Deadly Emotion

Deadly Emotion

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Deadly Emotion ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay – Femi Depsy
Director – Afe Olumowe
Producer – Vitus Nnebue

Ramsey Noah – Tony (Rocky)
Patience Ozokwor – Mrs Onondi
Ejiro Okurame – Dr Sarah
Sam Uche Anyamele – Sunny
 Amanda Dilo – Annabel
Lisa Onu – Foster Mum
Chisom Oluigbe – Little Tony
Chioma Igwe – Toyin
Ebirim Vivian – Oluchi
Godfrey Azikwe – Geoffrey
Chinwe Ukpabi – Uche

Rape in Nigeria
Prostitution in Nigeria
Promiscuity in Nigeria
HIV in Nigeria
Repentance in Nigeria

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 60%


16 year old Annabel played by Amanda Dilo is gang raped in her home in front of her parents and brother by some armed thugs. This act has devastating consequences for not only Annabel but for the entire family. Her father commits suicide because he feels that he has failed his family and cannot live with himself and Annabel stops caring about life and so starts to behave recklessly.



The nurse is trying to make Annabel see the bright side of things after the rape, by telling her that she should be happy that she lived because she could have just as easily have been killed had she put up too much of a fight. Annabel on the hospital bed, to the nurse after being raped retorts,

“I chose life just look at me, this is the price I pay for choosing life… I let those criminals take away my pride, my dignity, my respect.”  We can see how a devastating thing like rape can very often be like a death sentence for those involved – “the living dead” so to speak.

It was very emotional seeing both father and daughter after the incident alone and mulling over the events that had taken place and thinking about what they could have done differently. We see how rape does not only affect the direct victim but also those close to them.

Casting Issue

Why is little Ramsey whole heap darker than older Ramsey. Did he bleach? Why couldn’t they get a boy that more closely matched his complexion to make it more believable?

How do you show someone being horny?

The movie is going brilliantly until one day Annabel is in the sitting room and starts itching her shoulders, back and neck. It is an intense itch, you know the kind like when you have chicken pox or something? No matter how much you itch it is never relieved. I was thinking that perhaps the chick had fleas or something but NOOOOO this itching was supposed to signify Annabel being horny… What the bumbaaaaaaaaar…??? For real? This is stupidity in its highest form.

I have seen this itch thing in another Nigerian movie. That movie was Keziah. In Keziah I was cool with it but that was because it was COMEDY! Comedy hahaha! This movie was meant to be serious. I was so shocked it was such a shame because after this nonsense I could not take any of the fiulm seriously at all. From itching she starts feeling herself up and dancing like she danced for the first rapist. While she is doing all this she is having flashbacks to the rape scene.

We see a good 5 minutes of Annabel itching her back and titty grabbing. BEYOND RIDICULOUS! They should have called the movie Nigerian Werewolf because the scenes where Annabel got horny were like a horror movie. She would start itching then get this delirious glare in her eye which would mean that it was time for her to pounce on a man and makes moves on them, which she never failed to do.

I would really like to know who thought having this chick itching would be a good idea. I have never seen a horny person behave like this in real life. Where did this itching idea come from?


Annabel is soon sleeping with men for money and in just 2 years we see Annabel become completely wayward. She drinks to blot out the pain of the memories of the rape and blames her family for not saving her dignity. When her mother expresses her concern she asks her mother why she cares when she did not care at the time. We see Annabel sleep with men without protection. In this we can see how the rape has stripped her of respect. It is so bad that even the other ashewos see her as scandalous.


We see Rocky in prison taking part in a fellowship session. He appears to have turned over a new leaf. In exploring his past life through flashbacks we see how he was raised in foster care and badly neglected by the only mother that he knew. From this we get a good insight into why he became an armed robber and why he was so ruthless and without compassion. He only ever cared about himself because growing up no one cared about him. The only people he cares about are his gang.

HIV Awareness inNigeria

I thought that it was good that in the movie they focused on the facts about HIV and the fact that you can live with the disease. The doctor gave Annabel hope by telling her that she can live a pretty much normal and productive life as long as she takes medical advice. She even tells her about women with HIV that have had children, and how she can protect her boyfriend. Of course they had to have Annabel’s boyfriend tell her that she can pray away the HIV, as is customary. It wouldn’t be a Nollywood movie without that piece of advice, however I did think it ruined the message by bringing God into it. If it were the case that HIV is being cured through praying then why is it a worldwide epidemic?


I would recommend the movie even thought the itching parts were just so stupidly ridiculous. The movie was dated 2009 but it seemed quite old to me. Does anyone know if it is repackaged? Annabel Amanda Dilo isn’t a great actress but she is watchable. It think she has some potential with a bit of work. We see the family’s pure love for each other in the lengths that they are willing to go to, to avenge the crime against Annabel. I liked the storyline, it had a strong message and allowed us to explore why “bad people” turn bad, which in itself is a powerful thing because it make you re-evaluate everyone around you and treat others with more compassion, after all EVERYBODY HAS A STORY.

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  1. per comment God can cure any disease if we only seek him and ask, he is not going to run down everyone who is sick and heal them, they have to ask and he does not heal u and then u run back to a life of sin.God is not a push over.

  2. yep, i agree with island girl, GOD can indeed heal any ailment. how ever the movie was really boring, i kinda gave up after about 20minutes, i mean in the hospital while the doc talks to the rape victim, why on earth is she talking of her fiancee or boyfriend who will be upset that she has been raped? she is 16 years old, for crying out loud. i think thats when i lose interest

  3. Happy easter nolly,parttaking to what u said about this movie meaning that some how it's rubbish then i go with you..when talking about ramsy.younger replaced to old u knw what i mean.

    • Peter it is worth watching although it has some rubbish elements… Some of it is very heartfelt and emotional.

  4. nollwoodforever u shud rate my fantasy with tonto dike. i don't know what the industry is turning into with all these nudity in films. and tonto needs to slow down haba. she's always showing off her breasts and she tends to like films of a sexual connotation. i guess that's why she's looking at hollywood (in her dreams, not with her horrible acting) anyway sha i just wanted to tell u how i felt about the film. and i'm ashamed that theodore anyanji wud do that type of film.

  5. nolly just to update u. i know i never talked about the film. the story wasn't bad and the old guy is a good actor but i hated his character, and tonto dike tried in her acting but she's usually bad, so i guess hse connected with the character. it was an okay film, not bad. i'll look out for ur review anyway.

    • Ok I have watched the first part of My Fantasy I need to see the rest and then I will post the review here. So far its not bad…

      • nwanyiOwerri says:

        Please my sister do not watch the rest. Otherwise like me you will be forced to put out your eyes. Only then it will not be enough. The stupidity cannot be erased from your mind. You will realize that you have blinded yourself in vain and the image of Tonto as a low budged dominatrix will haunt you forever…

  6. Hi Nolly,

    I havent watched the movie, but I may just be on the lookout for it. want to see that itchy scene. sounds hilarious. I only watch Nolly movies when in need of laughter. but then again, I may not laff at this if they are trying to link a person raping another or killing to a consequence of home influences. Even Hollywood has never excused an evil act based on that….

  7. Ok nolly, actually saw your review before i watched the movies and i was ROTFLMAO over and over and over everytime the itching scene came up! I honestly thought she had measles or chicken-pox or some kind of irrtation cos it was hilarious!!!!!…

    Still cant get over that scene, overall the movies was pass-able tho…

    Think im going to re-watch this movie and forward it to the itching part just to make my day since it's been crap nyways and i need a good laugh to cheer me up!….lol

    • IT was like a cross between a horror movie and a comedy. If they didn't have all that going on it would have been so much more easy to concentrate on what really was a serious story with a message.

  8. Pls which of Céline dions song was played in the movie,Annabel played the song when she was been raped,,I really want to know the name of the song


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