Damage Nigerian Movie Review

Year of Release: 2011
Story – Uche Jombo, Nicolette Ndigwe
Screenplay – Uche Jombo, Rita C Onuwurah
Director – Moses Inwang
Producer – Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo – Sarah
Tonto Dikeh – Dorothy
Kalu Ikeagwu – Taiwo
Nicolette Ndigwe – Dami
Basorge Tariah Jnr – Uncle Jude

Domestic Violence

Nollywood Forever Rating – 73%


A prominent married couple Taiwo and Sarah played by Uche Jombo and Kali Ikeagwu respectively, have a life that is marred by domestic violence. When things are going well, their relationship is blissful, but when it is going badly is hellish. On one occasion the husband surprises his wife by spelling out I love you with petals by their swimming pool, but when they fight it is vicious and violent. Quick tempered Taiwo appeases his wife by buying her gifts after they fight. Their home life affects their children in the worst way. Their son is violent at school and their daughter is withdrawn to the point of muteness, her own way of protesting, but the couple refuses to see that the violent nature of their relationship is responsible until it is too late.

Picture and Soundtrack

The movie is set at the end of the story and flashes back. The picture was very crisp and transitions between scenes, seamless. It was very stylishly shot and the music appropriately chosen for each scene, which was used very effectively to heighten emotion. I loved the movie theme song “Damage.” It fit in well as did the use of drums.


Great performances from Both Kalu Ikeagwu and Uche Jombo, who had good chemistry together, were believable as a couple and played the gamut of emotions well. I loved the subtle performance given by the couple’s daughter. She didn’t even need to speak to convey emotion and was most definitely the stand out performance for me. One thing that wholly bothered me during this movie was that I did not feel moved by the domestic violence taking place. I did not once flinch or get teary eyed, which considering the subject matter is STRANGE! The way that it was shot did not make it emotional for me. I watch and was entertained but the only thing that moved me somewhat was the daughter’s muteness. The pain that she held in her eyes was poignant. I thought that maybe they did not want to make the movie to realistically violent as then that limits those that can view but then I read online that it was rated 18. HUH? 18? This was more like a 12 or PG I thought. I cannot imagine a 10 year old watching this movie and being traumatised at all. Movie would have been so much better if the violence was a more horrific. It felt a little tame sometimes.


Domestic Violence

We see how trivial matters can trigger violence in someone who is wired that way. Any and everything would upset Taiwo, from his wife allowing their child to sleep in the bed with them to his wife leaving a meeting with the school after he screams at her in the office. We also get an insight into why some women stay with men like that. In the movie when the husband is sweet he is very sweet and apologetic, almost like a different character.

People always assume that it is timid insecure women that are victims of domestic violence, but Sarah is far from that. She fights back both verbally and physically but she is not a match for the strength of her husband. It is also assumed a lot of the time that the relationship is all bad. Perhaps it is the good times that make people in such situations stay.

Memorable Scene

Taiwo fights a policeman who insults his wife, while ironically he was in the middle of abusing her, He screams at the policeman,

“Apologise to my wife!”

Nollywood Forever says What?

What did the parents do for work? I could not work it out and would have thought it would be mentioned it considering it starts with them in a limo and says they are a famous couple. They are about to win Couple of the year award??? SAY WHAT? Why would “The world” care about them?

When did the girl stab herself with the scissors? She managed to walk to tell talk to her parents and seem perfectly fine with it in her stomach? Was this the same red scissors that her parents has just fighting over? This whole scene was not thought out well and the whole scissors and fake blood was horrible and fake looking. SAY WHAT? It had me rolling my eyes, like really???


This movie is worth seeing, for sure. It was beautifully shot and the fact that it lasted less than 90 minutes is one that should be applauded as that is no small feat for a Nollywood movie. As we all know that they usually go on for hours and hours. On the downside I would say that the movie did feel a little repetitive, but I guess that is how domestic violence really is, a never ending cycle. Nevertheless Grab Ya Copy! Duration: 88mins

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  1. nollywood fan says:

    It felt weak… Ther was over acting and d violence did not move me. They should let action speak louder… Love ur reviews dear… Thumbs up

  2. the girl didn’t stab herself with the scissors, if you watch the scene properly. the parents were fighting with the scissors and threw it just as she came in and it happened to land in her stomach. so they indirectly killed the daughter, otherwise, the movie wouldn’t make sense. but I enjoyed the movie…different storyline than the others .and about the parents job…during the fight in the headmaster’s office, he mentioned that the girl is a philanthropist as he kept saying about the way her job was simply using her father’s money to give to charities and all sorts.

  3. Thanks for the review Nolly but my question is what was the significance of Tonto Dike’ charactor??? I really didn’t get why she was in the movie. I also didn’t understand the “Couple of the Year” award thing….like you said why would the world care? All the same it was ok.


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