud. What we can take from this is, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and KARMA IS A BIZATCH!


All in all it was a good film which kept me gripped… There are many lessons to be learnt.


Of course Angela was wrong on her part for piercing holes into the condom, but on the same hand Daniel knew that she wanted a relationship leading to marriage and he knew that he was not willing to give that to her, so he should have let her go. He thought that a village girl would be faithful and subservient, as perhaps he has witness in his own parent’s marriage but that was not the case and he ended up being the loser!

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  1. This movies was great. I loved the scene when the village girl knew almost all the hotels, bars,a nd every club in Lagos.
    Karma is a BITCH!!!!!!!! What goes around must surely come back.
    Very educative…..good movie…Ramsey always give the best every time. Kate was great too.

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