Deepest of Dreams

Deepest of Dreams

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Deepest of Dreams
Story, Screenplay, Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Azuka Odunukwe

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Catherine
Tonto Dikeh – Debbie
Majid Michel – Omar
Geraldine Ekeocha – Mama
Prince Eke – Doctor Orkah
Zubby Micheals – Theo
Azuka Ijomoh – Isziah
Mirabella Micheals – Edna
Yoma Bini – Anu
Frank Greene – Bini
Jennifer Afuanya – Receptionist

Themes Explored:
Concepts of Beauty
Physical disfigurement

My Rating – 81%

Catherine and Debbie are sisters. Debbie  is known as the beautiful sister and Catherine the ugly one because of a car accident that left her face scarred and lame in one foot. Catherine is derided by her sister and even perfect strangers based solely on her looks whereas Debbie’s looks are almost celebrated. Things start looking up for Catherine when Omar comes into her life. He stops one day to buy a recharge card from her and actually appears to looks past her physical appearance. They become close and when everything is going great Catherine discovers something that is to shatter her world.


At first this movie reminded me of The Sadist with Clarion Chukwurah (excellent movie by the way. If you haven’t seen it then you should!) but the differences become apparent quite quickly as in the Sadist Clarions character’s disfigurement make her bitter and full of anger and hatred, whereas Catherine always remains sweet natured and caring.

Omotola does a great job portraying Catherine. In one scene Catherine comes across a man that doesn’t flinch when he looks at her and treats her like anybody else and it is beautiful to watch. He even calls her “my dear” which sends her into a jubilant frenzy. She is amazed that for once she is actually being treated as a human being and excited over a situation that so many of us would take for granted. We see her elation in the way that afterwards she takes the notes that he used to pay for the recharge cards and rubs them all over her face, as though trying to remain linked with him in his absence.

When she lies in her bed smiling at night and playing the scene over and over again Debbie cannot understand why she is so happy. Catherine has to explains to her,

“You are used to people calling you my dear. I am not so this means a lot to me.”

Omotola does shy and bashful really well, as well Tonto does arrogant and bratty. As for Majid, what can I say he was true to form, seductive and cool. Omotola gives a powerful performance, especially in the scene where she confronts Omar about her confusion over his intentions. The torture is written all over her when she asks him, “What do you want from me? Why do you make me feel beautiful when I am ugly?” It is a very emotional and touching scene.



When Debbie sees that Omar likes Catherine instead of her she goes to tell concoct a story to her about how he is probably using her for Juju. She knows that it is likely that Catherine will believe her because of her low self esteem. She cannot simply be happy for her sister and the little bit of joy she is receiving from the attention. It is really selfish of her as that is the minimum sort of attention she is sued to on a daily basis and still she plots to kill her joy.

Family relationships

You could tell that Mama loved and cared for Catherine but a lot of the time I think that she was not fully aware of the damage that her words could cause. She would tell Catherine that she is beautiful but then at the same time put her down. On one occasion Debbie reports to Mama that Catherine was smiling whilst working on the recharge card stand. When Catherine arrives home she confronts her,

“Are you a mad girl? One who smiles at nothing?

I was thinking to myself, why shouldn’t she smile? People recoil at the sight of her every day. People would rather wait in a queue and get served by her sister rather than be served straight away by her, relatives actually come and more or less ignore her and celebrate her sister. Why shouldn’t she smile? What a nonsense question? Mama did not ask it like a simple query but rather took what should have been something beautiful and made it ugly by insulting Catherine.

There is also another scene where Mama goes to tell Catherine that Omar is looking for her, when Catherine asks why she retorts,

“I don’t know. Maybe he is looking for a house girl.”

Catherine has to tell her mother, “What if he just likes me or is fond of me. I am a good person?”

Catherine did well to remain sane, I mean, and what hope would you have if your own family are so focused on looks?

It is inconceivable to both Debbie and Mama that a man would want to talk to Catherine unless it is to berate her or turn her into a maid. It is a learning curve and eventually Mama does seem to realise that her daughter can still be a beautiful person be wanted by a man. Debbie on the other hand will not accept that fact and for her everything is superficial and based in physical appearance.

People can be so ignorant, as if they can “catch” a lame foot or facial disfigurement. What harm would it do to simply treat the girl as if she is a human being; after all she is a human being.

I didn’t like the fact that Omar only went for Cathy because she was the opposite of beautiful and the whole rebound storyline. When he betrayed her my heart sunk. In his loving her it was proved that it is what is inside that counts and in him rejecting her that theory was disproved.

With regards to the reconstructive surgery I found it a bit fake that her face was so flawless afterwards. If you have just had those big growths cut off you face there will at least be some scarring. There was not even the slightest hint that she had had extensive reconstructive work carried out on her face, which I found too fairytale like. A bit more realism was needed in that department!

It was nice that Catherine found love in the end with the doctor, so in a way it showed that you can find someone to love you for who you are. However I couldn’t help but feel that by having her have the reconstructive surgery it was sending out the message that perhaps looks are more important than character, personality and virtue. Why can’t there ever be a movie where someone can be loved blind, or lame, or burnt and there not be a miracle cure and they still be loved anyway, after all that is what happens in real life.

I liked this movie a lot it will make you question the way you treat others as well as the concept of beauty. Is beauty skin deep? Does the surface matter? What the importance of physical attraction in finding a life partner? Omotola, Majid and Tonto did an excellent job in portraying their characters. Despite my disappointment in the turn the story took it is thought provoking and well worth watching. Thumbs up! Nollywood Production, Nigerian Movie, African Movie, Ghanaian Actor, Nigerian Cinema, Nigerian Actresses

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  1. LindaN. says:

    rating minus 1. Bravo to Tonto for the 1st time i didn't C that she was overdoing it… Gr8t casting! beauty is skin deep but since we're in da 21st century appearance does matter to most. It could be the most beautiful person but some lack intelligence which makes the other partner a little insecure. U definitely dnt wanna hear ur partner tells u that hun when we're making love i pictured Halle Berry or George Clooney . then again always remember that u can't help who the heart falls for, love help u C past that, either short, on a wheelchair etc.

    • *throwing rocks at you* for removing 1 percent! LOL

      I believe you can be not attracted to someone physically initially but then that can change when you get to know them and you accept them as they are and not see the physical so much.

      • LindaN. says:

        I know right, in this society people are so quick to past judgment, but physical appearance dnt even matter when u C the gr8t personality dis sum1 has.
        Funny stuff: a couple was involved in an accident they were disfigured n burnt in other places as well. By da time Drs were fixing da wife face, there wasn't enough tissue left in her so dey agreed to take sum on da husband… face fixed now shes more beautiful than b4. dey took sum time off 4 da scars 2 heal, nd as cumback dey threw a party with closed fam &friends. Everyone was mesmerized by der new look. Da wife said to her husband "I'm so happy hun how can I ever repay u" nd he replied "Im satisfied everytime my mother-in-law kisses ur cheeks." l0l

  2. BEYONCEH says:

    I myself have always been wondering why pipo put beauty first. Esp when it comes to relationships. Sometimes I ask myself do guys even know what they really want or do they just go for certain women cos of their looks?Guess I will never get the answer.

    But the point is a lot of pipo goes for the looks, which I think is not soo……… u know, right cos one may end up with a wrong person cos of that.
    Just think about it, if your man introduces u to some of his fam members and you are pretty , they will all like you but if not it will be the other way round………. Pity…………. But am sooo hapy that Omosexy ended up with someone who cherishes her………. I LOVE happy endings

    • Of course most guys go for a girl because of their looks particularly if you meet in a setting where you are just approached from nowehere. It has to be on the basis of looks.

      The problem is the perfect match can be someone less physically appealin btu would you ever know if it is not someone you would choose to approach?

      As for the ending for me it was bittersweet yeah she got her doctor in the end, but wasn't he mostly into her cos she was fine when they fixed her face?

    • LindaN. says:

      @ Beyonceh: I dnt have a full answer 2 ur question, but look @ it this way. As a women we do use looks as a guide 2 pursue a guy or not @ da same time we just hope dat ders more 2 a nice guy than his looks. but odds are he's conceited nd had women @ his feet. With guyz most of 'em pay attention to looks nd personality 2 but da other section we calld losers/jerk/selfish dnt care either way nd just taking advantage of others… The truth is physical attraction 4 women is very different from physical attraction 4 men.

      Ex. In this script we saw how Majid's character has tried very hard 2 pass through da uglyness yet ended up betraying da poor girl who did asked him several time in da beginning Wat was dat he saw others couldn't? being in dat she knows looks matter as primary attraction.

  3. BEYONCEH says:

    Lol Nolly, Am still to buy and watch this………. My dear its not so easy here in Windhoek to get the movies as I have to order them online.

    The people who rent/sell here don't know the nice movies, They mostly take Ibu & those 2 short guys

  4. 2bchoopla says:

    I haven't seen this film yet but let me play the dark skin/light skin politics right now. Why is it that our own people are stuck on color.

    Anyhow, this movie looks promising just because of its director….and the leading actor. Glad to see that these two are on their grind – movie wise.

    Great feedback/review

    • I feel you… My mum is Nigerian but had never watched one of the movies when I put it in from her she weas like, "Where are these people from. They are all yellow?"

      Yup there definitely is colorism going on, even moreso in the Ghanaian movies… If you knew nothing about ghana and just went by the movies you'd think it was all mixed people. I know that is also why Ghanaian films in particular have taken off in the Caribbean big time because of the colour thing…

  5. Jumoke says:

    I was actually excited when Majid fell in love with catherine, for the first time someone saw beyond physical beauty. Like Nolly said, my heart was broken when majid left her for Tonto that was so cruel of him. I would have loved it if for once the movie ended with Catherine been loved and married the way she was initially. Majid, Tonto and Omo sexy did a great job in their cast in this movie, I was really impressed with their performance. Hmmm, nice movie!!!

  6. BEYONCEH says:

    Just curious, Nolly where are you based gal…….. In Naija or abroad?

  7. 2bchoopla says:

    The sad thing is that when non-Nigerians that love our films come up to you asking the same thing. What do you say to that observation? That's just fantasy not my reality???

    Or the actresses that has blond hair and contact lens. I can respect the ones that does so and can still act…but the ones who do it just to get some airtime is something else. Things that make me go hmm….

    Oh most definitely the owner of the local Carribean restaurant that I go to loves Nollywood films so much. I honestly call our films my guilty pleasures and my main source of our cultural influence on fashion, dialect, family, religion, and stature.

    • Well whether they can act or not it does send the same message. I guess the whole fixture with weave and contacts etc is reflective of the society it is set in. I would not even give a Nigerian a movie with too many bad wigs and contacts… helllz naaaa Things are only set to get worse now with this lace wig fascination… HELP US ALL!!!

  8. Sherita says:

    I have Been Found Of Your Movie Review Fro Quiet Some Time Now
    And I Realise That Everything You Sayy Is Completely True
    I Love the Eding To This Review Abouut the Miracles Its Soo True
    people Should Be Loved Regardless Of there Situation
    Keeep It Up!

  9. Fashinga says:

    My babe!! Wats goodie…
    well, here's my two cents on the story… I've seen the movie and i would like to say that i too was kinda dissapointed when Debbie and Omar betrayed Catherine..
    What Debbie and Omar did was totally not fair and it was messed up but i like the fact that it happened bcos it's very realistic… Before then, the script was almost surreal but as messed up as it is, these things do happen…
    The only reasons why Omar decided to be with Catherine is bcos of the pity he had for her condition and his past experience which made him wary of beautiful women… He never genuienly loved her. compassion mybe, bt nt love…
    Debbie howevr is a backstabbin biatch!
    What i'm tryin to say is that in real life, more often than not, people will be attracted to physical beauty first… It's sad but its true.. i thought the movie played out well

    Ps: Is it a true life story? because of what they wrote at the end of the movie…i don't know if u caught that..

    Later luv!!

    • The movie leaves you hopeless though because of these events. Would the doctor have stayed with and loved Catherine if she never did the surgery? The only hope in life to be loved and adored is to get your physical imperfections sorted under the surgeons knife?

      As for it being a true story. I didn't think so. What made you think so?

    • LindaN. says:

      @ Fashinga: Realistically it happens. I mean advanced technology has allowed patients with facial deformities which could be from infectious disease, anormalities u know to alter der physical parts. I don't know if any of u has watched this show calld 'Xtreme makeover'

  10. moviemadam says:

    Great minds think alike, my dear. Funny I did not see your review before I wrote mine.

    Just a comment though – please discourage your peeps from going the youtube or pirate route – esp. for good movies like this. Let us encourage the practitioners with our money!!

    Thankies (LOL!)

  11. sharry islandgirl says:

    great actors involved but sorry storyline get real can we please get back to good stories and acting

  12. artsville says:

    Above 80%? Going to grab ma copy now!

  13. MonicaB says:

    I think the story line was decent, well anything away from the norm is decent to me. What I didn't like was that Omar, after being tempted so slightly, cheated on Catherine. I guess I didnt catch that although he had grown to love Catherine, it wasn't true love … or something so. I enjoyed the part when Debbie returned to the hotel with her 'fast' food and gruffness when only to be informed that Omar had abandoned her (what goes around comes back around my sister). The only other thing that bothered me in the movie was in the ending when Catherine is seen walking in skyscrapper high heels assisted by a walking-stick … blaaaa …never saw it or imagined it before. The ending was heading in a good direction until that. I allowed the 'flawless' plastic surgery along with flowing hair weave to pass but those heels with a walking stick sat like stale bread on my chest aggrrr. Sometimes I think the screen writers or production crew need to pay careful attention to such things. These minor things can just mess up a good movie…

    • Kudos to your first line. I totally agree! Yes the cheating thing really disappointed me too. I know it can't always be idealistic but I wish he had of been faithful. the message would have been so much stronger had that have been the case.

      LMAO@ Skyscraper heels with walking stick. I guess they were trying to show at how desperate she was to be "beautiful" and fit her new image, unrealistic as it was.

  14. aegoli says:

    i'm glad u finally reviewed dis movie…i saw it around d xmas break n absolutely loved it…it hurt me dat majid betrayed omotola, n i felt like kickin tonto a couple of times…itz karma d way thgs fizzled out btw tonto n majid…i loved dat part…well abt d new face after d surgery, was kinda too far fetched, but i just wanted omotola 2 b happy at d end cuz shez been thru so much pain…cheers!!!

  15. so what a story line wow so whats next for nollywood i am bore,i guess i will go back to jamaican movies

  16. so whats up with nollywood forever replies, u all tired from replying back to us .

  17. the entire story is sorry and far out but i will stilllook out for better lines.

  18. are u guys base out of ghana or in the usa

  19. Jane says:

    Wow dat is a nice movie at least we can learn from it dat u must not buy a house bcos of its paint but bcos of wat d house have got inside.

  20. abby says:

    I uber enjoyed Tonto in this film. It was quite refreshing to hear hear talk with her natural accent. Nothing puts me off more a movie than fake brimeriacan accents


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