Crazy Romance

Crazy Romance Ghanaian Movie Review

Date of Release: 2011
Story/Screenplay – Gabriel Okey Okonkwo
Director –
Producer –

John Dumelo
Roselyn Ngissah
Prince David Osei
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Nollywood Forever Rating – 40%


Both John and his wife Linda are having an affair with different members of their domestic staff. Linda is having cheating with the driver and John is having an affair with the housegirl. The driver is putting pressure on Linda to dump her husband but she is reluctant to divorce because of business and financial reasons. Likewise the house girl is putting pressure on John too. The games begin when husband and wife add a new dimension to their cheating ways. Roselyn and Prince are the other couple in the movie. They have a tumultuous relationship marred with bickering, physical fighting. They are both continuously complaining about each other but cannot live without each other. They too seek pleasures outside their marital home.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

We learn early on that John has stopped sleeping with his wife since he found her with another man. Say What? Why doesn’t he confront her and who is the guy he found her with? Is it the driver?

26 minutes into part 2 Linda is given a voiceover and it is a man’s voice??? Say What? Just out the blue like that how freaking weird and REEEDONKULOUS!

A man is pushed off the bed, smashes his head on the floor and dies. A woman just drops to the floor and faints without provocation. Say What? GTFOH! Movie lacked depth and towards the end I began to lose interest in watching although I did stick it out to the end.


I would not recommend the movie. It must be said that the sound track was appropriate, was a good volume and added to scenes, however there was too much of everyone sleeping with everyone. The sex scenes were way too long. What w as that in aid of? The movie ended with epilogue. It felt kind of unfinished and pointless. Thumbs down.

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  1. Gigi Chiny says:

    Hi Nolly, *waves*. Did you see my tweets about Iroko TV?

  2. Charlotte74 says:

    I won’t waste my time on this movie then.

  3. I won’t waste my money watching this on big screen! I don’t like the story line. Thank you for sharing your review…

  4. fergusonsarah says:

    Err.. Im not interested in these kind of movies and some of the other people here too dont like it . So I won’t watch it ..

  5. By the way, thanks a bunch!

  6. percy ndelu says:

    can anyone help me,i’m trying to find the name of movie of a girl by the name of ebhere whom her cousin trid to steal her boyfriend,and bewitched her at the same time with the help of her mother,back in 2009-2012.i dont remember the used to play on dstv

  7. percy ndelu says:

    What’s the name of the movie.can anyone help ?

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