Dirty Secret

Nigerian Movie Review Dirty Secret

Year of Release – 2010
Sequel – Little Secret
Story/ Screenplay – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Director – Theodore Anyanji
Producer – Kingsley Okereke

Tonto Dikeh – Pandora
Muna Obiekwe – Ken
Maryann Apollo – Florence
Ajibola Dabo
Artus Frank
Pope Stan
Ejine Okoroafor

Marriage to further political ambition

Nollywoodforever.com Rating –  68%

Dirty SecretLittle Secret




Ken played by Muna Obiekwe is the biggest gigolo in town and the toy boy of Mrs Flora Peters, wife of a prominent governor. Pandora played by Tonto Dikeh is the apple of her father’s eye but when he brings home a new wife, Florence Pandora fears that the new woman may come between them and expose their dirty little secret.  However she soon beomes distracted by the likes of Ken whom she spots at a night club and immediately takes a liking to. Even when she finds out that he only pursues older women she still pursues him, determined to make him her own. On finding out that Ken is seeing her Aunt Flora she sets out to destroy the relationship and initiate him into her way of life.

Marriage To Further Political Ambition
Pandora’s father says he is only marrying to further his political ambition. What does being married have to do with one’s achievements or standing in the political arena? Are achievements any less valid if one is unmarried? Apparently so. If you are a woman who is unmarried you are a prostitute and if you are a man you are unfocused and unserious. One needs to give Nigerians a wake up call. You can be all of these things and married. Reminds me of an article Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie recently wrote (Read it HERE) although it applies to woman we can also apply it to Nigerian society as large, both men and women.

The incestuous relationship between father and daughter the dirty little secret the movie title refers to and is only introduced clearly in part 2 although I did think the interaction between the two was somewhat inappropriate before that. It looked like Pandora was groomed from a young age for her to be so comfortable with sleeping with her father as a grown woman. The shameless goat of a man does not even look embarrassed when caught by his wife Florence, even telling her,

“I owe you no explanation. Pandora is my daughter, a replica of her beautiful mother. It is only natural that I transfer the love that I have for her mother to her when the mother passed.”

The man really tried to justify his actions. I guess some men really would say some bullshit like that too. It was disturbing but the truth is that this kind of shit is going on all over the place and yes in Nigeria too. Dirty Secrets indeed. With regards to Dirty Secrets both father and daughter didn’t seem to be all that secretive about what was going on in the house. How would you be so free with hitting on your daughter’s boyfriend? There was no caution taken at all.

I thought that Flora was out of order for calling Pandora a cheap prostitute. Although she is of age past the age of consent it is clear that she had been groomed and abused. The father is the one who has to blame for the abuse not the daughter. She should have concentrated her efforts and insults on her husband. Even if Florence stayed with Otumba for whatever reason, how could she beg him for sex knowing he sexes up his own daughter and is trying to shag Ken, A MAN on top of it? She deserved to be called a “rabid dog” by him

I was rather shocked when Pandora’s dad asked her if he could share her new “toy” referring to Ken. It came out of the blue for me. Pandora was not shocked at all. She did not bat an eyelid, so does that mean that she has procured men for her father before or knows that her father is an African gay man that sleeps with men? Does this mean that she was privy to all sorts of depravity growing up? The man did not all of a sudden turn into a molester and homosexual because his wife died, that means he was always like that. It made me wonder what sort of woman Pandora’s mother was.

Character Development
Later in the movie it seems that the wife Florence is needed because she has connections to further Pandora’s father’s political ambition, however at the same time she claims to others that she is only with him to further her political ambitions, so which is it? In my view there was the gross error in the way Florence was characterised. She seemed so shocked about the incest going on in the house but then accepted it too readily. I accept that there are indeed women who would accept this but she didn’t initially strike me as the kind of woman that would. Her character didn’t seem realistic to me. If she was going to accept such an arrangement they should have made her into a depraved Rosemary West type of character.

Even Muna Obiekwe’s character Ken didn’t make sense some of the time. Even if you are a gigolo and are depraved and not easily shocked why would you ask the wife of the man and stepmum to the daughter that you are having threesomes with,

“What have these people done to make you hate them so much?”

For real? You even asked that? You don’t need a medical degree to know that the VAST majority of women are going to be appalled by their husband sleeping with their own daughter.

Muna Obiekwe
Muna Obikewe was very smooth in this movie, well except for the plether jacket at the beginning, that was kinda wack, but seriously speaking from the outset his swag was on point. The white thong kind of killed it a little bit but overall he did a great job.

Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh looks like she has lost a bit of weight and it looks good, as did her hair no busted stacked up lace fronts this time. Kudos on that! Her performance was also good, very passionate and not so much word twisting like the last movie I saw her in.

The Character of Ken’s Friend
At the beginning of the movie I was sure that Ken’s friend just had to be related to Ken’s sugar mommy Flora. I was surprised to find out that he was not. Why was the guy so concerned? That is what you call a true bizzy body. Every minute he would be.acting alarmed and raising his voice, acting all upset when Ken would tell him anything. He was kinda annoying but kinda funny at the same time.

Some of the scenes were too dark especially the ones in the nightclub, like damn I know that nightclubs are dark but can we please see something or what is the point in having the scene drag on and on and we have to be straining our eyes all the way through. Its not fair ooo.

My Favourite Scene
The stabbing towards the end. A great build up of tension and tontos performance was very passionate and believeable we see her stuick between love and hate with is a place I aimagine many abused children find themselves.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
*** Did anyone notice that the Stepmother Florence has the same star tattoos on her neck as Tonto? SAY WHAT? I though I was hallucinating.

*** Why on earth did Ken wear a white thong to lure Mrs Otumba. SAY WHAT? Like seriously what woman is gonna get excited about that?

*** Your boyfriend just found pictures of you in compromising pictures with your father and his brother and just found out that you killed his brother and you expect him to forget about it all and run away with you? SAY FREAKING WHAT?

*** How can a father go to tuck in his 26 year old daughter? SAY WHAT? The stepmum shoud have known from them something fishy was going on.

The Hype
This movie has been hyped up beyond belief. There have been articles written, slanging matches on Twitter between Tonto Dikeh and, erm well Tonto versus everybody. She has been held responsible for every evil in the world and it is all over this movie which really was not as racy as the trailer would have you believe. I think that some of the scenes were cut though because I didn’t see Muna in the green leopard print thong and I know I did not imagine that. I saw it with my own eyes. There were some sexy scenes but there was nothing over the top or gratuitous.

I would recommend the movie.
It was definitely watchable and engaging. All those cast did well in their roles and important issues were tackled, however there would have needed to be greater character development and exploration of issues for this movie to be classed as great.

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  1. Yes Yes and Yes Nolly, this movie was really good.. .To start as always Tonto did the damn thang, I luv that she accepts roles that most might shy away from and nails them.She did a great job and had me feeling her pain by the end of the movie. I also loved Muna's role he had me dying, he was so smooth man willing to do anything for money lol.. .he's also been accepting more of these roles lately and I'm not mad make that money if no one else wants to.. .the thong I didn't understand either but hey maybe some women like that *not me o* lol.

    Tonto's dad lawd help me, he is one sick ass man mentally, I knew something was wrong when he went to tuck her in bed and all that kissing on the lips, I luv my daddy also but we don't kiss on the lips and he damn sure don't tuck me in nowhere. As for the step mom, she had me like WHAT because you frown at what the family doing and turn right around to do the same thing, guess after a while she felt like they doing them so she gonna do her and get some to lol and yes I peeped that her and Tonto must get their tatts done at the same place hahaha.. .

    As for Muna's friend, I don't understand him, you fussing all the damn time about how he makes his money but you the first one to jump in his new car, make up your mind you can't fuss and then try to benefit later.

    Now when it comes to Muna's family, ummm do mothers not ask how the hell they kids earn a living, if he's providing you with so much ask where its coming from o. Now coming to his brother, maybe its just me but it seems none of um knew much about Muna at all besides that they relatives lol, I knew he was gonna bump into Tonto, I saw it coming. I felt bad for her in the end because she loved him and wanted so much to change and be with him, but it just goes to show you be careful the life you live cause your past can really destroy your future o. All round the cast did a great job, I'm thinking an 8 on my list.. .

    P.S.. .the club scenes I give up, don't understand why it should be that freaking dark and then some people wear shades, I would have already slipped and broke my leg lol.

    • Your comment basically summarizes what i was going to say. The movie was amazing and i really like Tonto. She's amazing and not afraid to do anything. I's not even a porn movie though so i don't see why naija peeps were fussing about. Great story line.

    • Hey Jinx. totally agree Muna was smooth like jiffy smooth peanut butter LOL

      Tonto's character wasn't particulalry racy and apart from the subject matter there wasn't anything that I found shocjing about anything she did in the movie. Its a shame veterans were going in on her and you just know they hadn't even seen the movie when they were passing all kinds of judgement.

      As for Muna's family I find that prevelent in alot of Nigerian movies where parents will even know their kid is up to know good but not say anything because of the money they bring in. Many times things are overlooked for money.

      The movie was engaging but some parts just defied realism and not in that I didn't believe these sordid acts could go on but the way in which the characters fit into these acts.

  2. Why so much ado about the movie. It seems interesting. They shld leave tonto alone.

  3. People were judging and trash talking Tonto and Muna because of the trailer……. I really don't understand why Ghanaians and Nigerians must show all the disgusting scenes in thier trailers. I guess they think showing all that in the trailers will attract the audience.

    Overall the movie was okay but I found the threesome scene appauling to watch. That was just gross to watch a father, daughter and her boyfriend sleeping together.

    Funny part: Frant Artus reaction after finding out about his brother's savings. You can tell he didn't make much as a doctor and that was funny.

    Tonto's friend Erika's fake accent was just a turn off. Why must you try so hard to speak like that? I mean just stick to what you know. All that british/american accent is not working out for some of the actors.

    • they dont know how to do trailers well in nigeria….showing scenes like that to force ppl to watch it. what they should have done was show the story on the trailer…that wud have been engaging enuf…but noo….

    • You know whats funny. None of it I thought was thaaaat bad considering the fact that the movie was abotu a depraved incest full family. HOWEVER I saw a segment on youtube that was just EWWWW madew me want to throw up… It was the old man just rubbing on himself and then some skank dirty dancing and show riding him with all her butt crack showing. ALLA that was NOT in my copy. I guess some versions really were edited.

      Yeah why would he be getting shocked over a prostitutes earning when he himself should have money?

  4. Hand of GOD says:

    Crap! Just watched this movie and I must say that you missed by 200 miles in your review. This movie was not watchable at all

  5. Busy watching this

  6. I love Muna. I just don't understand the Rihanna neck stars obsession….

  7. Hmm, I dunno. I started the movie but got bored at the second scene, about maybe 6 minutes into it. Realised no way on earth would I watch part 1 to 4. Waste of hard earned money, thank goodness my friend bough it, not me. LOL

  8. Many of us have lost interest & faith in the Nigerian movies because of their carelessness in handling Porn section. How can you watch this films with your mother-inlaw, father-inlaws, brother- & sister in laws in your house? We have just decided to not buy them anymore to save us from the bullshits….

    • ADEBOLA OGUNBO says:

      I am yet to see a movie like this in America. A complete bullshit. It is not the movie you watch with family. Very very offensive. Once again, this movie belong in the pono world.

  9. *the *chatterbox* says:

    hi nolly…just wanted to thank you for a great year of reviews…you saved not only me but a lot of people precious time and money…wishing you all the best next year, keep em coming!!!

  10. ADEBOLA OGUNBO says:

    The movie "Dirty Secret/Little secret," belongs at the pono theater.This movie is very very displeasing. Many people in America from various culture, especially Africans Americans from different ethnic background enjoy watching African movies because it reminds us of where we came from, Our valued heritage. I CANNOT imagine how anyone in their right mind will write and produce such a movie for public views. Production of such movies will soon destroyed and stop people from watching African movies.I am not really sure what type of messages the producer, actors and actresses are trying to prove. Theres is always a place for everything and anything. Please take your dirty lundaries to the appropriate movie house.

    • Every African movie can't hold valuable cultural relevance. Sometimes you just have to take things for entertainment. However this "porno" trned is getting a bit sickening. I agree. At the same time I do believe that there can be different types of African movies and we can make our own choices whether to watch or not.

      I see this whole thing simply coming down to money. Producers are looking for ways to increase profits and think that this is the way to go. Many don't have a passion for the art of filmmaking or integrity in how they get that money, which is a damn shame.

    • Adekola Joseph says:

      Give me a brake man! What part of the world do you live in? Africa's heritage? Look at Africa! It is rich,and absolutely corrupt! These films are also make belief,and works of art so chill out.

  11. Interesting movie, I like the plot and Muna and Tonto were both sexy and terrific portraying those two sinners. I smiled at the people who have been offended….this place we live in is called earth so if you can't handle movies like that just die and go to heaven… it's a perfect place there….

  12. My dear Nollywood, Happy 2011 and have a very divine year and my u continue to spraed the wings of African movie industry.

    By the way, when are you going to review bursting out?

  13. Bye pple

  14. Nice movie overall. The phony phonetics was getting to me but it was highly entertaining.

    • It was watchable. but if one cannot stand the sight of flesh, of course there is gonna be a problem. Haveing said that I did watch the edited version.

  15. Oma bells says:

    Finally iv seen this movie,its great especially the part 3 and 4. Tonto had this great chemistry with frank. Tonto's performance was too great,the emotions. Tonto is a great actress,whether we like it or not. I cried at the end of the movie.

  16. this movie was a H.A.M hot ass mess am surprised yall perverts rated it so high am a nigerian born in the usa you can get your point across w/o being sooo vulgar like they would actually show that movie trailer on american tv infront of youth fuc* that. they outta be embrassed.

  17. I'm finally watchin the movie now and i unfortunately have some yeye edited version so alot seems to be cut out. But overall the movie is just ok. It could have been better but still good o!

  18. Souldkidd says:

    Dirty secret,what a mess,even wat a f#%king mess in Nigeria is dis?Tink d producer,actors nd actress,director e.t.c are all f#%kin cracy.D film didn't even move me.All cast are sons nd daugthers of bitches.Do they have children @ home,especially Tonto Dike F#%k dat ur flickin pussy or ass.

  19. Why r u defending dis movie so much?sometimes u are biased wit ur beliefs and that nt professional.all the best

  20. Oh jeez,jst finished watchng dirty secret 2 day,no wonder d hype on ds page,nolly ds secret is so dirty.Ew,anyway i enjoyed it.dnt understand all d fuse against d threesome,it is their job they hv to make we d audience believe,it is nt a new thing in our world ds things happen,nolly i dnt understand sm pple o.dat aside ds movie is a gr8 lesson.U can't eat ur cake and hv it.

    • Yup the movie is called dirty secret. The secret is dirty. There are fathers out there abusing their kids from birth, so much so that it becomes normal even craved behaviour. This happens.

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