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This is Nollywood Forever’s first interview, conducted by Nmachi Jidenma over at cp-africa.com:

Interview conducted by Nmachi Jidenma

CP-Africa.com: Thanks for joining us at CP-Africa Alexia! In your own words, please tell us: “What is Nollywoodforever.com?”

Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews is a website that offers down to earth, unbiased reviews of the latest Nollywood movies (Nigerian and Ghanaian) on the market. It is for Nollywood enthusiasts as well as the casual viewer simply looking for a recommendation online on what to watch. The reviews act as a discussion starting point for wider issues that the movies bring up. If you have not yet watched the movie then you only read up to the spoilers and then come back after you have watched.

CP-Africa.com: When did you start Nollywood Forever?

I started Nollywood Forever in March 2008, about a year after I watched my first Nollywood Movie. It started off as a WordPress blog which was nollywoodforever.wordpress.com. In February 2009 I acquired the domain name and then earlier this year I took the website off WordPress to self host it.

CP-Africa.com: Why did you choose to start Nollywood Forever?

When I first started watching Nollywood movies it was hard to know what to watch and what not to watch. It was like a game of eenie meenie minie mo. I would buy a movie because of who was in it, only to discover that it was a waste of time. I would scan the internet looking for reviews to read in a bid to know whether or not to buy a film and would find NOTHING. My only saving grace was Naijarules.com which did have some movie reviews but just not enough. I couldn’t find a site dedicated solely to Nollywood movie reviews that was satisfying to me. Those that I did find would be sparse, rarely updated, with barely there synopses and so I decided to start my own Nollywood blog, hence the creation of nollywoodforever.com.

CP-Africa.com: How many Nollywood movies have you reviewed so far?

So far I have reviewed 210 films and the number is growing.

CP-Africa.com: What is your favorite Nollywood movie?

I have so many favourites that it is hard to pick one. What I might deem favourite changes by the day and my mood. For today I will say Distance Between. It was a story based around incest and abuse, written by Remi Ibinola and directed by Izu Ojukwu. It was a joy to watch. The story, cast and cinematography were excellent. The sound was perfect and the style of the whole film was very arty which is different for Nollywood. You could tell that a lot of thought went into every detail in the movie. The four main cast members played their roles fantastically. The treatment of the abuse/incest was sensitively handled and the complexities of friendship explored, as opposed to skimmed over.

CP-Africa.com: Which Nollywood movie has been your least favorite so far?

I have watched so many bad Nollywood movies. One that immediately comes to mind Van Vicker’s debut, Friday Night. I actually saved watching it as that is how good I thought it would be. I think that if it is your first movie production, to write, direct and star may be a little too much as was indeed the case. It started off very badly. It was set in a nightclub and there was no dialogue or  hint as to what was in store next which was a big mistake because as a viewer if you watch something that starts of badly and you are bored from the outset you will simply turn off. It also made the mistake of being too Americanised and casting very poor actors. If a viewer wanted to watch an American film they would go and buy one, after all there are many on the market. I am not in support of these Nollywood movies based in the US like the JJ Bunny Productions. For me they just do not work.

CP-Africa.com: Where would you like to see Nollywood in the next 5 years?

I hope that the industry continues to grow and gain recognition so that greater growth can occur and one day there will be more quality being put out than junk. I feel that if quality films are recognised on a grander scale, then those that are producing junk that was put together in two days will rethink and strive for quality instead of a quick buck.

CP-Africa.com: Where would you like to see Nollywood Forever in the next 5 years?

I would like it to be the number one website for Nollywood fans. Before anyone even attempts buying or watching a movie they will quickly log on and see if the movie is reviewed first. I also forsee expanding beyond reviews.

CP-Africa.com: Who is your favorite Nollywood Actor? Actress?

In terms of actors I would have to say Majid Majid Majid! Every movie he is in he kills it. Even in the atrocity that was The Shepherd he stood out and made his character believable. I know you said actor singular but let me add some more of my favourites. They would be Richard Mofe Damijo and Zack Orji. In terms of actresses it would be Patience Ozokwor, Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson. If I see any of these six in a film I know that even if the film is generally poor that their performances will usually be a joy to watch. They all have the ability to live, breathe and become a character and make you as the viewer feel what they want you to feel. Yes Patience has been typecast as the evil mama in Law for the most part, but it is a role that all her fans love to see her playing so if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

CP-Africa.com: What do you like most about Nollywood movies?

The drama, the buildup of tension, the black cast, the African setting was what kept me coming back over and over again for more Nollywood. It was like nothing I’d seen before. The refreshing thing about it was seeing people that looked like me on screen. It was like being a kid again and discovering the Cosby show. I also loved the fact that Nollywood as opposed to Hollywood is mostly dialogue driven and I meshed well with that alongside stories that I could relate to. I have watched many movies with life lessons and scenarios that are relatable and will stick with me.

CP-Africa.com: What do you dislike the most about Nollywood movies?

I dislike the negative effect that the marketers have on the industry. It is concerning that movies are being split up into multiple parts. How do we expect to truly be part of the international film community when this splitting up of movies is not international practice. Imagine Parts 1,2,3 and 4 of a movie being screened at Cannes? Of late the trend is for movies to be repackaged with different covers and titles. How can this be taken as anything else but 419?

CP-Africa.com: What 2 things do you think Nollywood can most improve upon?

The issues surrounding marketing are big ones. These are issues big enough to derail the whole industry as far as I can see. Why won’t people watch online when they may well be buying a movie that they have already seen before? Aside from that improving visual and audio quality is important. There are movie makers coming out with films with near perfect/ near perfect audio and visuals but they are in the minority rather than the majority.

You can read the rest of the interview here:
Nollywood Forever Interview

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  1. Good for you Nolly! I must congratulate you for all the good review you've been giving us. Keep up with the good work. I wish you all the best.

  2. You are welcome!

  3. Keep up d good work Nolly…itz a shame that the year is gradually coming to an end, but we r yet 2 get one of those "Ahaa" movies that will keep u on d edge…lol

    • I know right, you should check out Jungle Ride if you haven’t though. That is the best thing that I have watched lately, and its funny because all the hyped releases I wasn’t to impressed with but this one just caught me unawares. I wasn’t even aware of its existence before I picked it up one day.

  4. Congratulations! You spoke my mind about those American produced Naija movies. JJ BUNNY. Warra heck? Those people just have money to waste, throwing forced phonetics all over the place.

    • LMAO @ forced phonetics. When I went to Nigeria they kept telling me "why you dey blow foneeee?" And I kept saying WHAAAAT? LOL I know what you mean though. We are not watching for all that foneee.


        • Sometimes I think people don't even watch their own films. they just follow people's feedback and the people who are feeding back are arselickers and die hard fans who won't necessarily tell it as it is.

  5. i hope this site gets more & more recognition so the directors,movie producers and actors will read these reviews and take advices from you and nollywood movie watchers so three next films will be much better in every aspect…

    Good luck with this site thank you for your wonderful reviews and congratulations!!!

  6. Great interview Nolly!! Keep up the good work! :):):)

  7. Good interview but stop referring to every African movie as Nollywood movie. By the way, I hate the terms Nollywood. The last I checked there is no city in Africa call Nollywood but there is a city in the USA called Hollywood which is the film capital of the US (I hope you get what I mean). Must we always been coping blindly????

    • Nollywood says:

      Too bad the name is here. The blog is called Nollywood Forever. I've stated my reasons before and I'm not stating them again. You can scream all you want. It is what it is.Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

    • and stop coming on my blog posting with different names and email addresses. Like I told all the scumbags trolls before you. I CAN SEE YOUR IP ADDRESS.

  8. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Your name is Alexia? Somehow I never pictured you as an Alexia.

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