Ekaete – 2006
Story – Eseme Eyiboh Esq
Screenplay – Uduak Isong, Emem Isong, Felix Odion
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Producer – Emem Isong

Eucharia Anunobi – Mrs Uzomma
Desmond Elliot – Tony
Carolcee Ejemurua – Ekaete
Ini Ikpi – Ekaete mama
Oto Tom – Mma
Fred Essien – Akpam
Victor Idem – Udofia
Uwem Bassey – Okon
Ini Usoro – Mr Udom
Blossom Udoh – Ekaette sister

Dehumanisation Of House Help
Fulfilling Dreams

NollywoodForever.Com Rating 87%

Ekaete is 18 and has not been to secondary school in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state because her family is poor. She dreams of going to Lagos to become a housegirl. Her dreams come true when Mrs Uzomma comes to the village with promises of setting her up in the fashion business after she works for her as a housegirl for a year. Ekaete is full of hopes and dreams and does not expect what meets her in Lagos.

The Power Of Religion
Ekaete’s parents let her go to Lagos with Eucharia after being fed this entire spout about her being a good christian. What do they really know about her? Talk is cheap. This is a lesson in watching people’s action as opposed to false promises. The “Christian” woman behaves in a way that is anything but christian like. She is unnecessarily harsh and is cruel to Ekaette.

Dehumanisation of House Help
By way of her being a house help it is as though Ekaete is unworthy of being treated like a human being. She is taunted for being poverty stricken. Even to the fact that when she complains to madam about Tony’s attempted rapes she is simply asked, “how old are you?” As if to say she is old enough to deal with being raped. In the same breath she is told that Tony would not want anything to do with “a smelly housegirl like you.”

Fulfilling dreams
Ekates friend Mma does not want to be a housegirl despite her mother insisting that it is the best way forward for her. She has dreams of furthering her life through education to get a skilled job. She tells her mother,

“Mama our people don’t dream. When you dream it you can be it. Where there is a will there is a way.”

Her mother refers to her dreams as “stupid ambition”

In the mean time she receives letters from Ekaete highlighting how unhappy she is as a housegirl and how badly she is being treated. We can see that how that all that glitters is not gold. It is important for people to follow their own paths and dreams in life and not do something that doesn’t feel right for you because other people think that it is.

Despite everything Ekaette goes through she refuses to go back home. She does now want to be seen as a failure and so would rather suffer in Lagos than bring shame to her family. She states,

“There is no way I am going back to Akwa Ibom with less than what I left with”

The writers did a brilliant job with the characters. All of them were wholly believable and well acted. This movie was a case of great casting.

The lesson to be learnt here is that sometimes opportunity is right where you are. Very often we can go searching and searching for something that is right under our noses. In the end Ekaete finds her opportunity in Akwa Ibom. The land that she thought was paved with gold brought nothing but unhappiness and poverty. The movie ended excellently and all the ends were tied up. Karma is a byatch! This was a true rags to riches feel good story. We also learn a lesson about forgiveness and treating others how you would want to be treated. An oldie but goodie from Emem Isong and Lancelot Imasuen and definitely one to watch. Thumbs up!

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  1. I love this movie and I've seen it like 5 times. It's that one movie that never gets old to me.

  2. Im watching this movie right now and i must say it is an exceptional movie, great cast, acting and directing…..(LATER) I just finished watching it and it was awesome, I fricking love your reviews ahhhhhhhh 😀 *crazy gurl coming thru*

  3. Emem and lance are always on point

  4. All the oldies are always goodies, or most but Ima also search for this one, God bless you Nolly.

    Chill a sec though, have you reviewed The Maid, think it was Mercy Johnson's first role, that one was also brilliant, you should check it out

    • I have not seen the Maid but I have heard only good things. There are alot of old goodies. There were bad ones too but they quickly fade into obscurity.

      • If you see The Maid you will never look at house helps the same way again! Lol! That was one scary movie! Not to be watched alone at night! loool

  5. I'll be looking for this one.

  6. Great movie from start to finish. None of that gra gra that many moviea have today. It was straight to the point without having a many parts. Love it!

  7. Great movie from start to finish. None of that gra gra that many movies have today. It was straight to the point without having a many parts. Love it!

  8. KemoLuv1 says:

    Highly educative, meaningful and entertaining, which is highly recommended as a must watch Nollywood movie. Loved it!!!

  9. jaunty says:

    first time i saw this film i tot it waz going to be a waste of time. It waz juz last year that i watch diz film, and obviously this film waz great. I enjoyed everybit of it frm start to finish. Carolcee ejemura did very well i must confess. She also acted alongside genny in unfinished business. Have u watch that film nolly? Unfinished business.starrin genny, desmond elloit, ngozi ezeonu, patience ozokwor and carolcee ejemura. It waz a nice movie.

  10. How can one get d movie….pls

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