Days Of Gloom

Days Of Gloom

Days Of Gloom Nigerian Movie Review

Date of Release: 2011
Continuation – A Better Tomorrow
Story/ Screenplay – Emma Ikenna Aniekwe
Director – Michael Jaja
Producer – Onyekachukwu Ossy Okeke Jnr

Olu Jacobs – Ethelbert
Ngozi Ezeonu – Mama
John Dumelo – Nnamdi
Chioma Chukwuku – Nnenna
Ken Erics – Izuchukwu
Rita Arum – Eunice


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 68%


We are presented with newspaper headlines of the religious rioting in Jos in the opening scene. We see a man is awoken by terrible nightmares about Jos being on fire. He fears for his brother Thaddeus who lives in Jos as his wife attempts to reassure him. He is not on good terms with his family which is a major concern for him at a time like this. His children Nnenna played by Chioma Chukwuka, Nnamdi played by John Dumelo and Izuchukwu played Ken Erics are in the dark about exactly why relations are strained with their extended family. With the arrival of Thaddeus in their family home it soon becomes clear where the problem started.


Thaddeus wants to leave his brother’s house even though his son is still gravely ill. He tells his wife that his brother is mean and wicked and is only pretending to be nice as they are in his house. All the evidence as the viewer suggests to the contrary. The wife’s observations ring true,

“No! You don’t know what you are doing. You just want your pride and whatever foolish dispute you have between you and your brother to affect our son. Can’t you see it Tobenda is dying… Forget about this your pride.”

To this he replies,

“We came here because we had no other option. I don’t want anything that he is going to do. Afterwards he will use it against us. Don’t you understand?”

Is pride worth your son dying for? Even if his brother has done him wrong in the past. Isn’t it best to accept his life and give his son who he loves the chance of life?


We learn that the reason behind all the bad blood is between the brothers is because of the fact that Ethelbert’s mother married a second wife which was Thaddeus’ mother. He said that as soon as Thaddeus’ mother came into the picture his father turned against him and mistreated him because he now hated his mother and as a result a family rift began. I never hear cheerful stories of polygamy. There is always bad feeling, jealousy and feelings of mistreatment. What are your own feelings about polygamy? Are you from a polygamous family? Do you know anyone from a polygamous family? What have been your observations? Do you think that there is a place for polygamy is today’s society?


When Ethelbert gets sick the family is given notice to leave their house and contracts are revoked threatening to leave the family in sudden poverty. Is it karma? Nnamdi hints toward it being karma for the way his father has treated people in the past. He says,

“Well if you step on people’s toes on the way up then surely your head will get stepped on when those demons are flying up.”


The Soundtrack

I loved the way that music was used in the movie. It was very effective in creating and dissipating tension. There was a grreat build up of tension in the early scene where the door of the family home is being banged on in the middle of the night. This is heighted by the music. Great juxtaposition between the fear and terror experienced by those in the house and those outside the house, both are experiencing a fear as profound but for different reasons.


I would recommend this movie. Good solid actors were cast with good performances. The storyline was good and brought up relevant issues. The story did go off on a tangent at a point and I couldn’t necessarily see how it tied in to the main storyline, however there is a continuation called A Better Tomorrow that I saw in the previews so I will reserve any further judgement until I see that.

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  1. This is a good movie!

    Things I liked:

    1. I liked the story the movie told. When I saw that the story/screenplay was by Emma Ikenna Aniekwe, I knew the story was going to be good. I particularly liked how the "Jos riots" bit was incorporated into the plot and how it served as the background for the narrative.

    2. I liked the cast. With a cast that has Olu Jacobs, Ngozi Ezeonu, Chioma Chukwuka, John Dumelo, Ken Erics and Adaora Ukoh, one can't go wrong. Also, the actor that portrayed the brother to Olu Jacob's character did a good job (as did the actors that played his wife and kids).

    3. My best scene in this movie was the "family meeting" scene at the village (where Ethelbert's step-mom accused him of killing her grand-son). The characters emotions were running high in that scene and each actor, captured the right emotion for their character. Loved the scene 🙂

    Something that confused me:

    1. I must have missed a scene were this was addressed. Was Ngozi Ezeonu's school supposed to be in the village or the city? It looked like it was in the village because she went to see her office right after they arrived at the village. Also in a scene (after she saw her office), her kids had a conversation and it seemed they were still in the village. 😐

  2. Hey Gigi thanks for coming by. I too picked it up when I saw EIA's name, however I was a little disappointed when I got home and realised that he wasn't actually directing. nevertheless there was still some hope! LOL

    I too enjoyed that family meeting scene because it was just as I imagine it would happen in real life.

    I didn't notice whether it was the city or the village but what I have been told is that many cities have surrounded village type communities. gigichiny

  3. At nolly: ur commentary, should read ethelberts father married a second wife not ethelberts mother

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