Evil Intention

Evil Intention

Nigerian Movie Review
Evil Intention ~ 2010
Continuation – At All Costs
Story/ Screenplay & Director – Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu
Producers – Henrietta Obi & Solomon Apete

Ini Edo – Amuma
Tonto Dikeh – Jenny
Kenneth Okonkwo – King Onye Eze
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Nick
Eve Esin – Princess
Ken Erics – Santos
John Dumelo – Johnson
Browny Igboegwu – Nick
Ed Nnasor – Mr Stone
Obi Dike – Cassidy
Ani Anatosero – Sandra
Chigozie Okolie – Vitus
McCathy Nonwani – Benson
Obi Larry – Larry
Chioma Iwueze – Kate

Arranged Marriage

My Rating – 60%

The King of Obodare (Kenneth Okonkwo) is looking for a wife and has sent his son that he had 14years old Santos (Ken Erics) the task of doing so. Santos meets Jenny (Tonto Dikeh) when she comes looking for a job at his company. She is with her friend Amuma (Ini Edo) and he invites them both to the palace with the intention of hooking up Jenny with his father. Nick (Junior Pope) is dating Princess (Eve Esin) but she is a raging alcoholic and he is fed up with her slobbish ways. He dumps her after a party where she attempts to make a pass at the king. In a side story Johnson has proposed to Jennifer numerous times but she is not interested.


Santos brings home girls for his father because his father says that he trusts him more than himself. What must be considered is that on what basis is Santos picking these girls? There seems to be no other traits than youth and physical beauty. There is nothing about their character involved, so if this is the basis the king must know his own taste so why not find a girl for himself. It is funny because the son that he trusts his judgement so much goes and brings him an arrogant gold digger in the form of Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Johnson “these cheap gifts cannot woo me.” Jennifer is so consumed with his current state that she does not envision the future and that his state may not be permanent. Jennifer’s greed and preoccupation with material goods is her downfall. When Johnson does make his money she is distraught, exclaiming, “My biggest heartbreak is Johnson. He now has loads of money.” Na wa o you are now heartbroken because the guy has come into money?

Jennifer is selfish and badmind. After her friend supported her through all her hard times she turned around to betray her. Karma is thrust upon her when she is tricked by the witchdoctor and bound to become his wife. We see the very common battle of good vs. Evil. It is a werewolf moment. Jennifer starts itching as Ini throws “Holy Ghost Fire’s” at her. It is as if the devil himself is breathing itching mist all over her.

Love in Nollywood Movies
Johnson keeps on telling Jennifer that he loves her but why? She has shown nothing but disdain towards him so what exactly is it he loves about her? Her stank attitude? Have they even ever had a conversation before? How do you love someone you don’t even know?

Juju in Nollywood Movies
I was disappointed that Juju had to be used to excuse the King’s behaviour for the way that he ran off and started chasing Tonto. I am getting tired of Juju always being used to explain away men’s behaviour. It is if they are condoning a man’s bad behaviour and putting the blame at the feet of women as it is almost always women that are responsible for visiting the witch doctor and getting charms.

In real life it would simple be a case of a man CHOOSING (because it is a CHOICE to cheat) to sleep with his wife’s friend. In real life people that are generally good sometimes do bad things. In Nollywood this phenomena just has to be blamed on some external supernatural force. It is not that simple. Human beings are more complex than that. Everything cannot be blamed on Juju. It’s tired, and it’s annoying.

I liked Amuma’s character. I thought that Ini Edo played the coy sidekick well, HOWEVER I didn’t feel that she wasn’t so coy and naive that she would immediately accept the proposal and start talking about wedding preparations as soon as they have met. I didn’t find that realistic at all. Amuma is meant to be virtuous, but smart and then she moves into the palace before they get married despite cussing Jenny out for wanting to do the same thing.

Jennifer calls Johnson “a fool at 40” How in the haaaayle is John Dumelo cast as a 40 year old man? There’s is no way he looks 40, more like 24-30. That was very bad casting for that character. They would have been better off casting Browny Igboegwu and making John Dumelo his sidekick.

The performances in the movie were solid. Eve Esin is really shining for me the more and more I see her, Junior Pope Odonwodo too was good, and they interacted well together, although I found their storyline didn’t tie in too well with the main one. Tonto shone as Jenny, it is a character that I have seen her play before but it is one that she plays well. Ini Edo’s performance was good but was let down by the fact that her character wasn’t that well developed. Kenneth Okonkwo was well cast as the king, but why was he a King? What was the point? How did that add value to the storyline? Why not just cast him as a rich business man? Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu seems to love these royal storylines at any cost even when it doesn’t make sense.

It seems like the script was not thoroughly thought about or perhaps the actors were adlibbing or mispronouncing in parts. Either way dialogue should be both natural and MAKE SENSE. There may be some people that watch the movies on mute, but lets face it MOST DON’T so attention to detail is vital.

“I have never read about this in a book before, or a novel before.”
Jenifer to Santos on hearing that he approached her for his father and not himself.  A novel is a type of book so why would one say novel AND book?

“I vouched never to let him down.”
Santos is talking about his task to find his father a bride. Vouched? Shouldn’t it be vowed?

“Mr Stone do you know why all the governments in the world trust me?”
The King trying to reassure Mr Stone that is company is legit. I thought that that was a little bit far fetched as how would he be in business with every SINGLE government. If I were Mr Stone I would immediately suspect him of 419 with tall tales like that.

I would recommend the movie. It was entertaining and there were some good solid performances from the cast. It started off really well but was a bit draggy in parts 3 and 4. I liked the story (apart from the royal mumbo jumbo). There was a good lesson to be learnt about treating others as you would like to be treated and that every situation is not permanent.

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  1. I agree with your reviews. I like John, Ini and Tonto and any movie they're in, I will surely watch. Like you said, I think it was weird that the King had a business office. This was confusing trying to mix the two. He should have been either a King or just a businessman.

    Also, wassup with Jenny giving her photo for a job application? I thought that was weird, and by the way the photo was not official, it looked so casual- she was dressed like a tomboy in it. I remember that dressing in another movie she starred in.

    All in all, it was still interesting to watch.

    • Yah that was kinda weird, but in saying that I think that does really happen because I've noticed that alot of people from West Africa will send a picture with an application be it job, college or university, and some of the pictures are not even headshots, it'll be dudes sitting on a back to front chair with grass and tress in the background like WTF!!!

  2. Ajmystro says:

    No offence y'all…but this movie got a fat-ass 30% from me…because the plot, casting and so much more was a hot mess!!

    • Apart from John Dumelo I didn't think that the casting was bad.

      • Ugezu (the director) is always playing some priest, juju doctor. He must like that stuff. The royal theme is getting on my nerves. Reminds me of Conspiracy movie.

  3. I agree with you NF…………the movie was interesting and a lesson thought. I really didn't understand John Dumelo playing a 40 year old man when he looks nothing like it. The man is only 28 years old and making him at least 32 years of age.

    I still want to know why Kenneth Okonko was a king and not a regular business man.

    About the language…….there's always a pronounciation problem especially with Ini Edo

    That man seem to really like those royalty stories tooooo much. Overall it was good.

    • Adwoa what were you trying to say about John? That they should have made him 32 max?

      Whats the point of Making Kenneth a king when he had a job, wore regular clothes. What made him a king? And what relevance did that have to the storyline?

      • Yeah……..John is only 28 years of age so why would they make him a 40 year old man????

        I thought Nigerian are really in tuned with their culture so how come Kenneth did not look like a king. Why did he wear regular clothes and had a job? I honestly did find his relevance to this movie.

  4. Beyonceh says:

    Will have to look out for this movie.

    U guys won't beleive that after ordering some movies online in March , It only reached me (in Namibia)last Friday……

    Silent Scandal was good but not soo good as I predicted, cos many pipo saying its marvellous, It did not exceed my expectations, but I must add that I was very much immpressed by the wardrobes,,,,,, the outfits were superb, I really loved every outfit Gene puts on. She has a great petite body.

    I love the chemistry between Gene and Majiedt. Tehy alays made it soo reall, oh I love them. But why did she go and sleep with Majiedt after the all?

    Ella, she did a great job, and Majied himself, oh what else can I say,,,,,,, Good work. I am looking forward to Outburst and Ije.

    I also have seen "Kiss me if u can" as well as Material Gal.

    Martha Ankoam is a very talented actress for Ghana, the tone of her voice alone is superb, I really hope she will go very far , She is Gene of Ghollywood,,,,,,, the movie was not predictable, I thought Martha was finaly be Prince's gal…… How I love Martha,,,,,,,Gene, Mercy, Omo, Tonto and Rita, gals watch out for Martha cos she s here to stay……..

    In Material gal, I loved Cassie(Yvonne)she did very well, I loved her clothes, Go gal, u truly materialistic…….

    • Beyonce why you always responding for movies not under the movie review you are referring to? If you are having difficulties the index is there at the top… All the movies reviewed are alphabetically listed.

      • Beyonceh says:

        My appology,,,,,,, but thing is I need some input/replies on what ever I wrote on a different article because some of the topics are old and should I comment on that specific article no one might see my comment so that they can replt to.

        • Beyonce people are suscribed to older posts and there is a thing on the side showing most recent comments. When you post comments irrelevant to the post people will just ignore you anyway.

  5. hi nollywoodforerver, i donot also understand the fact that because the king rejected tonto for her friend and because johnson became rich, she felt the world had come to an end and wanted to kill herself. like where in the world does that happen pls??tsk tsk

  6. Nolly I appreciate your review, but I cannot watch this movie. Your comments lead me to think that I won't have patience to watch this movie. As much as I enjoy the acting skills of the cast (in other movies), it's not enough for me to watch it. So thanks once again. You saved me from disappointment. On a side note….your own rating seems kind of high based on your comments.

  7. Yes it was watchable. But it end up being one of those juju

    flick in which God always win.Frankly I am tired of juju in Naija movies. Is that the only thing that can explain the misbehavior of human? I didn't get a chance to watch part 1 and 2 for I mistakenly picked up Part 3 and 4. But there was no need to watch Part 1 and 2. Half of the characters disappeared in the first part and were not on part 3. I easily picked it up from part 3 there was no need for part 1 and 2, unless you are curious. T

    Tonto character had a picture w her CV is it or does that picture remind you of her character in Burning Tear?

    Did any one catch the name of her street her character live on in the movie, Tonto Cove, off Dike Street? Lol!

    • I completely agree with that setiment… I too am fed up of the Juju… Everything is related to some spirit… It is getting played out…. boring and TIRED!!! I wanna see some new new… Yes I caught the name of the street. I wonder how much is scripted in these movies and how much the artistes adlib?

  8. I agree with most of your review, but I do think that John Dumelo looks old. He looks between 35 to 40 to me, if he's younger, I'll be very suprised

    • My dear, John Dumelo is in his mid-20s. This is according to an article/interview I read, where he gave his age as 20-something. I don't remember the exact number.

    • I have to disagree, he looks his age which I believe is 28.

  9. Ugezu J. Ugezu says:

    Owners of films in Nigeria prefer ROYAL FILMS. Even when you develop a normal film, like AT ALL COST, they will want you to go back to your chambers and transform it into a royal film or bring some elements of royalty into it. To them, thats what sells. The slogan is…HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER, CALLS THE TUNE.

    The whole world may hate what we do but surely, you dont argue with a man that wants to invest his money. He has the prerogative to decide the face of his investment.

    I must add here that Chief Cajethan Obi, the Executive owner of the film, AT ALL COST, is smiling to the banks because his film is selling well for him.

    I agree with you that Kenneth should not be a king in the film, and that I must say, was the original concept. But the owner said he wanted a royal curve. It didnt ruin the film only that it created some openings that we didnt handle. The film is well rated here in Nigeria and personally, I have recieved nothing less than one thousand commendation calls.

    Keep criticising us. It has the advantage of forcing out the best from any creative mind.

    I greet you well.

    • UJU Why would you be fine with the fact that "The whole world may hate what we do." Why is that Ok with you? Shouldn't it be the ones that buy your movies that you aim to cater to? Why is it only you and Iyke Odife that these Piper Payers are harassing to produce Royal movies even when it doesn't fit in with the storyline? That just seems really odd to me.

      As for Chief Obi, why wouldn't he smile to the bank? Filmmaking is probably just a money making venture for him. It is you as a lover of the artform that should make movies that you are PROUD of, keeping your integrity intact.

  10. We the audience are sick and tired of ROYAL THEME MOVIES – enough already this is 2010 for goodness sake, for once go back to the drawing board and be CREATIVE FOR ONCE – we want QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY.

    As long as blogs like mine and Nollys is still available we will alert audience of CRAP. NO MORE CRAP MOVIES.

    how yall say it


    GBAM – THERE – take it and marinate on that.

    Not everybody has to produce or direct you know.

    • I personally don't mind royal movies but not where it doesn't fit the storyline at all, like Evil Intention, Blue Blood and many others… I just don't see the point. The kind has just come back from America blah blah blah *yawn*

  11. You know i had to come back and comment – for a director to say "HE WHO PLAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE". i am shocked at this ignorant comment, I willl make sure i quote you and call u out on my blog for all my audience to stay away from your movies.

    Might as well tell to the faces us the audience who watch your movies "FCUK YOU – PAY ME" – I dont care what you think about my themes, I am the director and I like Royal THemes and i will continue to do them.


    • TheChuckylee says:

      Spot on Miss Tilli,you've said it all.I mean what does this man take us for?He shd know that those royal themes are always the same stories and to make it worse very long and boring.It is either abt a prince who wants to marry a poor girl & vice versa or abt someone who wants 2 become a king amidst opposition bla bla bla.I've also observed his latest addition 2 his movies & dat is the overused "juju" concept.I tried watching one of his movies "the siege" which was up 2 five parts with a very confusing and rubbish storyline which later descended into royalty.The costume in dat movie was awful.Do u think always using stars like Jim,Mercy or Van will make your movie great.Just luk at wat your colleagues like Emem,Teco,Tchidi,Izu,Chineze etc are doing to raise the bar & all dat u do is churn out mediocre movies just to occupy space.If u can't do anything apart from those long boring mediocre royalty storylines then stop doing movies altogether cos we're sick and tired of it.

      • Let the church say amen.
        I must add though that there are some very good royal movies. I don't think the concept needs to be abandoned altogether, just the same overused storylines that have no originality or thought put into them.

        Look at Soul of a Maiden by Tchidi that was excellent. Royal Palace too was an excellent one.

    • When person's primary motivation is simply to make money this is what happens.

  12. After reading the comments and searching Ugezu i found some revelation.

    Ugezu J Ugezu I didnt know you already famous and renowned and also had a Phd for making not only stupid movies but making RETARDED FOOLISH COMMENTS and already nicknamed BIRD BRAIN. I guess naijarules beat me to it two years ago with this thread,


    Like Ms Tilli said that comment of "he who played the piper was an insult to the faces of us who WASTE our money on your foolish movies.

    Dude you lost and in due time everybody will know how rubbish ya movies namely: Occultic Battle, Executive Billionaires, Boys from Holland, Rain Makers, Timbers & Calibres, Brainwash, Before Ordination , Marcus D Millionaire, Fools On The Run, The Yobbos, Peoples' Club, Second Tenure, The Faithful Woman and Pounds & Dollars (i mean the titles can not get anymore retarded than this)


    I Feel sorry for whoever acts in ya movie.

  13. @Nolly…Here's a funny thing for you. I ended up watching this movie. It was under a different title, so I didn't realize it was this same movie. I admit, I did enjoy it….lol…At 1st, it was kind of slow. But then it picked up. It's not 1 of my favs, but definitely an okay movie. So I guess I have to eat my words (earlier comment). [smile!]

    Okay…I got to put my 3, 4, or 5 cents in about this royal theme issue. My problem with royal movies is that too many of them depict artificial "culture" or "people." It seems like the movie producers/directors watched "Coming To America" (with Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall), and decided that it was the prototype for royal movies. Of course, I know we have royalty in Africa and I know it's definitely in Nigeria and Ghana. But the way royalty is portrayed in many movies doesn't seem genuine. Many are not culturally accurate.

    • It was definitely a watchable movie in the "ok" spectrum hence the 60 percent rating… Thwe whole royalty aspect just did not fit in with the movie at large, btu at least we now know why. They ones who are doling out the cash prefer it that way.

  14. ok, i watched dis movie under d title of at all cost…watz with d slogan "the main thing?"…anywaz u guyz had said it all…d royal lines r becomin kinda predictable n we wud like a twist

  15. U know, I honestly thinks dat gene is overrated…and i dont think she's sexxy as everybody think. Facial…yes but she's not sexy. Talent wise she's good but not way ahead of averybody…But of course i'm not from africa so wat the heck.

    • I know when I first started watching movies Genevieve Nnaji was the one that made me sit up and take notice, when I saw her in Girl's Cot. From then on I was interested in watching all her movies. I think that she has a certain class and elegance that shines through her natural beauty GOOOO GENNNY!!!

  16. it was as though all was been let loose but one thing stands out and thats codination well ugezi try and be more uplifting. Ini u got me wondering if u really could be that cool well keep it high. Keneth dat was a buster. Tonto my friend de more realistic

  17. All I can say after watching this movie is…

    "Can everyone join the fight against 'Strange Looking Plastics'"


    For that "Main thing" prophet alone, I give this film a 90

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