Deceptive Hearts

Deceptive Hearts

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Nigerian Movie Review
Deceptive Hearts ~ 2010
Story/ Screenplay – Not credited
Director – Prince Emeka Ani
Producer – Joseph Okoro

Juliet Ibrahim – Clara
Emeka Ike – Desmond
Ebube Nwagbo – Bella
Joseph Okoro – Chief Frederick
Rita Edochie – Carol
Kingsley Ikpirima – Mike
Larry Zuka – Pascal
Chizoba Osakwe – Sandra
Agatha Karachi Amocha – Jane

Materialism in Nollywood
Infidelity in Nollywood
Double Standards in Nollywood

My Rating – 36%

The story revolves around Clara’s deceptive exploits with the two main men in her life, Desmond and Chief Frederick. Desmond is her jobless boyfriend and Chief Frederick is the one that funds her extravagant lifestyle. She has been advised by Jane to drop one of them before the situation gets out of hand but she insists that she needs both men to survive. Nigerian Movie


The opening scene set the tone for the movie. It was dreadful. We see Clara and Desmond having an argument. The sound is screechy and way too loud. It was watching like a kid’s school play first rehearsal, and they had the nerve to put this mess out. Wow!

Double Standards in Nollywood

“Have you been faithful to me all this time?” a married Chief Frederick asks Clara. I have NEVER understood how any married person can expect the one that they are cheating with to be faithful to them. HUH? Are you faithful? What an audacity! Of course Clara doesn’t want to lose the financial security she gets from the relationship and so lies but then mutters to herself after he leaves the room, “Idiot you want me to be faithful to you. Are you faithful to your wife? She never said a truer word.

Realism in Nigerian Movies

Chief Frederick is such an idiot. When his wife catches his after coming home early when he is sleeping with Clara instead of leaving the music at full volume like it was when she came in the house. He turns it down. How is that realistic and then when the wife walks into the room he pretends that he is lying down ill and hasn’t moved.

Why does Jane have Bella living in her house? She is not a relative and they are supposedly “friends” but is this how a friends is supposed to treat another? All we see is Bella kissing her teeth, abusing and dismissing Jane. Jane also disagrees vehemently against Bella and Clara’s morally bankrupt lifestyle, so why have her there I ask again?

I didn’t understand what Desmond’s friend’s motive was for exposing Clara. If he cared about Desmond as a friend as he told Chief that he did then why would he give Chief his picture so that he could be dealt with? Why wouldn’t he give his Desmond Chief’s picture?

Juliet Ibrahim is horrible in this movie. I’ve seen movies where she is watchable but this whole movie she was cringe worthy. From her facial expressions, body language to her speech it all screamed FAKE FAKE FAKE! Ebube Nwagbo is a natural and so perhaps showed her up more than say if she had been next to an actress of her ilk, say like Biola Ige.

The moral of the story is that is you lead a reckless lifestyle it will inevitably lead to your downfall. I would not recommend the movie. Juliet Ibrahim in a lead role is not one that you want to take a chance with. She is not an actress that can carry a whole movie. The storyline was poor and not well thought out. The ending was rushed and the film didn’t feel finished. You’d be best to not waste ya money.

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  1. Ralphina says:


    Thanks for the warning, not to waste money on this movie. But I feel for you, because you wasted money on this movie. What do you do with all these terrible movies?



  2. JohnnyBoy says:

    Yeah, this movies was really bad. The end was terrible. It got nothing to do with the story. Unless, that is not the end. Maybe there is going to be part 5? What of the purpose of Paschal betraying everybody? Chief's wife took the gun to the hotel to meet Paschal and she got shot by mistake. So how did Clara ended being arrested for it. Like you the movie was rushed. It is one of the worst story-line movies I have seen.

    • Ha I watched part 1 and 2. 3 and 4??? Let alone 5? Nooo way! There seemed to be no motive for Pascals behaviour… and so that let down the whole movie. It didn't make sense.

  3. There is a concluding part of the story titled 'Foolish Lovers'. Pascal was jealous of Desmond and wanted to be in his shoes. That was why he wanted to date chief's wife. He would have married Bridget if she had money. Jelousy made him to set up Chief, Clara, Desmond and Carol. Watch the movie again and watch Foolish Lovers. Perhaps, you will change your mind.

    Note also that there are comics in the story e.g. carrying out operation for malaria, chief getting sick and getting well so fast, the foolishness of chief and Mike, the fake character of Juliet when she lies, Carol not observing the obvious from vewers' perspective, etc.

    • Foolish Lovers indeed. The whole movie is foolish and I definitely will not play myself watching the continuation to this nonsense!!! You are even advising me to watch the movie again? Haba! I am not jobless! I watch movies for fun not for pain!

      • Different strokes. One man's meat is another's kpomo. My interest on this site is to see how movies are constructively critiqued for the producers to improve and not to condemn. I guess that is why the owners said our comments should be nice! I do not see why one should be angry at a movie that he is not forced to buy. Continued hostile attitude and comments on this site will stop me from visiting it, perhaps others too.

        • I don't mean to sound harsh and if you read my comments as hostile then I am sorry that that is the way you have interpreted it. I am only speaking it as I see it.

          This movie was too bad for me to watch a continuation. I sense you must have worked on this movie. What "owner" said anything about nice comments? I am not angry my dear. The same way one should not be angry about a movie that they were not forced to buy is the same way that those putting up TRASH for sale should be ready to take the heat when it comes. Simple.


  5. Well I have to agree 110% with Odafa..btw I enjoyed this movie..and don’t give a sam hill who disagree.

  6. Busie you lied. The movie is yet to be paid for by dstv so they have not shown it. Say somethings else please.

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