Fake Feelings

Fake Feelings

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Fake Feelings

Story & Screenplay – St Nana Kwaku Duah
Director – Evans Kumi Wadewor

Jackie Appiah (Nee Agyemang) – Adwoa Pokua
Samuel Ofori – Kofi Asante
Ellen Kyei White – Abena Asabea
Daniel Adeleye – Kwaku Duah
Vivienne Achor – Mrs Asanta
Thelma Twumasi – Akosua

Themes Explored:
Jealousy Ghana
Love Ghana

My Rating 30%

The beginning of this film is sooooooooo slooooooooow, however the good news is that is picks up slightly after about 30 minutes.
It is with regret that I cannot even talk about this film without first having a slight rant about Samuel Ofori. This was the first time I had ever seen him in a film and boooy would I avoid anything he is in, in the future.

First of all… I just could not for the life of me get over his conk and press teamed with the homeless looking beard and eyebrows. His character solidified my repulse towards him. I found the way that Kofi was telephone stalking a girl that he had never met very disturbing. As is customary he just haaaad to declare undying love directly after their first short conversation where the girl tells him her name.

I understand that he is just playing a character but even the way he played it just grossed me out. His effort at being “sexy” and “seductive” failed miserably and came across twisted and perverted. He was using this creepy whispery pervert voice all the way through the film, and that was supposed to make a chick fall in love with him? Even the relationship that he has with his sister in the film didn’t come across to brother/sisterly to me.

The story line in this film was just confusing and messed up. The basic premise is that a guy called Kofi played by Ofori meets a girl called Abena played by White over the telephone by calling a wrong number. They fall in love and start a telephone relationship. Her roommate Adwoa played by Appiah is jealous of her “perfect” (scoff scoff) relationship with this telephone guy and tries to muscle in and snatch him away.

This involves sending her pictures to the guy instead of her friend’s when she is asked to mail the envelope with pictures. She also engineers for her friend to lose her phone and phones him herself and begins having telephone conversations with him. The whole thing is just pure nonsense. Do not even torture yourself with this nonsensical drivel.



At this point there is nothing I can do but list all the stupid/nonsensical/pointless things that occurred in this movie:

#1 There is a scene where Adwoa is sitting with Kofi’s family, before the picture was even sent to him and he was cooing around her as though it was the first time they were meeting. This scene came out of nowhere and made no sense at all. I assumed in the end it must have been a dream; however there was nothing to indicate this.

#2 Abena, the telephone girlfriend started off playing hard to get on the phone with Kofi, and shortly afterwards she is threatening to commit suicide because she is sooooo in luuuurve… NONSENSE!

#3 Kofi who is supposed to be hotness personified has been turned into a mugu by his telephone girlfriend. He starts sending money to one chick he has never even met. Id-ee-ot

#4 Two hot girls fighting over this one homeless looking breathy beast with a jeri curl. NAAAA.

#5 The jeri curl beast sending out his picture to a hot girl as if she is supposed to be impressed by him.

#6 There is a scene where Kofi is dreaming about his telephone girlfriend. It was so disgusting. We see him writhing on the bed with Ginuwine’s Pony playing in the background. We see Kofi waking up from the dream looking masturbated out hot sweaty mess.

#7 Kofi ends up seeing Adwoa, Abena’s friend who is pretending to be her, and one day they are out on a date and he says to her, “Since the day you changed your number, your voice changed drastically and I feel something is missing.” Which kin’ nonsense be dis? Why did the makers feel they had to put that in? Sometimes things don’t need to be said so obviously to make the same point. In fact it was kinda insulting to the viewer. They could have easily have just had him say, “You seem different in person.” Or something a bit more subtle than even mentioning the number change. If he really felt that her voice had changed since her phone number changed, then why wouldn’t he have said something much sooner than he did?

#8 The credits had Ellen Kyei White down as Abena, however all through the film she was called Sappele… I don’t know if that was meant to be a nickname or what… All very confusing.

So at the end of the movie Kofi is united with his original telephone love after a showdown at a party.

The movie ends with a TO BE CONTINUED…






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  1. You've just told me to keep my money in the bank instead of buying this film

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    that is the best thing for you to do! LOL

  3. Girl….you are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!! In short this movies is RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've never been so dissappointed like I did with this movie………please don't waste your precious money and time.

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