African Nigerian Movie Review
Cruz ~ 2010
(Continuation The End Of Cruz)
Story – Uyi K Osifo
Screenplay – Locomotive
Director – Nonso Emekaekwue
Producer – Uyi K Osifo

Eucharia Anunobi – Osas
Uche Ogbodo – Lizzy
Mary Remmy – Tracey
Jim Iyke – Cruz
Shine Odigie – Bola
Bisping Okpoya – Joe
Obeto S Ehimen – Jay

Cougar Dating
Cheating Rating – 14%

Osas a cougar played by Eucharia Anunobi dumps her boyfriend James after she finds out that he is about to get married to another woman. She then manages to pick up another young buck, a musician called Jay who she seems to think will marry her, oblivious to the fact that she is simply a sugar mummy to him. Lizzy, played by Uche Ogbodo has just married James but finds herself entangled with Cruz played by Jim Iyke in some elaborate twisted love hexagon (or whatever other shape that has more corners than a triangle.)

From the opening scene alone I just knew that this movie was going to be utter trash. We see some girls gossiping in a fast food joint. The acting is atrocious and this is the OPENING SCENE. Just a word of advice, NEVER use your worst cast members to open up a scene because all that does is make people press EJECT. The lucky ones will go and claim their refunds and the less fortunate will simply have to find some poor sap to swap the movie with or just BIN IT.

The scene after the opening one is just as tragic but for different reasons. We see Osas a middle aged cougar dating guys that are blatantly using her attempting to commit suicide by way of pill overdose. Watching Eucharia Anunobi taking these pills and then rolling about on the floor and wailing as she did it was absolutely torturous. If you were there you would have wanted to just give her one big and hefty slap. This is one of the many scenes in the movie where you will keep you finger on the fast forward button.

And check this out while she is rolling around on the floor her sister Tracey played by Mary Remmy is outside dancing around her car and blasting music. She is by herself so what is that all about? Since when do peopel randomly dance around trheir cars BY THEMSELVES? I wonder ooo! It seems like they were trying to drag and stretch this movie out by any means necessary hence all the long useless scenes like this.

There are countless useless scenes like the one above. We see Cruz pulling up to his house blasting music just sitting in a car, Osas dancing in a corridor by herself at a party, Osas and her next man canoodling at a zoo. The camera would stay focused on these things (no speech just music blasting) for a good 5-10 minutes. Why? We aint there, we don’t care. Good editing is vital I tell ya!

Practically everything in this movie was bad and the screenplay was no exception. We see classic smooth lines from the likes of Cruz who classily approaches Lizzy in the woman’s bathroom with,

“So you’re married. How long have you had that problem?”

Can you imagine Lizzy, a married woman was there entertaining Cruz in the bathroom for so long despite claiming not to be interested? Even if she did find him cute what kind of woman starts smiling up with a man who bursts into the ladies bathroom like a lunatic?

In this same scene after Cruz approaches Lizzy in the bathroom he goes back to his date in the restaurant. His date asks him what took him so long in the bathroom and he replies,

“Some of us come in big tubes you know what I mean? and big tubes take longer to expand.”

NO WE DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! What kind of yeye line is that? Eww that sounds like he was dropping logs and divulging such information is not cute at all. Meanwhile his date is there listening to the nonsense and giggling.

I am not surprised the scriptwriter is down as LOCOMOTIVE. I would be so embarassed to attach my name to this too.

Cast Performances
I normally like Eucharia Anunobi and Jim Iyke so I don’t even know what to say about this. The recession is hitting everybody hard and I guess everybody needs to eat. Mary Remmy I remember from fondly from War Game, and a few other movies. She is a really good actress but always given the role of someone’s sidekick. It has been a while since I have seen her on screen so it was a shame to see her come back to this.

Character Development
The character of Lizzy was not realistically developed at all, One minute she really cares about her friend and feels guilty about cheating with her man and the next she is a vindictive jealous hater and we don’t see the transition or how or why it occurred.

Nollywood Forever Says WHAT?
Ewww when you guys see Uche Ogbodo’s pancake face and dodgy hairline pressed up against Jim Iykes moobies you are going to say WHAT? And be completely grossed out. I know I was, and as if that was not bad enough we see her getting pounded by Jim alongside oh so attractive close ups of her hairy legs. Eww Eww Eww!

How on earth were Uche Ogbodo and Jim’s chick school mates when there looked to be at least a 10 year age gap? OH PLEASE!

I would not under any circumstances recommend this movie.
If this movie were a person it would be the type you throw rocks at for being so freaking annoying. The story as it stands alone was not a bad one but it was slayed by bad execution and acting. There were way too many pointless dragged out scenes plus the grotesque sex /make out scenes between Uche Ogbodo and Jim Iyke which were soooo unsexy and are guaranteed to churn your stomach. I kept on watching and watching hoping that it would get better but TRUST ME. It doesn’t. I got about 2/3rds of the way through part 2 before giving up completely. They even had the cheek to make THE END OF CRUZ. 4 whole parts of trash – don’t torture yaself.

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  1. Nolly, i have seen alot of crappy nollywood movies, but this one is in its own league. a very stupid film, i wonder why on earth eucharia and jim starred in this. i kept watching, hoping it would get better, but alas,it remained as stupid as ever. Uche looked like a masquerade with her horrible make up, i really like jim iyke so i'll forive him for this role. i would advice avery one to stay away from this movie, its some hours of your life you will never get back. Shame on the people who made this movie!!

    • Very horrible and this is the kind of trash that even when you are acting in it you must know it is TRASH, when you look around and see the people that you are acting with that are completely useless you must know that it is TRASH.

      LMAO @ Masquerade. Wow you aint never lied and it was even toned down compared to what it was. I don't know how in every single movie they allow Uche Ogbodo to come through looking like a clown. How can she be dictating to them how she looks when it is the producer and director who should be dictating what a character looks like.

  2. d movie is jst crap!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. GigiChiny says:

    Nolly, it seems 2010 has been a year of crappy Nollywood movies. Wouldn't you agree?

    The few that we expect to be good are nowhere to be seen – Perfect Storm, Bursting Out, Holding Hope etc.

  4. I bought this movie , total crap serves me right i should have waited on your review……..wasted quite a bit of money this year buyiny lousy movies…definitely will read your reviews before buying next time

    • Hmm I guess the cover alone should have told us it was trash, nevertheless even before I started reviewing movies I never learnt from my movie buying mistakes so at least I got an excuse now.

  5. Nolly,

    I must say that like so many people I just love me Euchay, however the scen in which Jim pulls down her spanks and gives her a pounding was reminiscent of soft porn and her flesh was actually on display!. I sat watching open mouthed and kept asking myself how much she had been paid to do that! IT REALLY DIDN'T LOOK RIGHT AND SHE ACTUALLY LOOKED SHOCKED~ as in maybe the scene wasn't supposed to go that far as for Jim it was par for the course and his love scenes with women always depict him jumping all over them as if he is attacking them!.

    Anyway the scene that made me life was when he was praying and asking God to save him from the Spirit of the Workshop! that was the best scene in the movie bar none and it makes me laugh to date thinking about it!

  6. I didn't watch Part 3 or 4. I'm assuming that's where the workshop bit happened because I don't remember it. If you did in fact watch the continuation. I must commend you for enduring such crap.

  7. I’m watching Spirit of the Workshop right now. Its a bit boring at first but it picks up and its not all that bad. I mean its bad but a little bit better then Cruz. like 9javatar I only watched to see what happened to Lizzy. What really made me Say WHAT? was when *SPOILER*Cruz gets Osas preggars she goes to the doctor and the Doctor tells her she’s HIV positive like it was nothing. “The baby is in great health and you’re HIV Positive:D” WTF!

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