Desperate Game

Desperate Game

Nollywood – Nigerian Movie Review

Desperate Game ~ 2010
Repackaged as – Front Door
Story, Screenplay & Director – Afe Olumowe
Producer – Annie Macaulay

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Mike Ezuruonye – Kushamond
Annie Macaulay – Christabel
Nash Alexis Smith – Jerry
Jme Orighoye – Zeta
Millicent Mugadu Wambui – Silver
Paa Kwesi Yeboah – Security
Wisdom Macaulay – Donald

Marriage in Nollywood
Cheating in Nigerian Movies
Promiscuity in Nigeria
Superficiality in Nigeria
Murder in Ghana
Betrayal in Ghana

My Rating – 60%

Christabel (Annie Macaulay) has just got married to Jerry (Nash Alexis Smith) but also has a lover called Kushmond (Mike Ezuruonye), who has a girlfriend called Zeta (Jme Orighoye). Christabel even rendezvous with Jerry on her wedding night when she believes that her husband has gone out on work business. In reality he too is cheating on her and actually goes to see his mistress Silver (Millicent Mugadu Wambui). The happenings on this night set off a chain of unfortunate events. Jerry is caught in the hotel room with his mistress by her boyfriend and a fight ensues where Jerry accidently kills him and ends up in prison. Christabel does not know what has happened to Jerry and so sets up home with Kush. Jerry is pretty much forgotten until there is a knock on the front door 4 years later. Everybody is hiding secrets from the other but little do they know that there is someone that knows everything. Will all their secrets be exposed?


One day Christabel is supposed to go on a weekend trip but comes home early without informing Kush who has taken it upon himself to bring another woman back to the home. Kush hides the woman and it is shortly afterwards that that Jerry comes knocking on the front door, which means that Christabel has to hide Kush. The dude rolls in having been missing for 4 years and has the cheek to say, “Honeymoon starts today nobody comes in and nobody comes out.” He locks the door and so Kush and the other chick are stuck in the house It is kinda hilarious. Everyone is cheating on everyone and everyone is trying to hide their lovers and the fact that they are cheaters. Why not just come clean, I mean no one has the right to be angry with anyone, after all they are all acting reprehensibly.

There are a number of questions that came to mind while I was watching this movie. There are a few, so let me number them:

1) Why hadn’t Christabel heard from her husband in all those years? Shey they don’t have telephones in prison now?

2) Christabel and Jerry kept talking like their marriage was forced? How so? It sounded like Christabel was loving Jerry’s money and he in turn was loving her fame and good looks.

3) How did Zeta get into the house and set up all that stuff? Was it a security system that was there already? It sounded like it wasn’t planned but coincidental, so how are there 3 desktops side by side?

4) I would imagine that if Kush had been living with Christabel for the past 4 years as they would have us believe, his personal belongings would be all over the place. It would be very clear that a man was living there and one simple shirt behind the sofa would be the least of his worries. Why was the house devoid of any of his personal effects, no clothes, no gadgets, no manly toiletries?

5) Within an hour of Jerry returning home Christabel tells Kush that she wants no more to do with him and wants to make amends with her husband. This did not make sense to me because on her wedding night she was dying to be with Kush and then her husband, who she only married for the money mind you, goes missing, she hasn’t seen him since so why on earth would she want to be with him as opposed to the guy that she has been living with for 4 years who she is supposedly in love with?

6) Jerry tells Silver, the one that he was cheating with on his wedding night when he was arrested that, “I have grown to love my wife.” WHAT? You have not seen or heard from her in 4 years and when you left prison you called Silver first and not her, so what gives? Where did this imaginary love come from?

7) Is the relationship between Kush and Christabel a financial one? I couldn’t figure that out. He seems really quick to blackmail her despite living as her husband for the past 4 years.

The Cast

I last saw Nash Alexis Smith in My Ghana Angel (ok ok I also saw him in Naked faces but it was a tiny part) and I commented that he was easy on the eye but his acting left a lot to be desired. Well… Nothing has changed there. His acting is not believable at all. He is not the worst out there but close to it.

Mike Ezuruonye swaggered through his part performing effortlessly. He outshone the rest of the cast who were relatively less than mediocre next to him.

Annie Macaulay and the other two chicks Jme Orighoye and Millicent Mugadu Wambui were adequate. They didn’t blow me away but then they didn’t have me wanting to bang my head against a brick wall either.


I liked the way the soundtrack was used. The music was appropriate and effective at building tension and creating a feel of mystery and drama.

The Message

The movie had a message and that was CHEATERS never win. Zeta was the only faithful one there and she was rewarded by walking away with a whole heap of cash. I think that there should have been some sort of punishment too for Christabel and Jerry, after all they were no better than the married couple that they were messing about with. Perhaps the next message was to promote that marriage too always wins. After all they married each other for superficial reasons, cheated throughout and still ended up together!

I would recommend this movie. I loved the twists in this movie with everybody being somehow linked to the other. It definitely is watchable and gripping DESPITE the flaws. The cast wasn’t great and the characters not in depth enough but I really did love the concept. It is a pity that the execution wasn’t better than it was and the characters weren’t better developed. It seemed rushed like every angle wasn’t thought through fully. If done properly this movie could have been TRULY GREAT… Oh well its still worth watching anyway!

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  1. i did see dis movie sometime during the summer, but i never got past d 1st part…didn't knw it was produced by annie…will revisit it

  2. are u kiddin me?…. i kinda saw dis movie last night and its close to the silliest movie i've ever seen… the acting was bad, it was like watching primary school kids act a drama…. i rate it 10%

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