Cry For a Husband


Cry For a Husband – 2010
Story – Chico Ejiro
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi, Mathias Obahiagbon
Director – Chico Ejiro
Producer – Joy Chico Ejiro

Florence Onuma – Lizzy
Leo Slaboh – Bob
Vincent Opurum – Steve
Benita Nzeribe – Ada
Uche Iwuji – Rachel

Sugar Mama

Nollywoodforever.Com Rating – 3%


Steve played by Vincent Opurum is a young man from a humble Eastern Nigerian background who is struggling to find work and so heads to Lagos in search of his destiny. His parents leave him with the blessing that he shall find a wife. He meets up with Bob, played by Leo Slaboh an old school pal who has hit it big in Lagos and takes him into his world. He soon finds himself working as a gigolo in order to survive as Bob does, alongside another friend Mark. They refer to themselves as Soldiers of Fortune. They take money from the “senior babes” to spend on the younger finer babes, as well as set themselves up in business, an escort service for older women. Steve ends up marrying an older woman Lizzy Douglas, played by Florence Onuma but the girlfriend of his past Rachel played by Uche Iwuji pops up to throw his cushy life into dissaray.

The sound is bad and the acting is just about watchable. I cannot believe that it is a 2010 movie. You would have thought it was from the late 90’s. There is no excuse for this rubbish. Uche Iwujis comeback is a big flop. She should have practised more because I can’t imagine this performance booking her any more jobs.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Uche Iwuji comes to her sister’s house and starts reciting her lines. She meesses up mid sentence, turns to the director and says “sorry director” and then starts the sentence again! SAY WHAT? Are you fucking kidding me? Chico Ejiro I knew you didn’t give a damn about making good movies when I saw you on Welcome to Nollywood and now I truly know it. I shall never buy another movie of yours again. Like you said in that documentary, “Time is money.” Let me never waste my time or money on something I know is likely to be a piece of trash again. Nonsense! Wow I’m so shocked even the shittiest movies I’ve seen would have cut that out!

I would under no circumstances on earth recommend this novie. 25 minutes in I have to realise that this film is the pits and I can’t be bothered watching it any more. I just cannot bear continuing. The acting is mediocre, the picture is bad, the sound is terrible. It was a rush job and it shows. Thumbs down. Watch it at your peril.

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  1. Tell me its a lie. As in they didn't edit her mistake? No wonder he(chico) now owns an nkwobi joint now. Only the lord knows if the patronizers of that joint haven't had their tongues lit up by pepper

    • That is the best place for him I am telling you. If you see this movie you will know why he should never set foot onto any filming location again.

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