Dry My Tears

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Dry My Tears



Patience Ozokwor – Susana

Enebeli Elebuwa – Chief

Ngozi Ezeou – Esther

Chioma Chukwuka – Kate

Kassandra Odita – Uloma

Vitalis Ndubuisi – David

Andy Ike – Osondu

Emeka Ejiofor – Chukwukdi

Victor Nwaosu – Paul


Themes Explored









The film opens with a woman called Esther going through a miscarriage. At the hospital she exclaims, “not again!” which makes us aware that she must have been through this on other occasion(s). We find out this is Esther’s third pregnancy.


Susana is Esther’s “best friend”. Quotations must be used here as her actions don’t convey that of someone who is a best friend. Susana spreads the news of Esther’s miscarriage with glee declaring her a “witch” and a “ritualist.” She curses her to the point of calling her a gold digger and skin bleacher.


After blackening Esther’s name Susana approaches her and tells her that she dreamt that Esther was carrying twins. Unbelievably two faced. She also spring cleans Esther’s house and brings gifts. While at Esther’s house Esther’s husband Festus tells Susana that he bought his wife a jeep after the miscarriage to cheer her up a little. Susana quickly relays this news as,


“Do you know that Esther, after using her unborn child to do Sacrifice in witchcraft. Festus went and bought her a new car.”


She also makes claims that Esther has used her charms to prevent him from taking another wife. Another friend asks Susana why she doesn’t advice Esther against such actions to which Susana replies,


“Can the devil ever stop committing sin?”







Susana sends her daughter to seduce Festus. It is as though she is jealous of the caring and loving relationship between her friend and her husband and seeks to destroy it. The plan works and her daughter becomes pregnant. Festus is forced to take Susana’s daughter Kate as a second wife. It is not long after that Susana and Kate are ruling the roost and attempting to push Esther out of her matrimonial home.


One day Kate’s baby is taken ill and whisked into intensive care. The baby is in need if blood and it is then that the truth comes to light. Festus is not the father of Kate’s child. Both Festus and Susana are in shock. It turns out that Kate knew that Paul, a village boy was the father as she experienced morning sickness before even sleeping with Festus. Festus is free to cut ties from those who have made his recent life a misery and that he does. In a miraculous twist of events his wife Esther becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy after 15 years of trying.


This film teaches us that what is done is darkness shall surely come to light; we also learn that what seems the impossible too can come true.



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  1. i would like to chat with chioma

  2. Ralphina says:

    Nolly, I agree with your rating. This movie is excellent! All the actors and actresses did a great job. The themes this movie brings out are not new. But even a movie with an old theme, when it's done well, deserves praise.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. An all time favourite! patince was just too good in this one.

  4. enjoyable movie full of surprises and scandal, however i feel tht chioma is not suited for the role of a mean, cruel and selfish character.

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