Distance Between

Distance Between

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Distance Between ~ 2008

Story/ Screenplay – Remi Ibinola
Director – Izu Ojukwu

Rita Dominic – Preye Nigerian Actress
Kalu Ikeagwu – Ike Nigerian actor
Yemi Blaq – Akin Nigerian Actor
Mercy Johnson – Mosun Nigerian Actress
Ashley Nwosu – Mr Taylor
Kassandra Odita – Mrs Taylor
Debbie Ibinola – April
Vivian Pius – Mrs Ajayi
Frankincense E. Ben – Young Man
Sandra Ejiogu – Small Mosun
Nicole O’Neil – Small Preye
Charles Waran – Nick
Emeka Duru – Dolapo
Oluchi Ukagba – Viola

Themes Explored:
Sexual Abuse in Nigeria
Incest in Nigeria
Double Standards in Nigerian Society
“Saving Face” in Nigerian Society

My Rating – 88%

I was excited about watching this film because of the great cast. Who better to play the main roles that Rita, Kalu, Mercy and Yemi? This film started excellently for me. The camera shots alone were stylishly done and the angles that were shot at were on point. At the beginning of the film we see Mercy Johnson sitting and looking through some photographs and the credits are lined up to be on the back of the photographs as she flicks through. This was a very nice touch. Big kudos to whoever thought of that!

The film starts from the present day and works backwards with flashbacks from the past thrown in. Mercy Johnson plays a woman called Mosun and Rita Dominic plays a woman called Preye (name sounds Indian to me). They are best friends from childhood into adulthood. In the opening scene we see Mosun, her daughter and Preye. We are invited to listen to Mosun’s thoughts. She looks on at her best friend playing with her daughter and says (in her head),

“That’s my best friend Preye. I worry leaving my daughter at her house but it is a proof of trust. Well… I don’t trust her. I can’t look at her and not feel guilty. I guess she needs me.”

The scene is emotionally charged.  As Preye flicks through the photographs we see Preye playing with the child and her cheek stained with tears. This scene is thought provoking and immediately questions began running through my mind. Why doesn’t Mosun trust Preye? Why is Preye crying? Why does Mosun feel guilty? Why does Preye NEED Mosun?Why does Mosun feel the need to prove that she trusts Preye?

It is not long before we gain an insight into the women’s characters. In one scene we see them in a club and Mosun sits quietly by the bar wearing glasses, (this had to be mentioned because I wondered what was the need to have her wearing glasses, when beforehand she was not wearing them in the house or in the car on the way to the club. Who wear glasses to the club? What does she need to look at so bad when she didn’t need them in the house or the car? LOL) and contrarily Preye is in the middle of the dance floor, dancing wildly between two men, watched by a horrified Mosun.

Later on after the club Preye brings the two men home to engage in a threesome, confessing to Mosun in the morning that she feels “dirty.” It would appear from the conversation between the friends after the threesome episode that scandal has plagued Preye since their schooldays in SS1. I wonder why then Mosun was so shocked in the club? Having Mercy looking so aghast was a little unrealistic. As Preye had been gossiped about with regards to her promiscuous behaviour for so long that Mosun should have been used to it.

We find out that the root of Preye’s wild and promiscuous behaviour is the sexual abuse she endured as a child in the hands of her uncle. It is as though by taking control of her sexuality and becoming a seductress in such a dominant way she is trying to wash away that feeling of being powerless as a child. It would also seems that by these men falling for her moves she sees it as them loving her. She takes rejection harshly, telling one man that refused her advances, “but sex is an expression of love.”

By contrast Mosun is the complete opposite to Preye, disgusted by the idea of casual sex and dowdily dressed to downplay her sexuality. She too has been a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father. Mercy Johnson adapts to any role that she is given and being the sex kitten that she is still managed to play the frigid dowdy woman perfectly. I don’t know why she was looking all seductive on the movie cover though!

The film effectively conveys the two polar opposite effects of sexual abuse. The promiscuous and the frigid. Mercy is said to be suffering from Vagmismus… Please it is Vaginismus! (These small errors really makes a difference!) Nevertheless it is good to see real conditions being explored instead of some fake conditions that these Nollywood films sometimes come up with.



Double Standards abound

Preye starts an affair with Ike with whom she is working with. One day they are in bed after lovemaking and he breaks the news to her that he is engaged. To his horror Preye announces that she too is engaged and it is funny to see his face look totally shocked as if it is ok for him to be attached and sleep around but not ok for her. He asks her how can she be with him if she is engaged and she reverses the question. He is speechless.

On another occasion Preye is frolicking with Ike in the office when his fiancée pays and unexpected visit. She does not see anything untoward and begins talking to Ike about wedding plans. Preye uses the opportunity to pull her own wedding invitation out of her bag and hand it to his fiancée. Ike is gobsmacked and later calls her back to the office to question why she is getting married since she is involved with him. There is almost an arrogance in that he assumes she should devote all her energies to him, an attached man and have no one else, meanwhile it is fine for him to have both and not be questioned about it.

Saving Face

Despite Akin wanting to marry Mosun he goes ahead to marry Preye at Mosun’s insistence that she could not face the embarrassment of being jilted. He does this to keep up appearances despite knowing that she sleeps around and with every intention to carry on the affair with her friend.


There was a scene where we see Ike’s ex fiancee meet a guy in a car and tell him to finish off someone properly since “it didn’t work the last time.” I don’t know what the point of that exchange was as we never find out who she was talking about or what happened.

The tampon scene was a mystery to me. Was it necessary for us to see Preye’s blood soaked tampon to realise that she was not pregnant? She had already expressed that she was having difficulty conceiving. A pregnancy test would have sufficed. This was creativity taken to another level! And to top that we then see Akin look into the UNLINED dustbin and pull out the UNWRAPPED BLOODY tampon and sigh. I mean come on! I have never heard of a woman disposing an unwrapped tampon in an unlined bin in her BEDROOM!!! UNREAL!

I would definitely recommend this film! The film was a joy to watch. The sound was perfect and the style of the whole film was very arty. The main four played their roles fantastically and there is no one in the supporting cast that I could find fault with.  The treatment of the abuse/incest was sensitively handled and the complexities of friendship explored. Despite their problems with each other the two friends battle to make their friendship work and have an understanding of each other and are able to forgive because each knows and understands what the other has been through and the negative impact it has in their current lives. Wee see Mosun’s character develop. She loses the judgemental attitude that she carries in the beginning. This change comes through experience. She realises her faults and so learns to accept her friend’s fault without judgement. We At the end of the film we hear Preye’s thought monologue and as it was about to start I thought about how Mosun had slept with her friend’s husband despite being what one would call the perfect friend before that and then I heard Preye’s thought,

“Sometimes good people do bad things.”

It ended the film beautifully and summed up the thoughts that were in my head. All I could do was nod in agreement. So true.

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  1. 1. Preye is a Rivers Name.
    2. I so agree about the glasses.
    3. If anyone said anything other than vaginismus…they did….i didnt.
    4. If you like "real conditions" then youn should see THE HAUNTING. it comes out next month(i think)its about a guy with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
    5. The double standards are real(for me) reflections of how i've come to know the average Nigerian man(sorry guys). They are intentional maybe a little lost in translation.
    6. April reaction is her own way of handling the obvious…trying to send "girl messages" to Preye.
    7. Saving face? yeah well………….
    8. april in a scene with the guy who steals Preye;s car after a one night stand.(if i have to explain it then we didnt do a good job of showing it)
    9. Tampoon scene(i blush)
    10.Wonderful job Nollywoodforever. More grease…..

  2. this is definitely a case of good writing, producers director, actors and good critic. This is what the future of Nollywood should be. Good work Nolly, when criticism is constructive, it helps build an industry.

  3. this is definitely a case of good writing, producers director, actors and good critic. This is what the future of Nollywood should be. Good work Nolly, when criticism is constructive, it helps build an industry. Kudos to Memry Savanhu for bringing together great talent and put money on the line.

  4. point of correction mo, it was produced by both Memry and I. Thanks for the compliment though.

  5. tholi mangena says:

    am proud of you memry

  6. I saw the film yesterday.everthing you said about it is true.

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    I take it you liked it Ilochi? LOL

  8. I have watched this movie over and over again and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. That is not to say that there were no glitches, but compared to the usual Nigerian movies, this was indeed a breath of fresh air.
    The artistic creativity behind many aspects of the movie made me realise that there is change coming to my dear Nollywood. To Remi I say: wonderful story line. To the director I say: kudos and to other members of the cast and crew I say: a good job well done. I hope this movie wins an award or more…
    Lastly I must commend the soundtrack of this movie. It was indeed a true representation of the emotional turmoil going on within the movie. I sometimes play the movie just to listen to the sound track "How Long?"
    Good job everyone.

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    Vivian I don't remember the music now but you make me want to go back and watch just to listen! LOL

  10. "And to top that we then see Akin look into the UNLINED dustbin and pull out the UNWRAPPED BLOODY tampon and sigh. I mean come on! I have never heard of a woman disposing an unwrapped tampon in an unlined bin in her BEDROOM!!! UNREAL!"
    NF: These little mistakes makes a big difference, I mean unwrapped bloody tampon in someone's bedroom garbage….talk about cleaningness…HUH!
    Overall I was very excited to see Rita Dominic, Yemi Blaq, Mercy Johnson and Kalu Ikeagwu in this movie…that really made enyoyable for me.
    RITA DOMINIC has NEVER failed me yet!

  11. I also love that song to but am having a really hard time finding it.Can you help me out if you know where i can find it at that will help me alot thanks

  12. Watching it now and I love it!!!

  13. i also loved the movie

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