Crazy Scandals

Crazy Scandals

African Ghana Movie Review
Crazy Scandals – 2010
Story – Ndiribe Desmond Uchenna
Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Ken Steve Anuka
Producer – Ndiribe Desmond Uchenna

Nadia Buari – Samantha
Prince David Osei – Dr Kay
Juliet Ibrahim – Nicole
Artus Frank – Jeff
Vivian Bijou Amegashie – Christine
Ejiro Okurame – Nene
Toosweet Anna – Jissy

Unrequited Love

Nollywoodforever Rating – 70%

Jeff played by Artus Frank jilts his bride Samantha played by Nadia Buari on their wedding day, claiming that he does not want to be tied to a woman that he does not love. In the following weeks Jeff and Samantha randomly bump into each on the roadside but when their eyes meet Jeff flees. She tries to chase after him but he evades her, also refusing to pick up her calls. In a panic he decides to get out of town needing a change of environment. Almost immediately he meets Nicole played by Juliet Ibrahim and they get engaged to be married pretty much straight away. Samantha meets a new man Doctor Kay played by Prince David Osei, and appears to be moving on, but has she really moved on?


Love in Nollywood
Nicole meets Jeff at the swimming pool, goes out to his house in the evening and is declares love that same night. For real? Jeff even tells her that he loves her too, and says that if he didn’t what would she be doing there? Errrrm getting to know him? Hmmm romance is always so fake in Nollywood. I’m going to need some more realness, because this kind of love just did not ring true to me.

Jeff claims that he is not ready for a serious relationship hence why he ran away from Samantha and then he is there declaring love to a woman on his first night in a new city AND proposes to her. See wahala! The other thing is Jeff later said that he was infatuated with Samantha but not in love. So let me ask was it only at the church that he realised that? I felt like the writers in the movie were not themselves sure about why Jeff jilted Samantha and it really showed in the movie. They should have come up with a stronger angle before filming.

Unrequited Love
Almost everybody in this movie is loving on somebody that doesn’t love them back. Christine is in love with any man that doesn’t belong to her. Kay is chasing after Samantha to the extent that she has to drug him to escape his clutches and Samantha is chasing after and acting psychotic over Jeff the man that jilted her.

Samantha wants Jeff to call off his wedding to Nicole. What is her business? She already has a fiancé now. She should either tell Nicole what happened or just forget about it. Instead when they are in the car together she is fondling him. I couldn’t figure out what her game was at first. Whether she wanted him back or wanted revenge. We see her plant herself in his bedroom and try to seduce him? What is the point? Is it by force? Look at all the heartache she went through after being jilted before marriage let alone she marry him and get jilted later down the line and go through much worse. How does she think kidnap going to make the guy love her? I guess once you have lost the plot you are not thinking sensibly.

What kind of friend is Christine that she goes around to her friend’s man’s house and strips off her clothes to try and seduce him. That is a crazy scandal for real. Christine is a prize bitch. Why is she coming onto everyone’s man. Why can’t she find her own? It’s not even like she fell in love with these guys and couldn’t help herself. She purposely targets them knowing that they are with her friends. Is she trying to somehow prove that she is better than them or what is her aim? Why can’t she find a man that is not dating her friends AND why don’t her friends know what she is like? I didn’t like that in the end Christine was with Kay because the movie sends the message that you can be a man thief, have a hot man AND keep your friends.

Even though Samantha took the whole thing with chasing Jeff too far, I understood her pain. We also have to remember that she did not get closure on the issue. She didn’t get a reason and everytime she tried to talk to Jeff he would avoid her. How painful must it be to play bridesmaid to your friend marrying the man that jilted you? It would have been best for her to refuse than go through all that pain, especially if she valued Nicole as a friend.

I loved the way that Samantha and Nicole were referring to each other as best friends even though it had been 9 years since they had seen each other and hadn’t even been in contact all that time. They were such best friends they managed without each other all that time despite even living in the same city. Erm ok.

Piggybacking of f the fact that the girls appeared to live in the same city I was confused about the whole thing with Jeff going out of town? Didn’t he stay there? How did Nicole and Samantha bump into each other and start hanging out if they don’t even live in the same city?

My Favourite Scene
I loved the part where Kay bursts into the honeymooner’s suite and catches Samantha begging for Jeff to take her back. He didn’t even care that she was begging another man to be with her he just grabbed her and told her he was taking me home. He even blamed Jeff for her bad behaviour! That was too funny. On the way home he even apologised to her. That is what I call original MUMU!

The Cast’s Performances
Juliet Ibrahim
I must say Juliet Ibrahim has stepped her game up. At first I didn’t even want to watch because I didn’t want to torture myself but I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t go as far as to say she was great but she did good. She seemed at ease and natural with her lines and her body language was on point.

Artus Frank
Artus played his role really well. It was a passionate performance. We got to see him run through a whole gamut of emotions and he didn’t disappoint. He too was very natural. He seems to sweat a lot naturally which adds realism to the fast paced high pressure scenes where there is a build up of anxiety, of which there are many in this movie.

Nadia Buari
Nadia did was good. For me her best scene was where she was crying in the woods or whatever dark place in the middle of nowhere where her character and Jeff were. She interpreted pain really well in that scene.

Vivian Bijou Amegashie
This is the first time I have seen her in a movie and she wasn’t bad. In the beginning, in her first scene by the swimming pool in the hotel I was cringing but she actually improved tremendously throughout the course of the movie. I would say that she has good potential.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
*** Nicole and Jeff spend their honeymoon at a poxy hotel in Kumasi. SAY WHAT? Why does Nicole jet off to London for mere shopping for the wedding and then when it comes to the honeymoon they don’t leave even leave the country. They are sitting about in a hotel going about their normal daily routine. That doesn’t make sense to me.

*** Why did they have Samantha smoking at the end? She hadn’t smoked all the way through the movie and as soon as she gets a little bit more gangster she feels the urge to have a puff? SAY WHAT? What’s that about? I think they were trying to add to the image that had been created but it was a bit late to have her smoking.

*** SAY WHAT? Is Kay the only doctor in Ghana? He himself just got shot and then he is treating the ones that he got shot with? Arrant nonsense.

I would recommend the movie. The cast gave some good performances; it was fast paced and held my attention. I did however feel that having 3 parts was way too long and complete overkill especially considering that towards the end of the movie a lot of it was repetition. Nevertheless it is worth watching!

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  1. Nolly, I have a question.

    In your opinion and in regards to Nollywood, what makes a movie Nigerian or Ghanaian? Is it the cast or the production crew?

    This was a question that came up in a discussion I was having with someone in regards to this movie, Crazy Scandals, which (from the names) seems to have Nigerians as the producer, the script/story writer and the director.


    • @GigiChiny….that's a very good one, "what makes a movie Nigerian/Ghanaian?"…Nolly maybe you could help us out on this one…cos I would really love to know too..

    • i always use the setting to answer that question. if the movie is set in nigeria, it's a nigerian movie. if it's set in ghana, it's a ghanaian movie. i know that's a really simple way of answering the question—maybe too simple—-but i don't know what other criteria to use. especially, when the cast is a mixture of people with different nationalities. but i already know my way of answering your question is flawed. for example, what if the cast is completely nigerian, and the move is set in ghana or vice versa? of course my example is purely hypothetical, because i can't think of any such movie, but you get my point.

      you have raised a good question!

    • I personally would say that it is the majority of the cast. After all Frank Rajah is a Nigerian but he is known for doing ghanaian films set in Ghana. Of course you do get movies that are mixed but I go for the majority and the setting. Most movies with a mostly Ghanain cast are gonna be set in Ghana and the same with a mostly Nigerian cast.

    • Thanks everyone for the input. I enjoyed reading them all.

      And Nolly, please keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. nolly, u r sure one hell of a film critic. i've given up that's why i haven't been here in a looong time…i'm tired of seeing the same damn faces…i'll try and watch some of the ones u've recommended but u r really strong…i just get bored seeing the same ppl. Nigeria and Ghana need to learn from Hollywood and Bollywood about overusing actors…it's just crazy!

    • nfata, i agree with you. i'm tired of seeing the people in these movies. it seems as if movie makers don't want to use new/fresh talent. so disappointing.

    • I am tired as well, but every now and then there is a gem and thats what I'm searching for.

    • Really, what we need are exciting and original scripts and wonderful production. Because the reason all these people are being recycled like plastic bags is because they need a famous face to promote their not-so-original movies.

  3. This is a very perfect review for this movie…

  4. Your reviews make me laugh. I laughed even harder when I realized you gave this 70% rating. on another point, it's interesting what you said about juliet ibrahim's acting. its nice to know her skills/performance is improving. but i'm still not motivated to watch her in a movie again. i'd rather watch paint dry.

  5. Nice movie, really nice movie but I just don't like this

    'Jeff guy,,,sorry oooo

    Nolly thanks hey,,,,,,and did u watch

    'turn me on?

  6. Just to reflect on "what makes the movie Ghanaian/Nigerian, I am not sure what criteria is used abroad to determine their status..however American movies have been known to shoot abroad Paris, Italy, Milan, Africa etc. but the movies are American movies whether or not it has Antonia Banderas in it who is not an American (But a Spaniard) or Jude Law and Tandi Newton who are British…I believe what makes it an American movie are the producers/Directors….and not where the movie is being made…not sure how it is for Nigerian/Ghanaian…

    • good point.

    • GigiChiny says:

      Max, thanks for the input.

      In the discussion I had about this topic (which caused me to raise the topic on Nollywood Forever), the criteria used to make this determination in Hollywood was also discussed (which, as you have stated, is based on the producers/directors of the film in question).

      • Hmmm I get why max would say that but then think about Slumdog Millionaire… There was all sorts of confusion about how to classify the film.

        Plus someone like Frank Rajah Arase is Nigerian but works primarily out of Ghana using Ghanaian actors so I would call his movies Ghanaian.

  7. So, I love this movie but I gotta say you left out an important part, Prince David Osei, his acting awesome and he reminds of John Dumelo, all that chocolate goodness.

    African movies seem to be taking over my life oh, Nolly I feel you on that point.Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are no match for Majid and Frank in my heart :))

    • I didn't forget him LOL He is growing on me. He actually used to annoy me before.

      Please stop coming here to steal my men. Whoever your Frank is keep him as for Majid. Keep away!

      • Okay, I'll agree when i first saw him on Sin of the Soul, I thought he was another bad acting extra. Then I saw him in I Sing of a Well and Desperate to Survive, and I fell in love. He's a little wooden in romantic situations but I think with time, at least he's not as bad as Van Vicker, fine boy no talent.

        It's so funny how we are claiming a married man, lol

  8. nolly u sure keep us fellow africans in the loop we appreciate i,ve really dissed other movies for months now and totally addicted to nollywood and ghana movies i must say though juliet ibrahim improved some here and so has nadia buari they have cme a long way and i,m really getting the vibe of artus frank it,s nice to see new faces once in a while good movie liked the storyline that is one thing that keeps me entertained they feel real to me unlike american or british movies nowadays too much fiction and reality tv so why not support my fellow africans

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